GHP Q3 2021

34 GHP / Q3 2021 GHP / Q3 2021 35 , Jun21073 Elevating Excellence in Private Healthcare Transport With a teamof seasoned professionals behind it and founders at the helmwho have made sure every element of its operation is exemplary, Global Jetcare Inc is a global answer to private healthcare transport. With flights that traverse the entire world and the ability to rise to the challenge of serving amyriad of healthcare needs both in flight and with regards to the destination, it has earned notoriety as the ‘Best Medical Air Transport Company, 2021’ for the USA. Global Jetcare is an international air ambulance service operating all around the world, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Fundamentally, its pride Elevating Excellence in Private Healthcare Transport in its services comes from the quick, efficient, effective nature of its services, which can reach a client and get them to where they need to go for their care as gently and safely as possible, in plenty of time for them to benefit from the most effective treatment. Whether the task at hand is transporting a family member injured whilst on vacation or moving someone who requires specialised care, Global Jetcare promises to be the best solution, as clearly portrayed by its motto; ‘when time is not an option, Global Jetcare can transport your loved one anywhere in the world’. Moreover, it makes a commitment to treating a client’s loved one as though they are the family of a member of their own staff, treating every case with the urgency and diligence it deserves. This attitude, in essence, has allowed it to develop a stellar reputation for exemplary customer service and efficient operations that are emboldened by the care each staff member has for the people they transport, having as many people on hand as needed to ensure the safety of the patient and their family’s peace of mind. Furthermore, allowing Global Jetcare to reassure its clients that they are putting their faith in the right company, it has over 20 years of experience. With such a depth and breadth of past knowledge in the aviation industry and a myriad of chartered successful flights under its belt that have spanned all corners of the globe – gaining the trust of hospitals, case workers, and assistance companies in the process – it has cultivated an earned reputation for the greatest heights of excellence. Additionally, each member of its team is trained in flight physiology and has benefitted from rigorous training across a multitude of skills, making for a full complement of outstanding staff. In tandem with this, Global Jetcare can also bring aboard physicians and in-flight care for a patient – at any level needed – in order to ensure their safety whilst aboard the plane. This means if a patient wishes to do so, they can request to have their own personal doctor aboard with them. Coordinated from beside to bedside and facilitated by consummate professionals at every turn, Global Jetcare will never settle for second best when it comes to its patient’s care; in addition, it pays attention to the details so that every variable is appropriately prepared for, bolstered by its breadth of experience in the field. This has earned them a long roster of impeccable reviews from its past patients and their families. From word-of-mouth referrals to written testimonials, it is raved about for its efficacy when it comes to planning, and the finesse with which it handles every case, ensuring that everyone is comfortable and that even in-flight challenges such as unforeseen bad weather are handled with ease. Therefore, since its beginnings in 2009, Bart Gray and his mother, Christina, have been able to make Global Jetcare a gem of its industry. Its stunning reputation has secured it a solid place in the niche it serves, with many of the medical institutes it regularly delivers patients to being able to laud it for the quality its work denotes across the board, adding an extra dimension to its clients’ own reviews. Crucially, being set up by a family has meant that the business’s core has been developed around familial values. It cares for its patients and its staff with the diligence and empathy needed to work with a friendly, caring bedside manner, instilling each of these facets of its operation as the beating heart of the company that everyone can benefit from right from the first phone call with the client. Both founders take the running of the company very seriously and ensure that it is managed well at every turn due to this, encouraging and supporting their staff in their tasks so that everything gets done without overworking any of the team; they are the core of what makes Global Jetcare so exemplary, after all, and so they and the patients are its highest priority. Alongside this, it is the Global Jetcare belief that it is its duty as a company to ensure that each team member makes the best paycheque it can give them, as well as working with them to create an environment in which they feel safe, appreciated, and like they make a true difference. Which they do. Patients experiencing the Global Jetcare way of working can instantly feel how much each individual deeply cares about their job, and as a result are transported in an environment of mutual respect. This has been something that the company and its founders have been especially keen to continue displaying during the course of the pandemic. With so many of its staff encountering worries regarding the safety of their families, as well as a myriad of other difficulties such a significant other out of work and a sudden need to find childcare as schools were being closed across the board, it looked inward in order to help each individual within its ranks to find a solution that worked best for them. In essence, Global Jetcare wishes for each team member to have a say in how the company is run, especially regarding their own career; due to this, it prioritised keeping all staff on board with no cuts to the team or their pay so that each person could be comforted in the knowledge that their role would still be theirs, come what may. It allowed those staff who needed to go home to their families to do so without fear, allowing those who wished to stay working to do so, gratefully accepting the help of those who did. No matter what choice an individual made however, Global Jetcare wishes to extend thanks to every single person who it employs for their continual diligence, professionalism, and dedication that has allowed the company to pull through the pandemic and support its clients and their loved ones. Global Jetcare, as a result, is coming back bigger and better than ever as the dust of the pandemic begins to settle. It promises clients and patients that its work will be just as exemplary as it has ever been when it comes to looking after the people in their care, with an internal culture as strong as ever and a staff who are raring to go and get back into the swing of things. Over the course of 2020 and indeed, the first half of 2021, the old adage has indeed proved true that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your company; and it will continue to operate with gratitude and perseverance as it continues to be a shining example of this ethos long into the future. Contact: Bart Gray Phone: +1-352-799-7771 Email: [email protected] Website: