GHP Q3 2019

16 GHP / Q3 2019 , “Because of your smile, youmake life more beautiful.” - ThichNhat Hanh 10 Benefits of Smiling, and How To Get Your Perfect Smile Every Time Smile! No, really. It can make you feel good and tends to make you look better, thanks to leaving you more open and friendly. But it does a lot more than let the world know you’re happy. Would you believe a gorgeous smile can actually reduce your stress levels, improve your mood, and even increase your pain tolerance? In fact, smiling has a lot of health benefits you don’t even know about. So, what else can a smile do for you? 1. Reduce Stress Leave your stress ball at home and smile! Research shows that smiling reduces stress by releasing endorphins. Endorphins are the happiness hormones that lower your heart rate and help diminish cortisol in your brain. Smile more, and you’ll notice your diminishing stress levels. 2. Improve Your Mood Those endorphins go a long way. Even a fake smile can help lift your mood. Part of this is about the endorphins; another part is the simple act of lifting your face and changing your posture to a more welcoming one. And of course, there’s truth in the idea that when you smile, the world smiles with you! Being more open and positive draws more positive people to you, which is sure to boost your mood! 3. Increase Productivity There’s a reason office jokes, funny internet memes, and viral videos make their way around your workplace so fast: They’re actually shown to increase productivity! Smiling and laughing increase your productivity, on the job, and while you’re pursuing your passion. It’s easier to remember new information when you’re in a good mood. And smiling can help you feel more confident, and productive, as well as reducing stress 4. Produces Empathy A no-brainer, right? If you smile more, people will like you. It’s a great way to smooth over awkward social encounters, and can even make you look more trustworthy and more intelligent. Put on a smile, and people will be gentler, kinder, and less judgemental right back at you! 5. Increase Pain Tolerance Apparently, there is truth to “smiling through” the painful moments you had when you skinned your knee as a kid. Not only do endorphins boost your mood, but they can also increase your pain tolerance too. Finding ways to distract yourself when you’re in pain have also been shown to be effective, so a chat with a friend, a favorite TV show, or a funny joke actually can make the pain easier to bear. So smile, and you’ll get through this.