GHP Q3 2021

38 GHP / Q3 2021 GHP / Q3 2021 39 , , May21637 Special Delivery for the Healthcare Sector Being a leadingmanufacturer of ‘Specials’ – a type of unlicencedmedical product – Xeal Pharma has secured its place as the ‘Best Pharmaceuticals Special Products Manufacturer’ in 2021 for the UK’s Midlands. Being aMHRA and GMP certifiedmanufacturing and delivery company, its products are created and delivered to the highest of industry standards, with next day delivery available for orders made before 6pm. A manufacturer of the unlicensed medical products known as ‘Specials’, Xeal Pharma supplies medical professionals across the country in order to provide necessary pharmaceutical care to patients with specific needs. In this manner, it is working hard with the NHS, and has been striving to adopt an ever-more ethical and morally operation that has endeared it to the doctors and nurses of various different institutions. Furthermore, its products provide value for money as well as quality of service, ensuring that medical professionals can be sure their investments will be good for the patients, and a good use of funding. This has allowed it to develop its current reputation for reliability and efficiency. Both being pillars upon which the rest of the organisation has been built, these principles empower it in the manufacture and supply of products that are solely focused on patient welfare and safety, with strict codes of quality testing implemented across the board. Additionally, it is this quality testing that has earned it such a high level of trust in the UK’s medical professional industry, building a relationship with its clients that sets it in the best position to respond to the specific needs of the market. By securing these long-term, empathic, understanding rapports with its clients, it has been allowed a singularly in-depth glimpse into the current paradigms of the medical industry. Even as these shift over time, which current trends and challenges dictating the rise and fall of needs in specific niches, Xeal Pharma has been able to ensure that it can be the company with the solutions in a timely and high-standard manner. It is therefore confident that it will always be able to meet – and indeed, exceed – a client’s requirements, no matter how strict. Moreover, by handling its own manufacture and delivery it can grant its clients peace of mind that the products they ordered will be making its way to their facilities with a quick and safe transit solution, resulting in orders arriving in plenty of time and in perfect condition with reliable effectiveness. It is this that allows it to guarantee next day delivery on orders. Xeal Pharma also is able to help formulate and source products to help a medical institute and its patients, with significant industry contacts that it can pull from in order to provide a comprehensive service. Each of its products will also always come from a place of GMP compliant manufacture that will allow a medical professional to rest assured of its quality. In a similar vein, the distribution of all of its products is GDP compliant and uses a watertight operational system that has been developed for the specific purpose of working in the medical sector. With ethical pricing, flexibility when it comes to its operations, and a specialism in providing products that very few other companies can manage to the effectiveness with which Xeal Pharma does, it is dedicated to getting the right equipment to the right place, from oral and tropical liquids to semi-solids such as creams, ointments, and gels, to even solid dosage products such as tablets, capsules, and powder. This is something it will be continuing to do with diligence as a new era of the medical sector begins following the impact of the pandemic. Company: Xeal Pharma Contact: Husam Jafar Website: May21536 Faster, Better, Customer-Centric Insurance Solutions Ahead of its time, Aafiya TPA is taking the TPA industry into a new dimension. The organization is leading the charge to revolutionize the entire healthcaremanagement spectrumby providing best- in-class services. Aafiya commits to deliver what’s promised, staying true to their commitment Aafiya has won the ‘Best Health Insurance Service Provider andManagement Company’2021 in theMiddle East. Aafiya believes in innovation and technology, keeping inmind the customer-first approach, all its services are digitized, making it a seamless process for all its clients. Being a specialist healthcare management service provider, Aafiya TPA is a one-stop- destination that bridges the gap between insurance companies, medical providers, regulatory bodies, and policyholders. By working with each of these segments and ensuring communication between them is managed effectively, quickly, and comprehensively, creates a better healthcare insurance process on the macro scale that takes the pressure off. This leading service provider is a ISO9001:205 certified organization. As a third-party administrator of international standards, it is committed to patient safety at its core. This allows it to view cases with an emotion of empathy and understanding that has often proved valuable and has allowed it to emerge as a trustworthy, reliable healthcare facilitator in its region. Built on a foundation of reliability, excellence, transparency, innovation, and knowledge, it promises that it will always be upfront and honest with its clients and with professional bodies. From Risk Management to Policy Administration, Aafiya thrives to achieve operational excellence with the highest quality essentials in the daily operations. In addition to this, all of its products are digitized – meaning there is no wait time to activate its services – and its service does not end when a client signs up. With Aafiya, you can access comprehensive and diligent customer support, book appointments, receive doorstep medicine delivery, and collect samples, with a dedicated customer support team handling all communications. The excellence of its operations also allowed it to act quickly during the pandemic. It responded to global safety guidelines with sophistication, implementing a work-from- home policy to keep its workers safe and reassuring customers that they are fully equipped to handle the challenges posed to it throughout the year. Furthermore, with strategic plans to invest and develop machine learning technology, becoming one of the first TPA professionals to implement AI, it looks forward to being able to increase the amount of raw data it can process, which will, in turn, allow it to help many more clients. With more exciting innovations on the way and an earned reputation for excellence that is only growing, it is clear that Aafiya TPA is the one to watch. Company: Aafiya TPA Services Contact: Sandhya Sreejith Website: