GHP Q3 2021

36 GHP / Q3 2021 , May21637 Bringing International Pedigree to Local Sports Training Being the ‘Best Multi-Sport Coaching Organisation’ for 2021 in Qatar, Evo Sports Qatar has wasted no time inmaking a name for itself. Based in a local college and serving its community with diligent, friendly, exciting sports and activity training, it is igniting a love of physical activity in its region, with a supportive and encouraging teamattractingmore members by the day. Having found its start in 2007, Evo Sports Qatar has made itself the enthusiastic and encouraging front-runner of Qatar’s multi-sport coaching industry. Working hard to support a myriad of different clients across all levels and kinds of sports, its passion is in encouraging positivity and inclusivity in the sporting world by ensuring its services are as accessible and friendly as possible, each staff member helping make this a reality. Evo Sports Qatar’s mission is to show its clients that anyone can get involved with sports. Whether its professional coaching, team sports, getting fit, making friends, holiday sports, or just finding a new hobby, Evo Sports Qatar promises to ignite a new drive in everyone who walks through its doors. Due to this focus on the people behind the sports, its operations keep the members at the heart of the operation. Its reputation is one of respect, professionalism, inclusion, and pride, and it is excited to share this with so many more people long into the future as it continually grows in the sports training and activities it can offer, a notoriety which saw them chosen as a case study to demonstrate the benefits of community sport during Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022 bid. Moreover, based at Doha College, it has grown up with some of the country’s best sporting facilities. In opening these up to everyone, it makes sports fun and easy to get into for anyone and everyone in the local area, with professional coaches on hand to teach everything from soccer to swimming, basketball, netball, fencing, archery and all around fitness. Additionally, its Evo Minis provision ensures that even the youngest members of the community can start finding their feet in sport. Run by qualified coaches, children under six can enjoy a fun and active timetable of training that takes them from the basics right through to specific skills and techniques. However, Evo Sports Qatar isn’t just for the little ones, and the community it has built has members as young as 18 months and older people alike, building strong relationships with organisations and groups all across its region. It also holds tight to a core philosophy of developing the person before the player. Its staff will always work on a friendly, empathetic, and personal level with members in order to truly get to know them and learn how best to teach them, allowing them to grow as people as well as athletes with this support system at their back. Therefore, Evo Sports Qatar is an environment where members have the time and space to develop, with aspects that are challenging, developmental, and inspirational, underpinned by the club’s sporting values. Its coaches also adopt and encourage a ‘growth mindset’; without failure, there is no development. This aided Evo Sports Qatar during the trials of Covid-19, as it refused to simply be satisfied with closing up, instead pivoting to online training for its members and developing robust health and safety procedures that are implemented seamlessly in all programmes, ensuring it will welcome members back into the safest possible environment. Consequently, going forward, it is coming back bigger and better than ever, developing new stateof-the-art facilities and building up to the Qatar FIFA World Cup in 2022 with its partners and members alike. Company: Evo Sports Qatar Contact: Toyan Greaves Website: