Q3 2020

12 GHP / Q3 2020 GHP / Q3 2020 13 , , Jul20077 Howwe appear to other people plays an enormous part in howwe feel about ourselves. The role of aesthetics is one which grows by the day in the medical profession. The teamat Skin Radiance Clinics, led by Dr Raj Thethi, are pioneers in the field. Recognised in GHP’s award for Global Excellence as 2020’s Most Trusted Aesthetics Clinic – Leeds, we take a closer look at what Dr Raj and his teamhave to offer their clients. An Eye on Aesthetics Based in Leeds, the team behind Skin Radiance Clinics are committed to delivering exceptional results to their clients. Having spent many years building up an impressive reputation in the industry, it’s clear that there is not only a demand for their services, but a strong sense that this is the baseline from aesthetic clinics must operate. The success of the business is down in no small part to the commitment of Dr Raj Thethi. He is considered a specialist in a number of fields, holding a separate BSc(Hons) degree in Anatomy, being a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and working as a trainer for international dermal filler companies. His work in the field of medical aesthetics, however, is where he has made his name. Skin Radiance Clinics has thrived under his capable, compassionate leadership, with Dr Raj adapting easily to meet the needs of this specific sector. The world of aesthetics requires a slightly different approach to the rest of the medical profession. As well as the uniquely high demands that the field imposes, it is necessary to have a strong sense of artistic style as well. Dr Raj treats each patient like a painting, with an attitude of less is more taking the lead. Instead of changing how a person is entirely, he enhances the features they already have, to give them the confidence they need. The team are very careful in how they choose to work, only undertaking specific procedures. Within the workload of Skin Radiance Clinics is a wide range of treatments that are sure to give patients not only the best possible care, but the best possible results, but the team make sure that any work adds to the beauty of a patient. Being honest and frank about the work being undertaken is one of the reasons that people come to Dr Raj, and he would never undertake a job that wasn’t in the patient’s best interests. A host of different patients come through the doors at the clinic, so Dr Raj and his team must be equipped to meet all of them where they are. As a male in the industry, Dr Raj attracts large male patient base with people from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds. It’s a curious point that sets the business apart from others in the industry. The success of Skin Radiance Clinics cannot be understated, with clients coming from around the country to utilise a service that is truly exceptional. As the business has grown, it has been increasingly difficult to accommodate patients in the old clinic. The team have recently moved to a new, larger location that is better suited to their needs. This has given them the opportunity to consider how the experience feels to patients, and they have made enormous steps to ensure that the atmosphere and surroundings are warm, calm and friendly. Over the next year, Dr Raj hope to expand the business into other services that could benefit his impressive client base. Needless to say, the field of Medical Aesthetics is incredibly complex, and not one that can be tackled by amateurs. Being a doctor means that patients trust Dr Raj’s judgement on treatments, which is a generally safer way to operate. It’s this level of trust in how we look and how we feel that Dr Raj holds in his hands – it is also the secret behind his incredible success. Company: Skin Radiance Clinics Name: Dr Raj Thethi Web Address: www.yorshireskincentre.co.uk May20154 Created by Bianca Estelle, bea Skin Care is an extensive line of cosmeceutical face and body products that incorporate a high concentration of active ingredients tomaximise the benefits that users can experience. In this issue of Global Health and Pharma, we take a closer look at the range to find out more about just how good it is, and what makes it theMost Outstanding Cosmeceutical Product Range, 2020. Introducing bea Skin Care The founder of bea Skin Care is Bianca Estelle, an experienced Medical Aesthetician and Skin Specialist with more than seventeen years of knowledge, insight, and understanding behind her whilst running her own bea Skin Clinic. It was from this bea Skin Clinic that Bianca created the bea Skin Care line as an extension of her passion and desire to help address a range of skin care issues in a manner that is both safe and effective. Each and every product in the range has been designed to be totally suitable for those undergoing aesthetic treatments, but also those who simply want something effective for their daily beautification routines and regimes at home. With formulations specifically targeted to treat and enhance all skin types across both men and women, there are six ranges within the bea Skin Care line, each of which has been approved by the FDA. One of the key elements of the bea Skin Care range is ensuring that everyone has access to quality skin care solutions, and also ensuring that the range itself is fully inclusive. Ethnic minorities are often overlooked in aesthetics. With this in mind, Bianca formulated ‘The Luminescence Range’ to specifically address issues that were more common amongst those with darker skin tones, such as hyperpigmentation. Alongside the Essential, Daily Regime, Acne Care, Advanced System, and Master Antioxidant ranges, the bea Skin Care ranges are packed full of active ingredients that deliver safe and effective results. Six different ranges within the line also ensures that there is something for everyone, and consumers are safe in the knowledge that the brand draws on the expertise of its experienced founder. Bianca is extremely well-versed in treating all skin conditions from hyperpigmentation to acne, and everything in between. At the centre of the bea Skin Care line and the bea Skin Clinic is Bianca Estelle, without whom any of this would be possible. Having trained and plied her trade at Harley Street as a Skin Specialist, Clinical Trainer, and Director, and studying Applied Sciences at the renowned University of the Arts in London, Bianca is one of the finest minds and cosmeticians working in the United Kingdom today. Her accreditations and understanding of cutting-edge aesthetic skin procedures is second to none, and has led to her establishing a UK-wide network of clinics before launching her signature product line in the form of bea Skin Care. In formulating her own products, Bianca is driven by her own passion for applying cosmeceutical science to everyday skin care. Since launching the line in 2015, bea Skin Care has always echoed Bianca’s own mission to support healthy, radiant skin and also correct difficult problems. Both bea Skin Care and Bianca’s ethos is to encourage consumers to better understand and improve their skin in a market that has historically been saturated by brands that overlook many of their specific needs. To date, bea Skin Care continues to be a success story that is a testament to Bianca’s knowledge, technical skill, and expertise, as well as her intrinsic understanding of cosmeceutical science. Ultimately, Bianca and bea Skin Care are all about product development whilst continuing to provide the absolute best in clinical care at her Central London aesthetic practice. The ever-expanding range of bea Skin Care products will also continue to radically improve skin health from the inside out for so many people in London, the United Kingdom, and beyond. Company: bea Skin Care Website: www.bea-skincare.com

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