GHP Q3 2021

GHP / Q3 2021 13 Personalizing Decision-Making for Breast Cancer Treatment results to the patient and physician in a timely manner. With these values at its center, PreludeDx has built a company culture that takes pride in the lifechanging work it accomplishes as a unified team. This sense of camaraderie and pride is embedded into the PreludeDx modes of business and flows throughout the company, from the senior management team to new recruits welcomed into the company. The strong reputation that PreludeDx has built in its market has attracted some of the top talent in the industry to join its team and contribute to the innovation and progression of the firm’s scientific research and development. Moreover, with an open-door policy throughout the leadership, senior management, and HR teams, every team member—whether new or long established—is able to benefit from a supportive working environment that provides the launchpad for excellence. A Future of Innovation Now, with its established presence at the forefront of its industry, PreludeDx is looking to continue its evolution, beginning with the continued expansion of physician adoption of DCISionRT across the US. PreludeDx has now entered the international markets, introducing physicians across the globe to its gamechanging technology and helping patients with DCIS worldwide to attain more accurate and effective treatments. PreludeDx intends to move beyond DCIS to implement its research in the development of expanded genomic solutions for early-stage breast cancers. This advancement would be instrumental in helping even more patients gain access to the most accurate diagnoses and treatments available. PreludeDx will continue to strive for greater innovation through advanced technology and profound research, in order to improve and ultimately save lives around the world. Company: PreludeDx Web Address: