GHP Q3 2021

40 GHP / Q3 2021 GHP / Q3 2021 41 , , May21532 Care for Women The need to specialise is obvious in the medical industry, with different people having very different requirements. Dr. Karen Joash is a highly regarded obstetrician and gynaecologist, based inHarley Street, who has gained a reputation for excellence. This excellence sawher namedMost Trusted Obstetrics and Gynaecology Consultant, 2021 – London in GHP’s rolling series of Global Excellence Awards 2021. We dug a little deeper into her career to discover more. For over fifteen years, Dr. Joash has been a specialist in providing high quality care to all women. She has worked in obstetrics and gynaecology, and has gained a reputation as a skilled labour ward practitioner. The aim of her busines is simple – to help women achieve the type of delivery they want, one which is tailored to their wants and needs. Key to this achievement is Dr. Joash’s holistic approach. She has a unique knowledge of the field which allows her to anticipate the challenges in both low-risk and high-risk conditions. As such, she has gained a reputation for being able to provide world-class services to women suffering from a number of conditions, offering maternal medicine, perinatal mental health, hysteroscopies and fertility advice to name but a few of her services. In her gynaecology practice, Dr. Joash has become incredibly proficient at providing outpatient hysteroscopy and performs gynaecology and early pregnancy scans. These important services are delivering with the care and attention that a woman needs and deserves at all times. She is also skilled in the management of menstrual disorders, hormonal disturbances, pre-menstrual disorders and fibroids, enabling her to offer a comprehensive service to all who walk through her doors. May21493 Global Veterinary Opportunities Global Veterinary Careers (GVC) is a specialist veterinary recruitment agency which has extensive knowledge and experience within the industry. It helps veterinary professionals of all levels and disciplines to secure their dreamposition, wherever that may be in the world. It strives tomake the recruitment process as straight-forward and stress-free as possible, offering the most widespread and varied selection of locumand permanent veterinary opportunities in every corner of the globe. As a result, Global Health & Pharma magazine has recognised GVC as Best Specialist Veterinary Recruitment Agency 2021 – UK. Join us as we find out more about the company. The team at GVC partners with veterinary employers across the globe to connect them with the very best talent available, so that their veterinary clinics can continue to grow and offer the very best pet care to their clients. GVC firmly believes that its core strengths are its ability to deliver the very highest level of customer service to everyone it connects with, coupled with being able to offer the most widespread selection of opportunities available to them as veterinary professionals. By sticking to its values and its tireless pursuit of perfection, this ensures that the agency consistently improves as each day passes. GVC offers a global reach, but with a local service. All of its clients are of equal importance to it, whether that is a major worldwide veterinary employer or a small privately owned clinic. The agency aims to deliver the very best level of care to everyone it connects with. GVC has access to the very best veterinary talent pool with its dual office location in the United Kingdom and Australia. While both teams effectively service their local markets, it also exchanges candidates As a result of her passion for this work, and a determination to teach other doctors how to provide it at her level, she was appointed to the position of divisional director for Education women’s and children’s at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. She is also the lead for Quality and Safety in Maternity at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and is principled on the importance of safe practice Thanks to her NHS roles, Dr. Joash knows that the birth journey doesn’t just stop at delivery, and support in the form of postnatal care is crucial. This is not always easy to provide, especially for women who have incredibly busy schedules. As such, she has designed many of her services so that they can fit neatly into the office setting if required. This incredible ability to demonstrate immense flexibility is why so many women turn to her when they need specialist support. Because of her incredible knowledge of the field, Dr. Joash is in incredibly high demand. It’s a testament to her immense skill and expertise. Recently, she has been involved in other projects that not only add to her skillset, but serve to move the industry forward. This has taken the form of quality improvement projects at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust where she was proud to be involved in the Baby box trial. This project received national acclaim and has had a major impact on her work moving forward. Care for women has often lagged behind, failing to serve their specific needs and problems. For Dr. Joash, this is unacceptable and so she has spent her life improving the state of affairs for them. We celebrate her remarkable achievement in GHP, and cannot wait to see what she does next. Name: Dr Karen Joash Email: [email protected] and works collaboratively on several tasks – which none of its competitors can match. Every single team member of GVC is a superstar! Without the team’s commitment, loyalty, expertise and desire to be the best versions of themselves, GVC wouldn’t be where it is today as a market leader on a global scale. It’s easy to list the core values as a metric that it gauges someone’s suitability for the GVC team, but it expects these traits to already be there and come from within. If an individual doesn’t align with its core values, then they’re not the right person to fly the flag for GVC. It only invites the very best to join the GVC family. However, it is without doubt that the last 12 months have been a challenge for everyone within the team to overcome, but GVC has come out the other side in a much stronger position. It has improved its processes, its structure, its tech stack, become more profitable, produced better results, increased its team size in both office locations and taken on more clients. From being gifted the time to work on the business, GVC has been able to build from stronger foundations. Speaking about achieving the Best Specialist Veterinary Recruitment Agency 2021 – UK award, company director, Adam Turner said, “It is all down to the brilliant team members we have in place here and this award and recognition is for everyone. “I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved and really want to shout about how good I believe the team are.” GVC now has its sights set on the future with plans for the remainder of 2021 being to continue breaking every record it has previously set. It has big plans which it is excited to see come to fruition. Adam said, “From my perspective, the greatest reward is always seeing individuals within the business grow professionally and personally. I’m thrilled to witness the rewards that the team are experiencing from their hard work and tremendous work ethic. They go above and beyond every single time. “We’re all on a quest to be the best.” Company: Global Veterinary Careers (GVC) Contact: Adam Turner Email: adam.turner@gvcvets. Website: