GHP Q3 2021

GHP / Q3 2021 27 , Havingmade itself the ‘Best Pharmaceutical Equipment Sales and Service Company’ in 2021 for the United Kingdom, Biopharma Group is a business operating across the world to support and bolster the production and development of projects for the pharmaceutical, biotech and associated industries. Inmaking itself the backbone to its clients’ operations with tailored, in-depth, customer focused work, its efforts over the past year have been invaluable in facing the challenges of the pandemic. Providing its clients with high standard support, products, and services in the biotechnology and pharma industries, Biopharma Group has held to a mission of meeting the precise needs of its customers’ projects since day one. It will also ensure that its work is to-scale with the client’s project, always striving to provide the most appropriate solutions for the task at hand, and with the experience to do effectively. Fundamentally, this covers everything from the purchase of capital equipment through to R&D and manufacture consultancy services for customers creating the sector’s newest innovations, including pre- and post lyo cycle development, lyo training courses, contract manufacturing and more, augmenting the customer’s existing expertise in order to make for a collaborative success. In this way, Biopharma Group displays its customer-centric ethos from the very first time a client gets in touch, something that ensures its clientele that it will only ever advise what is best for their business and project by gaining an in-depth understanding of a customer’s requirements. Keeping the customer at its core, is what drives Biopharma Group forward. By collaborating with its clients thusly, it makes itself a partner to their business practices, taking on a proactive approach – one Expert Work, Professionally Augmented Jun21111 that has allowed the group to grow from a focus on freeze drying devices to multiple products – across its multiple divisions in the UK, Ireland, France, USA. Moreover, Biopharma Group’s widespread operation allows it to serve a myriad of diverse clients. This has influenced its ability to provide the highest levels of tailored support and services, as it has a vast portfolio of experience in its industry, working with a variety of specialists, and meeting the precise needs of the projects according to scale and size. Furthermore, to delve deeper into its work, its equipment sales and technical services teams have an in-depth knowledge of the equipment its supplies, especially when it comes to freeze dryers and associated processing technologies such as centrifugal solvent evaporators; meanwhile, its lyo lab and training division provides unbiased contract research, analysis, and development including industry specific lyo training and analytical instrumentation. Biopharma Technologies France (BTF) is able to offer a combined provision of equipment sales, lyo lab/CRO and lyo training, granting its French customers a dedicated single source solution. Additionally, although its focus still remains pharmaceuticals, biologics, and biotech, 2020 saw a necessary shift toward diagnostics and vaccine development, scale-up, and optimisation, stepping up to the plate to help the industry cope with the demand created by the Covid-19 pandemic. This is made possible by its exemplary team, vital to the success of the company as a whole by working towards a larger goal of benefitting the sector on a global scale; it was their work that allowed Biopharma Group to respond to 2020’s increased demand on freeze dried materials and contract work for vaccinations and diagnostics. This was done in conjunction with Biopharma Group’s partners to allow for large scale distribution. With so much learned over the past year, it now turns to the future. With an ever-expanding equipment ranges portfolio including the addition of positive and negative pressure isolators, DNA amplification cabinets, and production freeze dryers from Gellert at the same time as increasing its in-house lyo production capacity for larger scale CRO and CDMO work – Biopharma Group has expanded its offerings in line with the needs and expectations of customers and industry requirements as a whole. Biopharma Group, in addition, is striving to work with its peers to develop product formulations suitable for both liquid and freeze-dried applications, since the global production of vaccines relies on liquid, whilst the mid-to-long term applications will likely require freeze dried methods to reduce the need for cold chain in climate sensitive places. Company: Biopharma Group Contact: [email protected] Website: