GHP Q3 2019

8 GHP / Q3 2019 , Mar19426 Drawing on the vast experience of its Founder and Namesake, Sebastian LiewCentre Pte Ltd is a revolutionary clinic offering Western herbal medicine to clients fromacross Singapore. We invited Sebastian Liewhimself to tell us more about the clinic and the secrets behind its success. Established in 2004 in Singapore, Sebastian Liew Centre is a pioneer in the market as the country’s first Western herbal medicine clinic. Sebastian explores how he works to drive the clinic to success and support a wide variety of clients. “I am a medical herbalist and naturopathy by training and have been in practice for the past twenty years. Through my clinic I treat patients with all kinds of chronic diseases, with the most common being autoimmune disorders, allergies, hormonal imbalance, joint and mobility, children’s ailments, immune health, skin diseases and chronic fatigue, stress and cancer support. “In recent years, with the upcoming launch of my own product line called Leaf to Life, I will be focusing on naturopathic strategies to slow down the aging process holistically. I called it Wholistic AgingTM. The solution is designed to support patients and drive greater awareness of the benefits of herbal medicine, which is currently not covered in detail by either the media or the medical authorities. It has such great potential to heal diseases and more importantly to prevent diseases, and as such I am proud to be able to share the secrets with my clients.” Despite the lack of coverage for his branch of alternative medicine, Sebastian is proud to be based in Singapore, as the region offers many benefits for his clinic. “My country and South East Asia in general both have a rich history of using herbs in the diet and traditional medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine is quite popular here. However, knowledge of local herbs is very poor and there are not many professionally trained herbalists or naturopaths in Singapore and SEA. I am glad that Singapore is a cosmopolitan country and people are well travelled and internet savvy. People here are quite pragmatic and practical. They would try if it works and is safe. Ultimately, more and more people are aware of the side effects and limitations of conventional medicine and are turning to alternatives. As such, I am keen to expand the public’s knowledge of the work I do so that more people in my country and beyond may benefit from my clinical experiences in naturopathy.” Whilst driving to raise awareness of the benefits of this branch of medicine, Sebastian is also constantly seeking to educate himself and the team at his clinic to ensure that they are at the forefront of emerging developments in the market, as he is eager to emphasise. “Seeking to offer clients cutting- edge treatments and therapies, my clinic and myself are always updated on recent discovery on herb research and functional medicine. The challenge is to keep abreast of changes and learning from our clinical experiences, but we enjoy working with new patients and collaborating with our industry peers to learn new treatments and solutions.” As he looks to the future Sebastian is excited for the developments he has in store, as he is proud to conclude. “Looking ahead my core focus is on launching our new product brand Leaf to Life, which is a line of products to enable me to branch out of my clinic to a wider audience in Singapore and beyond, particularly South East Asia, China and Hongkong. I am also writing another book called Wholistic Exercises and hope to educate the public through my books. These developments will help raise awareness of the benefits of Western herbal medicine and naturopathy.” Recognised Leaders in Natural Medicine 2018 - Singapore