Q3 2020

14 GHP / Q3 2020 GHP / Q3 2020 15 , , Jun20082 Practicing aesthetic Surgery is to walk a delicate line. An operation can do wonders, making someone comfortable in their own body or instil a strong sense of confidence where there was little before. However, it is real surgery, so ensuring it is the right course of action is of paramount importance. Cosmetic Surgery Partners in London have been caring for patients in both body andmind for decades, an ethos that has firmly established a positive public opinion. Keeping Cosmetic Surgery Ethical You won’t get far discussing Cosmetic Surgery in London without Cosmetic Surgery Partners (CSP) being mentioned. They are a prominent practice who excel at patient care, with a results-driven ethos that prioritises their patients’ physical and mental wellbeing. Founded by pioneering surgeons Messrs. Dai Davies and Nick Percival, the practice has ethics and values as part of its DNA. When initially establishing the practice, they investigated the best, evidence-based ways to look after their patients, and passed on those skills to all new members of the team. Both Dai and Nick have since stepped back and retired, leaving the practice in the capable hands of Mr Miles G Berry, MS, FRCS (Plast) and the rest of the team. Miles has travelled the world, refining his skills and learning the latest cosmetic surgery techniques that has helped to establish him as one of the leaders in the field of reconstructive surgery. Miles has made huge headway in the world of transgender surgery, helping numerous patients feel comfortable in their own bodies. His personal mission is one that seems to apply to the entire practice. His motto is “I’m not here to do the quickest, shortest procedure and cram in as many patients as possible. I am, however, strongly motivated by the best of results and the most satisfied of patients” Helping Miles is Mr. Liaquat Verjee, PhD, FRCS(Plast), who performs a range of facial, breast, body contouring, and general cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Before working with CSP, he was a consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon performing complex reconstructive surgery in the NHS. The entire team has a history of working with patients in the NHS. In fact, all members of the team have experience working in the NHS, all have trained at the Institute of Cosmetic Surgery, and all have specialties that together ensure CSP has a vast range of capabilities. Despite simply being a meticulously ethical practice, CSP are set apart by their approach to patient care and wellbeing. Firstly, they never seek out patients; it not being in their interest to pressure people into life-changing surgery. The overwhelming majority of patients to CSP come via word of mouth. The team supports their patients and ensures any surgical intervention is the right course of action. Although sounding counterintuitive, CSP is currently seeking new premises to enable expansion to match their growing patient base – word of mouth appears that powerful! As a results-driven practice, they ensure a top-level standard of care by auditing all results regularly so maintaining quality. With Cosmetic Surgery fundamentally intertwined with mental health and self-identity, CSP are in the process of incorporating a psychologist into the pre-operative evaluation process and, again, lead the field in this regard. In the next few months, CSP will be relaunching their website. In the meantime, you can visit the site to find a wealth of testimonials from satisfied patients who have had first-hand experience with this practice. Company: Cosmetic Surgery Partners Website: www.cosmeticsurgery-partners.co.uk Jun20472 WOWFacial ltd. are part product designers, part skin care experts, and part educators. Working closely with their clients to train them to deliver high-quality and effective skin care treatments, WOWFacial are changing the face of the industry as much as they are the faces of their customers. The 6 Stages of WOW’s Success Wow Facial is built around their robust and effective skincare WOW Facial treatment. Through it, they offer clients the ability to treat customers to a skincare routine that will leave them looking luminous and healthy. The Facial itself is made up of six stages, of which WOW Facial can provide full and in-depth training for each one. Stage 1 and 2 prep and clean the skin and begin the process of treating issues such as hyperpigmentation and acne. Stage 3 introduces the WOW Fusion device (read further for more on how this device is changing the medical field). Stage 4 and 5 include two different masks: a high-tech, colour changing LED mask that is perfect for an impressive Instagram selfie, and a more traditional style facemask that uses WOW’s specially formulated skincare products to reduce wrinkles and charge the skin with hydration. WOW Facial’s mission is simple: to instil confidence through instant, luminous and healthy skin. They work with their clients to ensure that each and every one of them can work to “help make the world a little more WOW.” As time has gone by, the available ingredients and treatment possibilities have evolved, but WOW Facial have stuck to this simple mission, even as their techniques change. They strive for excellence and believe in offering cutting edge skin treatments in order to give people healthy and luminous skin. Their hyper-personalised skincare approach is fairly new to the industry, with WOW Facial being one of the trailblazers. CEO Claire Williams designed the 6 Stage WOW Facial treatment back in 2016 and has seen the industry change since. She said that there has been a sharp increase in the amount of competition they face as more competitors adopt the hyper- personalised approach. However, she welcomes the competition, as it has given a huge boost to the industry as a whole. One way that WOW Facial keep themselves standing out from the crowd is through the WOW Fusion device, that, in a clever twist of marketing and business strategy, is also branded separately. This has opened up a whole new avenue, as medics are now able to access it. The clever little device changes they way that bespoke skincare treatments can be carried out. Although it houses 20 micro titanium needles, it delivers a quick, pain free treatment that is highly effective, especially when used to treat rosacea and acne. It also creates an effect that WOW call “glass skin.” The client-first approach that Claire Williams started the company with, is still present and is baked into the ethos of the close-knit team she has built around herself. It was important for Williams to create the kind of company that she herself had always wanted to work for. The team works flexibly, and each has their own area of expertise. The operations director, Sarah, organised the systems and processes the team use and brought the company to a higher standard of professionalism. Danielle forms strong relationships with all their clients and bolsters the company with intelligent digital marketing tactics. Amy, the training coordinator automated a lot of processes so that information and education can be shared with clients prior to training and is dedicated to dealing with client questions. Throughout the pandemic, companies like WOW Facial were hit hard, but Yvonne, the finance manager, quickly stepped in to organise ethical payment holidays and plans for their clients to ease their financial burden, while ensuring WOW Facial’s own cashflow was protected and maintained. In fact, lockdown was quite a threat to the entire industry. The nature of facial skincare means that the practice requires close proximity. Ever adaptable, WOW Facial took the time to consolidate their products and even developed new ones. Claire was excited to announce that they have developed a new range, called Intradermology. It addresses both the science and the aesthetics of skincare. Furthermore, they have a new exciting product launch coming up in the next few months, but sadly, Claire couldn’t share the details with us just yet! Definitely one to watch out for. It is good to see the company stepping out of the pandemic with a renewed vigour, and with the close-knit team of experts and their client-first approach, it is no wonder WOW Facial is seeing such success. Company: WOW Facial Ltd Contact: Claire Williams Website: www.wowfacial.co.uk

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