GHP Q3 2021

32 GHP / Q3 2021 , With plans to focus onmedical device and pharmaceutical companies in the coming 12 months, and the consultancy acumen to serve clients across a wide swathe of additional industries, Guide Consulting is the company helping businesses to integrate better practice. Working seamlessly to adapt its clients’ organisations for a changing world in terms of their operational practices and infrastructure, it made itself the ‘Best Medical Device ISO and QualityManagement Consultancy’ in 2021 for the United Kingdom. Guide Consulting serves a myriad of different clients across a variety of different industries, from engineering to construction, manufacturing, telecoms, transports, aerospace, defence, medical vehicles, pharmaceuticals, and digital software. Its expert ISO consultancy services have grown in renown over the years by way of client referrals and recommendations – and it is in this it finds its well-earned pride in its exemplary business model – ensuring it could carve out a niche for itself within a matter of years. Fundamentally, this naturalistic growth over time has secured it significant goodwill in its market segment, ensuring that whilst it has enjoyed a good rate of expansion, this rate has always been sustainable and to scale. This results in a consultancy that teaches clients how to manage their own systems effectively and empathically. Additionally, with it being so sector agnostic, its teaching has proven applicable across a multitude of different businesses with different goals and ways of working, just by focusing down on the requirements of the ISO standards and enabling them to incorporate these good practices into their everyday business model. In essence, Guide Restructure, Reorganise, Refocus May21811 Consulting seeks to ensure that a client will always be audit ready. Its helpful and personalised approach helps it to stand out from the crowd in its industry, as Guide Consulting will always seek to become more than just a consultant, but a partner; it will always work hard to gain an in-depth understanding of a business in order to put the client first and become ‘one of the team’ for each of them. Moreover, it does this with a prevailing internal culture of sharing ideas, gaining and sharing experience, and giving expert advice. Emboldening this company’s attitude towards constant and continued growth is the management team’s own attitude, one of always striving for the best and improving their own skills – it is with this that they are able to inspire the staff of Guide Consulting, and therefore the clients. Of course, even a company with a team as exemplary as this faces challenge. Over the past year or so, this has come in the form of the hurdles presented to Guide Consulting by the pandemic; the rise of remote auditing caused initial strain, as it removed the personal element that it has worked so hard to integrate into its process, and the on-site walkarounds became more difficult, if not impossible. Additionally, the onset of the pandemic caused many businesses to look into cutting costs wherever they could, which more often than not put their consultants at the top of this list of expenses to be cut. However, as industries began to find ways to manage, and Guide Consulting rallied the troops in order to reassure its clients that its work will still massively benefit them, it found it was able to move forward with helping clients to see the value in management systems, business continuity planning, and risk assessment. This ushered in a new era for the clients and the business alike wherein remote work was handled with sophistication and elegance from developing IT infrastructures from home to setting new, pandemic ready objectives. Due to this, it is looking forward to using the rest of 2021 to further develop the awareness of legal and regulatory compliance for its clients, implementing structures that will weed out drains on time and money in order to make its clients ready for a dynamic and successful future. Company: Guide Consulting Contact: Adele Sanders Website: