GHP Q3 2021

GHP / Q3 2021 37 , May21642 Medical Devices and the Future of Healthcare ChitoTech is the company that has worked hard to secure the ‘Best Wound Care Products and Antiseptic Solutions Company’ accolade in 2021 forWestern Asia. Serving hospitals, clinics, and the patients those institutes look after, its wound care, rapid diagnosis, and antiseptics have propelled it into becoming a household name during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. A company developed from a research facility, the idea for ChitoTech was born from the study of marine biopolymers and their applications in modern medicine. Being such a specialist medical devices company, its work now lies in the provision of advanced wound care devices such as haemostatic products, nanocollodial silver antiseptics, hygiene products, and more, with 16 years of experience in this that has secured its name as one of those at the top of its field. Additionally, it is a foremost voice in a new kind of research, looking into commercialising rapid tests that can diagnose infections in bodily fluids. This company’s drive for success has been empowered by the founder and her own ambitions; Dr Sohelia S. Kordestani is a protein chemist with a vision of how the medical device industry could shape the future of medical technology, having cut her teeth working as a research fellow at the Department of Medicine at Birmingham University. The introduction and implementation of innovative medical treatments replaces outdated traditional procedures and technologies eventually. Fundamentally, this is something that Dr Kordestani wants to ensure continues to happen, with the newest and best front runners of human ingenuity being made available to hospitals and medical care facilities who need the support of such innovations. Serving hospitals, clinics, and as non-prescription medicine providers, ChitoTech’s products are used by surgeons in operations, nurses, and patients, helping them to handle wounds of all types, from pressure ulcers and burns to diabetic foot. This, in essence, has set them apart from the competition in an exemplary manner, as it has grown up with the understanding that the most important product attributes are how they will best serve the patient, with a marketing team effectively targeting the healthcare market to show it how ChitoTech can help. Further empowering its growth has been the excellence found within its own R&D team. Crucially, this group of people are self-motivated, excited, and active in the company’s efforts to work towards solving the challenges faced by modern medicine, an attitude mirrored by the entirety of ChitoTech’s staff as a whole. It also works by way of an organisational chart – a way in which it can ensure transparency in the workplace by way of implementing oversight – which has helped ensure ChitoTech can meet its goals quickly, efficiently, and with the strength of a united team. Moreover, this has increased the level of communication within the team itself, something that has propelled ChitoTech leaps and bounds when it comes to organising itself financially and in terms of operational infrastructure; with so many expenses incurred before the product reaches the market, it has to consistently ensure these are watertight across the board. It therefore wishes to thank the staff who make this possible, managing everything from patent application to registration and competition management, allowing for the developing of its ‘ChitoCheck’ product and antiseptics to aid with testing and hygiene during Covid-19. This is something it will continue to develop and improve as it moves forwards towards the future, creating more rapid diagnosis tests for infection and other disorders, and ready to provide its aid to its market segment however it needs. Company: ChitoTech Contact: Soheila Kordestani Website: