Q3 2020

8 GHP / Q3 2020 GHP / Q3 2020 9 , , Belfast Skin Clinic is Ireland’s first dedicated centre of excellence for Dermatology and associated specialties. The clinic is purpose-built and specifically designed to deliver world-class private healthcare. Led by Dr PamelaMcHenry and her teamof clinical andmanagerial staff, the Belfast Skin Clinic is committed to providing every patient with the highest standard of care. The Belfast Skin Clinic Story The Vision Driven by a desire to provide optimal streamlined care for patients requiring medical, surgical or aesthetic skin treatments, Dr McHenry opened the Belfast Skin Clinic in 2016. The fundamental founding mission was to have the highest quality building, technology and people, with the aim of offering 360 integrated seamless services. Clinical Services The clinic is now the largest specialist dermatology clinic in Ireland with over 40 staff. Bringing together a team of highly skilled Consultant Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Allergy Specialists, Aesthetic practitioners, Vascular surgeons, Rheumatologists, Skin therapists and a Nutritionist, the Belfast Skin Clinic is a unique facility. It is equipped with the latest technology for the diagnosis and treatment of all skin and skin related problems in adults and children. It has established a reputation for excellence and is highly regarded by medical colleagues and patients. Recent RQIA inspections found no areas requiring improvement. Purpose-Built Facility With an emphasis on providing good lighting for clinical examination, the clinic’s bright and spacious interior provides a relaxing ambience which is also eco-friendly, using no fossil Aug20209 fuels. The clinic was designed to incorporate the latest air ventilation control standards to reduce the risk of infections. The facilities include 10 consulting rooms, an operating theatre, a laser suite and on-site parking. Latest Technology An electronic patient management system facilitates integrated care for patients needing to attend more than one specialist. The clinic offers the most advanced diagnostic technology and services, including Northern Ireland’s first total body mole scanner. The high-tech mole mapping technology allows detection of microscopic changes in moles over time, helping with the early detection of skin cancer. It is the only private clinic in N Ireland to offer Mohs surgery for the management of skin cancers. Mohs surgery requires microscopic analysis of tissue cells while the surgery is taking place. The skin cancer is removed in layers and the borders of each thin layer of tissue are analysed for potential malignancy as they are removed. This technique is designed to remove the entire tumour with minimal amounts of healthy tissue. This results in less disfigurement. For this reason, Mohs surgery is ideal for removing skin cancers from the face. The clinic’s Lumenis M22 IPL laser is a multi-purpose sophisticated IPL laser which can be used to treat a range of skin conditions including rosacea and photo ageing. The Future The strategy is to continue with the relentless pursuit of patient satisfaction through continuous improvement in the service, by recruiting the best people and investing in the latest technology. Contact: Dr Pamela McHenry Web Address: www.belfastskinclinic.com Email: [email protected] Jun20089 Situated on the northern fringe of Glasgow in the small town of Bishopbriggs lies on the finest dental practices in the area. One Eighty Dental is a firm that is dedicated to offering all national health treatments, as well as the most up to date cosmetic and restorative treatments for those in need of dental care that is truly top quality. We find out more about the firmafter it was crowned theMost Outstanding Dental Practice 2020 – Bishopbriggs. Dazzling Dental Care Taking care of your teeth and your mouth in general is just as important as any other area of personal hygiene. At the One Eighty Dental centre in Bishopbriggs to the north of Glasgow, the team are fully equipped and ready to offer all national health treatments, and a wide array of ultramodern cosmetic and restorative treatments for a number of issues. Whether a client wants tooth whitening and composite bonding, or porcelain veneers, implants, or facial implementation, One Eighty Dental can definitely deliver. However, where the firm truly excels, aside from the extraordinary service that it provides in general, is the smile makeovers. In collaboration with one of the best dental laboratories in the United Kingdom, One Eighty Dental can offer bespoke cosmetic treatments to give people a smile that never fails to make an impression, using mostly Emax porcelain veneers. One Eighty Dental has been around for a good number of years, but underwent a complete overhaul six years ago that was seen as a revamp in an effort to make the practice modern, yet welcoming. The mission of the dental practice has always remained the same, and that is to put patients at the centre of the business and make them feel welcome, appreciated, respected, and cared for. Core values of service, respect, courtesy, and confidentiality underpin everything that is done, alongside maintaining that feel of an innovative and modern dental practice. Treating everyone with honesty, operating transparently, and offering the best possible treatment for every single patient is at the heart of what One Eighty Dental has always strived to do, and that is what makes is an outstanding business. Maintaining good oral health is something that everybody should, regardless of age, race, gender, or any other factor. As such, One Eighty Dental attracts all types of patients, from local people to anyone all over the country; from familiar faces that have been attending for years, to individuals who want to have the best smile in the room. Regardless of the patient background, the centre always feels honoured when patients brave four-hour drives in order to come and receive treatment. The door is open to everybody, and every single patient or attendee is made to feel welcome. Not just the patients either, but the genuine concern and interest between co-workers makes for a positive dental practice culture that is safe and encouraging. Speaking of the staff, the practice would not have been successful were the staff not as invested as they are in the business. Each and every staff member at One Eighty Dental brings their unique talents and skills to the table, and this blend of different personalities helps to fuel to creativity of everybody involved. The team is made up of the right people that share the vision for exceptional dental care; people that will gel with the existing team, but also bring something fresh, new, and exciting. Looking to the future, One Eighty Dental knows that there will be ongoing challenges and opportunities in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the United Kingdom. Reinventing itself and staying relevant is perhaps the most serious challenge that is not COVID-related, but there is always a new trend or technique that is present in the dental landscape. One Eighty Dental is determined to always try and increase brand awareness, stay with shifting patient requirements, and expand the business whilst diluting the excellence of its existing services. Ultimately, this dental clinic is one of the finest, providing a level of patient care that is unrivalled across the north of Glasgow, and beyond. As people continue to take care of their oral hygiene, this business stands as a bastion for proper care and is always there to help patients when they need it the most. Contact: Laureen Gallagher Website: www.oneeightydental.co.uk

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