GHP Q3 2019

GHP / Q3 2019 11 , WR180049 Thai Wellness Facility The Source Master Herbal Detox Beach Program Opened inNovember 2012, The Source Herbal Detox Retreat is an organic herbal detox & weight loss programon Samui Island in Thailand. Winner of Best Detox in Thailand Award the program is designed for people to experience advanced herbal remedies in a tropical paradise setting to better their health naturally. The Source combines award- winning advanced herbal medicines with a gorgeous beach location on Samui Island to cleanse and restore guests’ bodies. Their Master Herbal Formulas take advantage of herbal plants’ medicinal properties, and these remedies have been refined and perfected over the last twenty years by their Master Herbalist to achieve this. The all-natural organic program is designed to ensure that guests leave feeling refreshed, regenerated and rejuvenated in just a short space of time. The herbal formulas are transformed into natural healing substances by the body, being used to cleanse and rebuild the organs in order to restore good health and vitality to the body naturally and safely. The Source is the perfect getaway for those people looking to refresh their health and build a new foundation of healthy living. The wide range of herbal formulas include remedies designed to cleanse and restore the colon & intestines, kidneys, pancreas, liver & gallbladder, as well as eliminate Candida, viruses, bacteria, and to balance the hormone system amongst other things. Their included liver flush program completes this comprehensive cleanse and restore program. The Source program is unique in that it does not need to use the traditional colonics system, instead using it’s own sophisticated herbal formula to restore proper daily function of the elimination system (intestines & colon) with guests loving this superior option. The Master Herbal Detox Beach Program is situated on one of Ko Samui’s best beaches where guests stay in a private villa right on the beachfront, with powdery white sand, crystal clear water and excellent swimming opportunities in the warm sea water. Guests can stay and experience the program anywhere from 3 days up to 28 days. The program is simple and easy to do and highly effective in the results it produces. Combined with taking a selection of the finest organic, handcrafted formulas daily is their unique juice fast program with this combination providing excellent energy levels each day and no hunger which guests are amazed to experience. The program also provides daily diet options, specialist massage treatments, exercise and fitness routines, guided meditation technique, and health & diet information booklet which guests can use to continue to improve their health on-going even after their program has finished. What makes The Source a resounding success is their wealth of knowledge and expertise in creating natural herbal formulas that are meticulously created to help guests revitalise and rejuvenate themselves naturally, safely and obtain excellent results in a very short space of time Company: The Source Herbal Detox Website: