GHP Q2 2023

6 Nov22096 In addition to its customer-facing products, Dynamic DNA also provides a full range of biomedical research services for pharmaceutical testing, disease research, product testing, gene expression analysis, and more. It works with businesses to develop experimental designs that meet their needs, while continuing to engage in its own independent research projects. The team at Dynamic DNA seek to advance knowledge in biomedicine, writing about their discoveries to share their knowledge with the industry. Importantly, Dynamic DNA is certified by CLIA and accredited by the College of American Pathologists. Its staff are highly qualified and experienced, having worked for over 40 years in research, testing, pathology, and crime laboratories. The team have had several articles published in top scientific journals and have provided expert DNA testimony in federal and international court systems. This means that they can truly be trusted to fulfil the cellular, molecular, and microbiological needs of any individual or business. This incredible team of staff carry out their work within the Dynamic DNA CAP accredited and CLIA certified facility, following the latest regulations and meeting the highest of testing standards. Unlike its competitors, Dynamic DNA does not outsource services, instead all of its testing is completed in-house, where quality can be monitored. This enables the lab to guarantee accurate test results and faster turnaround times, while offering lower prices than others. Furthermore, as a private laboratory, Dynamic DNA does not share its customers’ DNA with any public databases or sources. Dynamic DNA is proud of the fact that it makes complex DNA data easy to understand for its customers. Using its interactive and visual reporting system, where information is securely stored, the company translates customers’ results into plain English, providing clear explanations and recommendations for action moving forward. Considering the affordable yet high-quality nature of its services, it’s simply no surprise that Dynamic DNA has been awarded Best Supplier of At-Home DNA Testing Kits in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. “I couldn’t be happier with the team we’ve created and what we’ve achieved in our first 8 years,” comments Austin O’Reilly, CEO and Scientist at the company. “At Dynamic DNA, we support innovation and accept new challenges, which allows our team to develop new tests and opportunities that support our goals as a company.” Moving on from its success in the Global Excellence Awards, Dynamic DNA plans to leverage the power of DNA microarrays to push the boundaries of clinical and direct-to-consumer genetic testing in the coming years. It aims to offer larger datasets than its competitors and make mass data accessible to everyone, without the need for expensive large-scale sequencing. Furthermore, the company is excited by the development of polygenetic risk score (PRS) analysis, which can inform patients Dedicated to improving the health, wellness, and beauty of individuals across the world, Dynamic DNA Laboratories is a biotechnology company offering DNA testing products that analyse customers’ genetic code to provide a comprehensive insight into their health, nutrition, and fitness. For its outstanding products and services, the company is proud to have won Best Supplier of At-Home DNA Testing Kits in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. Dynamic DNA Laboratories is a state-of-the-art, fully functioning genetics, microbiology, cellular, and microscopy lab that specialises in advanced DNA testing. It was founded based on the idea that knowledge is power and that, by thoroughly exploring their genetic code, people can make small changes that will noticeably improve their lifestyle. The company strives to promote positive change by helping its customers better understand themselves, enabling them to lead healthier and happier lives. To do this, Dynamic DNA delivers a range of services, including ancestry testing, disease predisposition reporting, proactive health panels for nutrition, fitness, and skin, cannabis DNA panels, personalised medicine reporting, paternity and relationship testing, as well as unknown sample identification. Whether customers are looking to take a personalised approach to fitness or trace their family’s past, Dynamic DNA offers affordable yet advanced genetic services, enabling them to make personal discoveries and accomplish their goals. Those who are interested in its services are invited to browse a selection of DNA testing kits on the easy-to-use Dynamic DNA website. When a customer purchases a kit, it will arrive between three and five business days after the order is placed. Then, customers will provide a simple cheek swab, which can be collected in the comfort of their own home and sent back to the company in a pre-paid mailer. When the laboratory receives the sample, the customer’s DNA will be analysed by expert scientists. Within three to four weeks, customers will be able to access their results through Dynamic DNA’s secure online portal. On the Dynamic DNA website, customers can also find information about its one-of-a-kind DNA portraits, which are made with electron microscopes to capture an individual’s unique genetic code. Using only a cheek swab, the company brings life to art with each piece of high-definition microscopic artwork it creates. 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