GHP Q3 2021

42 GHP / Q3 2021 , Apr21814 A Clean Getaway Technological innovation is hard to come by, as people settle into established patterns and habits. We take a look at the team fromEasiway Systems, as they plough a brave new direction for the screen printing and graphic arts industry. Named Leading Innovators in Sustainable Printer Cleaning Solutions 2021 in GHP’s Biotechnology Awards 2021, we thought it time to take a closer look at precisely what they’ve been up to. True innovation requires commitment and determination. For the last thirty years, the team at Easiway Systems have been at the heart of innotion for the graphic arts industry. While many have resigned themselves to old ways of working, this is a team that is always looking for ways to keep their products lean, keen and most importantly in today’s climate, green. It’s simply not enough for businesses to provide products that do the job anymore. Attention must be paid to the environmental agenda as well. One of the ways in which the team at Easiway Systems has stayed ahead of the curve is through providing high quality, environmentally conscious screen cleaning products. This commitment has allowed them to position themselves as an industry leader who’s progress must be matched. While based in Delano, Minnesota in the USA, Easiways Systems’ products can be found around the world. With a range that includes screen washes, emulsion removers, stain removers, degreasers, on press cleaners, dip tanks, washout booths & reclaim equipment, it’s a remarkable achievement. All of these quality items are all developed manufactured and distributed from the same place, however, to ensure the same high standards of quality for every customer. The team’s commitment, not just to quality and safety, but to matching the needs of the market as a whole, has been key to ensuring that they continue to thrive in the screen-printing industry. As mentioned before, it is the proactive decision to follow a greener path that has brought such acclaim to this impressive company. Their innovative ideas and perspective have been vital to ensuring success. Such a field is constantly changing, and so the Easiways Systems team is always exploring ways of educating themselves on the best green practices of the moment. To operate any business in an environmentally responsible way is a challenge, but particularly for this one which is based around the use of various chemicals. As such, the team hold themselves to incredibly high standards around biological excellence. It’s certain that their customers would expect no less. The high standards that the team champion mean that they are proud to declare their compliance with all applicable laws and regulations for screen and printing products. No matter what country you might find yourself in, you can rest easy knowing that you will be able to find an Easiways Systems product that will make your life as straightforward as possible. The continued success of Easiways Systems over the last thirty years shows that innovation does indeed pay off. While the team has remained steadfastly committed to maintaining their high standards of quality and customer service, it has been easily matched by their determination to move the industry forward into a healthier, more environmentally friendly place. Their success is something to be celebrated throughout the industry for its ambitious and forward-thinking. Company: Easiway Systems Inc Name: Jordan Atkinson Email: [email protected]