GHP Q3 2021

18 GHP / Q3 2021 , Accredited as the ‘Best for Innovative Facial Sculpting Treatments’ for 2021, Facial Sculpting is the non-surgical aesthetic treatment company causing a stir with its myriad of exemplary new treatments. Most recently, these have been joined by Profhilo and Endolift, separate elements of a 2-part treatment that combines injection and laser therapy in order to give results that are visible in amatter of weeks. Facial Sculpting is an aesthetic medical technologies innovator leading the charge in nonsurgical aesthetic procedures, led by expert doctor and influential voice in her field, Dr Nina Bal. Recently, its exemplary new facelift technologies have been causing a stir amongst her peers as she continues to develop new and exemplary treatments. A combined treatment with two separate parts – Profholio and Endolift – it has quickly earned the top spot for the best non-surgical facelift option in the market for the near instant results that it allows patients to see mere weeks after the treatment. Dr Nina guarantees that patients will be seeing results within three to six weeks of their appointment. Fundamentally, this is some of this quickest recovery and visible results turnaround available on the market right now, with said results lasting up to two years without further aid or intervention from the team at Facial Sculpting. The treatments, in essence, work well together because Profhilo treats the skin’s laxity, improving the firmness of the dermal layer and targeting that part of the skin in particular, whilst Endolift goes deeper, tightening the skin layer The New Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatment from Nina Bal underneath the subcutaneous layer in order to give the best non-surgical face lift that a client could find. ‘It truly works wonders’, Dr Nina tells us, going a little deeper into the procedure itself to explain the time frames; one way it can be done is by giving a client their first session of Profhilo, 4 weeks after which their first Endolift session will take place, with the second Profhilo session being done in tandem with it. The other available timeframe is an Endolift treatment and first session of Profhilo together, with the second session of Profhilo four weeks later. Moreover, it hastens to add that this facelift option moisturises as well as tightens as it works beneath the skin, using pure hyaluronic acid in its work, resulting in a truly revolutionary facelift solution that remodels aging and sagging skin tissue for the face, neck, décolletage, hands, arms, knees, and abdomen. It also rejuvenates, stimulating the production of collagen, plumping skin in order to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and give a natural looking youthful countenance. Endolift, in addition, is a combined laser application that combines rejuvenation and facial contouring, meaning a client can achieve the same results of surgery without ever having to go under the knife, granting them peace of mind – they can also rest assured that Dr Nina’s team will only ever use the best equipment and procedures. Client safety and comfort is the core priority for herself and her team. The Endolift laser treatment is performed by way of the latest Eufoton LASmar 1500 – certified by the American FDA – and under local anaesthetic that results in minimal swelling, allowing clients to return to their everyday life in the same day. Dr Nina, a Diamond Awards 2021 Finalist, Private Health Awards winner, Global Excellence Awards 2020 winner, Facial Aesthetics finalist, and member of the best young dentist shortlist, looks forward to plying this treatment for many more clients in the future as Facial Sculpting continues to lead the way in UK aesthetic treatments. Company: Facial Sculpting Contact: Nina Bal Website: https://www. Jun21581