GHP Q2 2023

Contents 4. News 6. Dynamic DNA Laboratories: At-Home DNA Testing: Know Yourself Better in Four Steps 8. Creasallis: Game-Changing Antibody Solutions 9. Clinisys: Transforming Laboratories Globally 10. Aiberry: The Future of Mental Health Assessment: AI-Powered Screening 11. Therapy Brands: Practice management software made easy. 12. Western Fjords Advanced Technologies LLC: Most Innovative Novel Therapeutics Developer 2023 - Nordics 14. Clearwax Ltd: Best Ear Care Professionals, Technology, and Clinical Evidence 15. OSSIO: Naturally Transformative Bone Healing. 16. Totally Derma® (Boley Nutraceuticals Ltd): Totally Derma®: Changing Lives Through Nutrition 17. Mindfulness Educators® - Mediacom srl: Best Online Mindfulness Training Course 2023 18. Dental101 Pty Ltd: Dental Education and Knowledge for Students and Graduates 20. Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic: Start an exciting new career in Semi-Permanent Makeup. 21. IHI Care Services: Best Home Care Services Provider 2023 – UK 22. Mill Hill Dental Practice London: Your Smile Matters 23. Craniosacrale Traumatherapie: The Power of Gentle Self-Healing 24. CE.way Regulatory Consultants: Cosmetics regulatory and testing solutions. 25. Dr Joshua Harley Street Aesthetics: With Subtlety Comes Beauty 26. Myllia Biotechnology: Single-cell CRISPR Screens Enabling Drug Discovery 28. Maison Aesthetique: Devon’s Best Specialist Skin Rejuvenation Clinic 29. Premier Veins: Patient-tailored Treatments for Varicose Veins and Thread Veins 30. Verista, Inc.: Leading Life Sciences Business, Technology, and Compliance Solutions 31. Intrinseque Health: Best Clinical Supply Chain Solutions Provider 2023 - Singapore Quality-Driven Global Clinical Supply Chain Solutions