GHP Q3 2019

GHP / Q3 2019 13 , Canadian Chemistry Firm Offer Superb Solutions Offering solutions to the global chemical industry, SiliCycle ® Inc. is a worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing and commercialisation of high-value, silica-based, and specialty products for chromatography, analytical and organic chemistry. A global business that deals in over 85 countries, find out what makes this Canadian firmone of 2018’s best providers of organic chemistry services. Founded in 1995, SiliCycle works with an international range of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, manufacturing organisations etc. university laboratories, hospital research centres, agriculture and food industries, and industrial process companies. Manufacturing and delivering solutions to scientists worldwide, this firm rapidly adapt their products to suit specific requirements. With multi-ton manufacturing capacity, SiliCycle are the partner of choice for all analysis, metal removal, catalysis, synthesis and purification requirements. The company lead the way in offering a wide variety of innovative products that range from silica gels, to research and development services, to lab consumables. At their cutting-edge factory in Quebec City, SiliCycle are also able to partner with firms on making the most of active ingredients from various biomasses. The firm provide specialised services to help clients with the development and optimisation of extraction- purification processes. SiliCycle is also a leading service provider, given its expertise in organic chemistry, material science and analytical chemistry HP180050 to name a few. With state-of-the- art instrumentation in the areas of chromatography, spectroscopy, and manufacturing, the firm are devoted to being an extension of clients R&D to make any project a success. The company is investing $ 20 million to expand its facilities to increase the production capacity of currently marketed products, and also enable the development and production of various ingredients and extracts via a new Extraction- Purification technologic platform. These ingredients can also be purified to pharmaceutical grade and scale, pharmaceutical companies being SiliCycle’s main customers. The expansion project includes, among other things, the addition of numerous specialized equipment and a large-scale production area (CMO) that complies with good manufacturing practices (GMP). One of the major partners that SiliCycle supply to is a variety of colleges and universities across North America and beyond. By ensuring that scientific faculties have access to the latest technology and automated chromatography systems, this company are making sure that future generations of scientists are being trained with the very best technology and products. In a world that is increasingly focused on using sustainable and natural materials, SiliCycle offer natural ingredients of the highest purity, extracted from various biomasses. Ultimately, what makes SiliCycle a success is their international collaboration and partnerships across more than 85 countries. Making the absolute most out of completely organic and natural ingredients to deliver high-quality chemical solutions ensure that this firm will continue to be one of the world’s leading providers in organic chemistry. Company: SiliCycle® Inc. Contact: Genevieve Gingras Website: