GHP Q2 2023

8 GHP Q2 2023 Founded in 2021, Creasallis is an innovative, creative, antibody solutions company. It has introduced the patented tumour antibody penetration technology CreaTap with plug-and-play capabilities. We are thrilled to be able to take look at what the company is up to, following its award as Best Antibody Solutions Company 2023 – Cambridgeshire. Creasallis is the creative antibody solutions company, with a debut technology known as CreaTap. This is a single plug-andplay solution to help improve the penetration of antibodies into the tumour microenvironment. The company consists of a team of antibody engineers who have been developing antibodybased therapies for the last 17 years. Its ambition is to create truly innovative medicines, but within the pharmaceuticals/biotech sphere innovation can be somewhat limited. Creasallis is the result of this need to create innovative solutions within biotech, but also to dictate a culture of teamwork and accountability. At Creasallis every employee shows up as a leader every day. Creasallis started life as an idea without any data. Its founding members came from an industry where there was no easy way to create a company inclusive of protecting the IP. For this reason, it had to raise a pre-seed round based only on an idea – but this is what happened. It successfully raised a $1 million VC-backed round, all because it had a solution that was simple and easy to understand. Having a team with experience and know-how when it came to delivering drug molecules was certainly a helpful advantage, and meant that Cresallis really stood out in the industry. Cresallis’s CEO and leader Zahra Jawad takes a servant leadership approach, as she has done throughout her career. Her ability to create an inclusive team is an excellent way to ensure that everyone feels ownership, and is part of the success of the company. Responsibility and accountability are owned by individuals, but any errors or mistakes are not tainted. Rather, these occurrences are seen as a chance to grow personally, and also to investigate and understand whether the fault lies within the system itself. Everyone has each other’s backs at Creasallis, with no one team made to feel superior/inferior in comparison to others. Creasallis’s USP is the innovative way it addresses the bottleneck of antibody drug penetrability through a solution that is applicable to all antibody-based therapeutics. This includes monoclonal antibodies, bispecifics, antibody drug conjugates, and any other antibody fragment type technology or platform. As the team is experienced in knowing how to develop antibody-based technologies, it is able to rapidly develop its CreaTap antibodies giving superior tumour penetration. Creasallis has future plans to deploy a hybrid-based approach to developing its own internal pipeline of oncology drugs with enhanced tumour penetration. It hopes to collaborate with key strategic partners to seek In vivo and clinical efficacy. It has a 5-year plan to develop an antibody development pipeline around the technology to enable it to rapidly develop oncology-based drugs. All in all, absolutely outstanding stuff! Company: Creasallis Web Address: Contact Name: Zahra Jawad Game-Changing Antibody Solutions Mar23543 “The CreaTap technology is a modification of an antibody to enable it to enter the tumour micro environment and penetrate the tumour deeper. We have adapted the technology so it can be applied to any antibody isotype, making it a single plug and play technology.”