GHP Q3 2021

4 GHP / Q3 2021 Contents , GHP / Q3 2021 5 NEWS The aftermath of Long Covid, and the full impact on employers, will only become fully apparent when employees return to the workplace, says RedArc Nurses. Long Covid aftermath will be more evident when employees return to work, says RedArc Christine Husbands, managing director for RedArc says: “While we’ve been living with the pandemic for a long time now, the situation regarding Long Covid is complex and still emerging. It’s likely that some employers will not really know how badly their staff have been affected until they start to return to the office.” Employees who are feeling the most severe effects of Long Covid may be well-known to employers, however, employees who are only starting to realise the effects of Long Covid may have been battling through symptoms - such as fatigue - without alerting their employer. Once they start returning to the workplace - with the associated commute and more stressful daily environment – this may unravel the wellbeing of these employees and put additional pressures on both them and businesses. Christine Husbands continued: “A complication of Long Covid is that it’s not a static condition – symptoms such as joint pain, headaches, fatigue, digestive issues, and vertigo can improve and relapse causing some employees to feel that they are unable to cope.” Support for a changing condition Relying on generalised advice isn’t enough for Long Covid: everyone is different, so it’s vital that support is personalised: it’s important to get to know the person, their symptoms, their working environment and their capacity to work. Support needs to include help for specific symptoms – both physical and mental - but also advice on pacing and rehabilitation, as well as on returning to the workplace. Employees benefit from advice in navigating wider support from their GP, the NHS, Long Covid clinics, local support groups, specialist therapies, second medical opinions as well as additional support within employee benefits. Husbands continued, ‘By helping employees through Long Covid, employers are actually helping themselves in returning their workforce to full strength and capacity as much as is possible – and this is going to be a vital aspect of living with Covid-19.” 5. News 6. Emerald - The future of fat loss technologies 10. Personalizing Decision-Making for Breast Cancer Treatment 14. The Bright Lights of Aesthetic Excellence 15. PBMs Can Do Better 16. Crawley Chiropractic Centre : Chiropractic Clinic of the Year 2021 - Sussex 17. Care That is Truly Unrivalled 18. The New Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatment from Nina Bal 19. Comprehensive Compliance Solutions for Medical Technology 20. The Secret to Looking Youthful 22. The Support System Behind the USA’s Medical Technology Boom 23. Award Winning Mobility Solutions from Rehasense 24. The ‘WOW’ Factor 25. Health and Wellness Excellence 26. A New Line of Products for the UK’s Cosmetic Professionals 27. Expert Work, Professionally Augmented 28. Bespoke, Flexible Solutions 30. Unravelling Complexity 31. Relaxed, Pain-Free Dentistry 32. Restructure, Reorganise, Refocus 33. Quest for Excellence 34. Elevating Excellence in Private Healthcare Transport 36. Bringing International Pedigree to Local Sports Training 37. Medical Devices and the Future of Healthcare 38. Special Delivery for the Healthcare Sector 39. Faster, Better, Customer-Centric Insurance Solutions 40. Care for Women 41. Global Veterinary Opportunities 42. A Clean Getaway 43. Beauty, Art, Science 44. The New Rival to the Skin Clinics of Harley Street 46. Efficient CDMO Services 47. Protecting the “Things” that Protect Human Lives 48. Creating Value Through Collaboration 49. Not an Agency, but a Partner 50. Pioneering Varicose Vein Treatments 51. Intelligence, Quality, Empathy 52. The Company Ensuring Oversight in Medical Device Trials 54. Treatment Where Patients Need it Most 55. African Wellness Products with Global Prestige 56. Exemplary Periodontal Treatments 57. Helping Spinal Surgeons Help People 58. Expert Contamination Monitoring Solutions 59. Winners’ Listings Contents Huadong Medicine and PulseCath Announce Strategic Collaboration to Develop and Commercialize the iVAC mechanical circulatory product in Greater China PulseCath B.V., a leader in the expanding field of percutaneous ventricular assist devices for high-risk PCI, and Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd., today announced that the companies have entered into an exclusive collaboration to develop and commercialize the iVAC technology in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan (Greater China) and selected other Asian Pacific countries. The collaboration agreement between PulseCath and Huadong provides Huadong Medicine with a license to distribute iVAC technology in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan (Greater China) and selected other Asian Pacific countries as well as for local manufacturing and development. PulseCath will retain all rights in the rest of the world. "With extensive regional experience, the right development and regulatory capabilities, and access to a deep local network of hospitals and clinics across Greater China, Huadong Medicine is an ideal partner for us," said Oren Malchin, PulseCath's Vice President for Marketing and Sales. "This collaboration reflects iVAC pulsatile technology's potential to deliver meaningful value to high-risk PCI patients as well as our ability to translate our work in cardiac assist devices into long-term relationships that create sustainable value for PulseCath and our partners. We look forward to working closely with Huadong Medicine to develop and commercialize the iVAC technology in Greater China as we continue to advance the iVAC product family, develop new products, conduct further clinical studies and support our application for FDA approval, which we expect for 2022 in the United States. Under the terms of the agreement, PulseCath will receive a significant investment in the company's share capital and is eligible to receive a further investment as a result of potential development and regulatory milestones. In addition, PulseCath will receive a payment for regulatory activities and production in China dedicated to Greater China and selected other Asian Pacific countries. PulseCath is also eligible to royalties on iVAC's commercial sales by Huadong Medicine in their commercial region. Huadong Medicine will be responsible for the development as well as regulatory submissions and commercialization of iVAC in Greater China and selected other Asian Pacific countries. Huadong Medicine will also have the opportunity to participate in global clinical studies of PulseCath conducted by PulseCath. PulseCath will continue to be responsible for the development and commercialization of iVAC in Europe, the United States, and other geographies. Partnership accelerates the development of the iVAC 2L mechanical circulatory device in Greater China. Expands Huadong Medicine's medical portfolio for cases of high-risk PCI with innovative percutaneous ventricle assist devices based on innovative pulsatile technology. PulseCath will receive a significant investment in its share capital and in payments for regulatory and development activities and is eligible to royalties on iVAC's commercial sales by Huadong Medicine in their commercial region.