GHP Q3 2021

GHP / Q3 2021 47 , Jul21036 Protecting the “Things” that Protect Human Lives CyberMDX is an IoT security leader dedicated to protecting the delivery of quality healthcare worldwide. Founded in 2017, its mission is to enable healthcare delivery organisations worldwide to provide quality care by securing and protecting the systems and devices they rely on every day to treat illnesses and save lives. Global Health & Pharmamagazine has recognised CyberMDX’s dedication and hard workwithin the healthcare sector by naming the company Leading Provider of Innovative Healthcare Delivery Security Solutions 2021. We take a look at how its solution is revolutionising cybersecurity in healthcare delivery organisations. Healthcare delivery has more security challenges than most sectors. Facing a constant combination of cybercriminals, nation-state actors, hacktivists, and malicious insiders, the need for strong defence of all devices on managed or unmanaged networks is paramount. CyberMDX’s solution focuses on global hospitals and healthcare delivery organisations which have connected medical, IoMT, and IoT devices on their networks. Connected medical devices have no security built into them and are not likely to be visible to native IT control systems. As a result, many hospitals don’t know how many medical devices (managed or unmanaged) are connected. They also don’t have data on the type of medical device, its location, or its true cybersecurity risk status. Worse yet, there is hardly any visibility to whether medical devices have already been hacked. Medical devices introduce a wide range of operating systems and communication protocols and current cybersecurity solutions do not fully understand these devices or their protocols and cannot provide adequate security. The CyberMDX Healthcare Security Suite focuses on IoT, IoMT, medical devices, and assets connected to clinical networks, providing complete visibility and network protection by leveraging CyberMDX’s expertise with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, medical device vulnerability research, and a wide range of cyber capabilities. The CyberMDX solution detects and evaluates potential threats by implementing security at four layers:asset inventory and tracking, risk assessment and preventative care, detection and response, and compliance and governance. At the core of the CyberMDX solution is aunique approach to medical device security – DeviceCentric Risk Management (DCRM). CyberMDX provides on-going risk assessment of all connected assets including vulnerability and compliance profiles. The solution offers a prioritised list of asset groups and recommended actions to remediate or mitigate the risks associated with these assets on three distinct protection layers: on-device, on-network, on-perimeter. This is inherently more robust than other solutions which focus their security and risk management solely on the network layer. The Chief Information Security Officer of Israel’s largest private hospital network said, “CyberMDX’s solution was deployed in all eight Assuta hospitals and medical centres. The unique technology enables us to control and manage the security of thousands of connected devices within the network, as well as prevent in advance cyber-attacks from happening.” During the pandemic CyberMDX saw the challenge of ensuring that hospital staff didn’t take time away from addressing pandemic-related issues. Teams proactively worked to educate health delivery organizations and help them mitigate the threat of a possible breach which could further impact operations. During that time, there was a dramatic increase in attempted cyberattacks and the focus on containing the virus and securing public safety had inadvertently opened the path for cybercriminals. The threat landscape now continues to evolve. CyberMDX will help hospitals detect and mitigate attacks which seem likely to grow in frequency and sophistication. In addition, the company’s Vulnerability Research and HTM Analysis team will continue working closely with medical device manufacturers, security vendors, and regulatory organisations (e.g. CISA, FDA, MITRE) for the responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities, which enable CyberMDX to offer the best protection possible against the ongoing cyber threat against healthcare delivery organisations. Company: CyberMDX Contact: Rich DeFabritus Email: [email protected] Website: