GHP Q2 2023

31 GHP Q2 2023 Our response to the Impact of Covid-19 on Clinical Trials In recent years, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the drug development industry and the way in which clinical trials are conducted. Availability of products and shipping services have been impacted, which has in turn impacted the way in which Intrinseque Health prepares and executes its clinical supply plans. The company has shown impressive adaptability throughout the pandemic and provided uninterrupted clinical supply chain services to its clients. About Company Growth As a result of its high standards of commitment and timely execution of projects, Intrinseque Health has won Best Clinical Supply Chain Solutions Provider, Singapore, in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. The company is among the leaders in the industry and has achieved substantial growth in recent years, having expanded its operations in five regions, hired new talent in several areas, and enhanced its service offerings. In the coming year, the company’s goal is to continue to grow and increase the scope of services it provides. Contact: Andriyas Silas Company: Intrinseque Health Web Address: Based in Singapore, Intrinseque Health is an EN ISO 13485 Certified Global Clinical Supply Chain Solutions and project management-based support services provider for clinical development companies. The company assists biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, drug development, medical device, and contract research organisations across the world with their clinical development programmes. Driven by quality, Intrinseque Health consistently delivers customer satisfaction and, as a result, has won Best Clinical Supply Chain Solutions Provider, Singapore, in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. bout Clinical Trials Clinical trials are a key research tool for developing new ways to treat, detect, and diagnose serious diseases. In the drug development process, they allow researchers to determine whether a new treatment works on humans, which is something that cannot be investigated in the laboratory or with animals. Clinical trials are also useful for noting side effects of new treatments and deciding whether the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Without clinical trials, revolutionary treatments for serious diseases and conditions would not be discovered. Critical Challenges In the process of conducting clinical trials, drug development organisations face a plethora of difficulties related to regulatory requirements & compliance, sourcing of right clinical trials materials, and clinical logistics. Intrinseque Health is dedicated to provide solutions to address these challenges. Backed by an incredible team of professionals with over 300 years of combined experience in the industry, the company is well-equipped to empathise with its customers and provide best-in-class solutions to overcome the hurdles and pain-points of conducting clinical trials. Our Capabilities With facilities in the US, The Netherlands, UK, Singapore, China, South Korea, Taiwan, and India, Intrinseque Health helps organisations across the world. In every region and country, the challenges faced by clients are time-critical, so it is essential for our team of experts to understand the specific needs and key pain areas of the clients depending on where in the world they are based. Our Advantage Engaging with customers early and often, Intrinseque Health ensures the most successful study start-up and initiation, utilising operational methodology based on proven and cost-effective clinical supply chain strategies. The company has built an extensive network of suppliers for sourcing, procurement, and distribution, which enables it to meet the requirements of even the most complex studies. Its overall goal is to provide customised, end-to-end clinical supply chain services, helping sponsors to gain best data from the trials, adherence to timelines, and achieving cost efficiencies. For studies to stick to a schedule, it is crucial that clinical supplies are delivered on-time, effectively, and efficiently. Intrinseque Health strives to ensure all essential clinical material, supplies, equipment, and services are available to sponsors when needed. For this reason, it is essential that supplies reach sites on-time and a designated onsite official is trained to install and calibrate equipment correctly. Quality-Driven Global Clinical Supply Chain Solutions A Mar23642 Best Clinical Supply Chain Solutions Provider 2023 - Singapore