Q3 2020

18 GHP / Q3 2020 GHP / Q3 2020 19 , , Jul20020 Healthcare is a deeply noble profession, and also one of great innovation and invention. A living and breathing example of this innovation is Medovate Ltd, recognised in this issue of Global Health and Pharmamagazine as 2020’s Leading Innovators inMedical Device Development – United Kingdom. We take a closer look at the firm following this latest success to find out more about what it offers, and how its innovative solutions are improving patient care up and down the country. Magnificent MedTech fromMedovate Medovate is a dedicated medical device development vehicle for the NHS, and specialises in supporting, developing, and taking to market some of the great ideas for medical technologies from NHS doctors, nurses, and clinicians to help improve patient care. With its unique business model, Medovate provides the crucial financial support required by early stage innovations. By providing funding along with its expertise at a crucial point in development, Medovate can help speed development of promising innovations through clinical trials and regulatory approval phases so that they can become products which are ready for markets around the world as quickly as possible. The efficiency and effectiveness of this business model has been proven successful by Medovate, launching the first product to market, SAFIRA®: SAFer Injection for Regional Anaesthesia, just over two years since it was founded. Since its inception, Medovate’s vision has been to realise the potential of innovations arising from within the NHS and beyond, in a bid to improve patient care. Through innovation, excellence, quality, and transparency, the firm has been able to accomplish its mission by bringing together a team of medical technology specialists. The team has the required expertise and experience in developing business cases, protecting intellectual property, prototyping, testing, fundraising, and navigating the regulatory pathway to product launch. Members of the specialist team include engineers, regulatory professionals, and commercial professionals who can really help the NHS and clinicians take their technologies to market in a world that sorely needs them. The company culture at Medovate is very much one of professionalism, collaboration, determination, and enthusiasm to support the protection and development of NHS-created innovation. Medovate’s culture does require high levels of commitment and input from the staff, but it is always tempered by an appreciation of what the team achieves, and successes are always acknowledged and celebrated on a team level, rather than on an individual level. The relatively small team of eleven staff all know that their input is vital, and each member of the team has the necessary professional qualifications, accreditations, and proven backgrounds to ensure that any medical technology or healthcare innovation is in safe hands. Staff are also encouraged and supported to focus on their own personal development, so that the team maintains a high level of knowledge and practice in all areas. Given the achievements made in a relatively short time period, the word ‘dynamic’ is seldom more applicable than it is here. In just a couple of years, Medovate has managed to secure FDA clearance and European CE Mark approval for its first new device, and successfully appointed distributors covering over 40% of the US market, and launched a new medical device during a global pandemic which has real potential benefits for clinicians and patients dealing with COVID-19. Commercial partners have also been secured across Europe and Australasia, and there are plans to roll out the products and innovations that Medovate delivers on a global scale when the time is right to do so. Discussions are underway to commercialise other innovative devices from the NHS for airway management and gastroenterology surgery are at an advanced stage. Ultimately, Medovate is doing work that is absolutely crucial, now more than ever before. At a time when medical innovation and protecting the knowledge and insight of the NHS is more important than at any other time, this title is a real testament to the achievements that the firm has made in supporting the NHS. For clinicians, doctors, and nurses to realise the potential of the innovations they create is outstanding, and that is what Medovate delivers on a daily basis, as well as benefitting the NHS and healthcare systems around the world. Company: Medovate Ltd Contact: Julia Price Website: www.medovate.co.uk Jul20023 The Wonders of Wellness Are aesthetics and wellness interlinked? Do people’s inner and outer beauty feeding on each other to create someone who is truly happy. This is certainly the view of the teamat 23MD Medical Services. Their work has helpedmany people to reach their most natural look. It is why the teamhave been recognised for their work in GHP’s Global Excellence Awards as Most Outstanding Cosmetic andMedical Boutique Clinic, 2020. We dig a little deeper to see how they’ve achieved such stunning heights of success. The work of 23MD has changed people’s lives for the better. The efforts of the team, led by leading specialists in the fields of cosmetic and wellness healthcare, have been noted for their ability to ensure transformative and tangible results. The heart of the clinic is the synergistic approach to aesthetics and wellbeing. Men and women are able to explore various cutting- edge options that maintain and develop inner and outer beauty. By focusing on both elements of a person, the team have provided an invaluable service. Guiding each step are effective, medically proven treatments and technologies that guarantee good results every time. The boutique nature of 23MD means that the team are patient- centric at every stage. In fact, they often act as patient advocates, advising on what medical options are available, and what would be best for them and their specific circumstances. The team take this approach because they take their duty of care incredibly serious. The need for patients to feel comfortable, safe and engaged has guided many of the clinic’s decisions, and the result is an environment which is convenient and private. Everyone who has used the services of 23MD has found their expectations surpassed in every way. The role that the staff have played in the continued success of 23MD cannot be understated. They are the beating heart that keep things on the move. The team are open and transparent with patients and staff alike, encouraging and maintaining a culture of trust. Team members are regarded as the most valuable asset of the company, as they represent the way in which the clinic is seen by clients. To ensure that clients are always receiving the best possible service, those who work at 23MD are not only highly qualified and experienced, but are also regarded as some of the best in their fields. It is not always easy to see if someone will fit into the company, and maintaining the strong community that has been developed is key to 23MD continuing to flourish. This means that all staff must undergo a trial period at the clinic before they begin, allowing the team to see if the company fits the person and the person fits the company. The success of 23MD has not been halted by the arrival of COVID-19. Instead, the team have adapted quickly to ensure that standards remain high and people remain safe while undergoing treatment. For many, 23MD is a vital service and the team know that their considerable labours make an enormous difference to many. Looking forward, the team are hoping to broaden their horizons. Recnetly, the clinic opened an exciting new base in Beirut. Following its incredible success, the possibilities of opening two new clinics has arisen. These would be positioned with one base in the east with another in the west. It’s a credit to the team that their aptitude for hard work and exceptional results has been so well received on an international level. It will certainly make a difference to some customers who would traditionally fly in just to use the firm’s incredible services. The appeal of a firm like 23MD is the way in which the team can serve their clients. Their size means that they can give each client individual attention while their experience allows them to deliver to an exceptionally high standard. At every stage, a leading professional in the field is advising them on what steps to make for the benefit of their inner and outer beauty. It’s why the clinic stands apart as a leading wonder in the wellness industry. Name: Martin Galy Email: [email protected]

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