GHP Q3 2021

GHP / Q3 2021 45 The NewRival to the Skin Clinics of Harley Street scientific excellence, results driven and ethical treatments performed in a clinic that can only be described as pure luxury; the Yorkshire Skin Centre is a clinic built to allow patients to step into a place of space, light, and opulence. Dr Thethi spent a long time researching and asking his patients what they wanted in their ideal clinic. Crucially, this showed him just how important these matters were to his patients. “I don’t want it to look like a hospital” was a common phrase in the feedback. “I’ve been to places that are very cluttered” was another common phrase. This meant the design of the space, the size and having abundant natural light were very pertinent to get right. Therefore, the Yorkshire Skin Centre has been developed to ensure that each practical treatment area has the space to be conducted without claustrophobia, allowing staff to move with confidence and freedom. It is big enough that before long, Dr Thethi was able to incorporate an operating theatre and separate training facility, passing on the knowledge of good aesthetic practice to the new professionals. The interiors of Yorkshire Skin Centre are tasteful and beautiful, lending ‘a certain opulence’ to a patient’s aesthetic journey that Dr Thethi is excited to bring to yet more people in the region as the word about the clinic continues to spread further. Additionally, the design of the clinic reflects the attitude of the founder. Every element of the design has been carefully cultivated to improve the experience of the patients and the staff, reflecting Dr Thethi’s diligence and dedication to the aesthetic services offered within, and creating an atmosphere of warmth and welcome that a patient can feel from the moment they walk through the doors. Upon meeting Dr Thethi, a patient will also experience this welcome. He prides himself on being empathic and understanding, able to work with his patients to create a plan for their aesthetic journey that will allow them a comprehensive understanding of the process, and an excitement for the more confident version of themselves that will come out the other side. When a patient speaks to him, he lends them peace of mind and reassurance that they are in good hands, and it is the natural charisma of himself and his team, as well as the exemplary nature of their work, that has patients coming back time and time again. For many patients in the Yorkshire area – and indeed, further afield – the Yorkshire Skin Centre is the one-stop-shop for aesthetic clinical solutions. In fact, Dr Thethi prides himself on not only having patients from all over the country travelling to the clinic but also internationally coming to Leeds for the pure purpose of their aesthetic treatments. Thus, the list of patients and the waiting list is expanding by the day, with the team working diligently for each and every one of them; the popularity of it meant that at one time, the waiting list was over four months long. Upon entering the Yorkshire Skin Centre, people can immediately feel the love, care, and effort that has gone into every design decision and every piece of décor, immediately bolstering the patient’s ability to put their trust in Dr Thethi and his team. Currently, Dr Thethi is in the midst of obtaining his CQC registration for the clinic; this, in another way that has set it apart from its competitors, will allow it to set up its operating theatre, where visiting plastic surgeons can conduct consultations and minor procedures for Yorkshire Skin Centre’s patients. This is something that the team are incredibly excited to be able to bring to their loyal patient base. The minor operations offered will include blepharoplasties, mole removal, and lesion removal, and it is just one of the many upcoming additions that Yorkshire Skin Centre will be making to its current list of services. Soon, Yorkshire Skin Centre will be able to offer further women’s health services such as hormone treatment, vaginal rejuvenation, and menopause healthcare solutions, making this clinic even more of a comprehensive, medical clinic by the day. ‘I happily refer patients to other people if I think they’re better at something than I am’, says Dr Thethi; ‘Now, I can have all these experts under one roof’. This, in essence, shows Dr Thethi’s dedication to being able to provide his patients with only the best, and he thanks his capable and brilliant staff for every hour of hard work they have put into making his dream a reality. Company: Yorkshire Skin Centre Contact: Dr Raj Thethi