GHP Q3 2021

14 GHP / Q3 2021 , Neo Elegance’s light-based aesthetic treatments have secured it significant goodwill within its market segment, being pioneers of the LEDmask treatment in the UK that propelled them into the spotlight. Nowadays, it is more determined than ever to continue striving for better andmore effective treatments, something that has earned it ‘2021’s Award for Excellence in LED Light Therapy Services’ for its ingenuity and tenacity. Neo Elegance is the company behind exemplary, innovative aesthetic devices that are both for at-home use and for use by professionals. By serving both of these target markets, it has truly made its name in the niche of aesthetic technological devices, providing non-invasive skincare methods that use LED light treatment as a basis, something that has been making waves in the industry. Fundamentally, this awardwinning brand is trusted by the best in the business from high-ranking professionals to celebrities like Jessie J. Neo Elegance has been showcased in the Sun, Glamour, ITV Be, Mail Online, and more. The Illumination LED Face Mask was one of the first LED powered masks to be brought to the UK, and immediately started earning Neo Elegance notoriety in the process. There are three treatments modes available through this product; the antiaging treatment that uses red and near infrared LED light, the anti-blemish function that uses blue and near infrared LED, and the total rejuvenation function that uses red, blue, and near infrared. The work of this mask is clear after the first use, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improving the skin tone, texture, and firmness of the skin, reducing breakouts and helping skin that is prone to blemishes. But what’s new? Well, recently, the exemplary minds behind Neo Elegance have designed the Lumineo professional device, their latest contribution to aesthetic treatment clinics and salons across the country that it has been excited to unveil. The launch went off with great success, and it has become known quickly as a device perfect for dermatologists, incorporating wavelengths that penetrate the skin and get to work with speed and effectiveness, only requiring a 10-minute treatment time. The slimline design gives it a sleek and elegant look that will be the pride of any professional skincare expert’s repertoire, and clients have loved the results it delivers thus far, whether alone or in conjunction with other treatments. Crucially, the draw of the Lumineo professional in that it accelerates wound healing, boosts collagen, evens out the skin tone of a client, and even reduces breakouts, being a pain free and thoroughly relaxing treatment that can reduce the downtime of more advanced aesthetic treatments. Neo Elegances’ professional quality LED products are now available for use at home, to help cleints maintain their skin in between professional treatments. They’ve helped so many users to reduce their problem skin like acne and improve anti-ageing routines with the power of LED Light. Neo Elegance plans to continue innovating with LED light technology and looks to introduce LED beds for full body treatments and more exciting innovations. Company: Neo Elegance Contact: Farrah Allarakha Website: Jul21624 The Bright Lights of Aesthetic Excellence