GHP Q3 2021

48 GHP / Q3 2021 , Jun21450 Creating Value Through Collaboration The Institute of Health Economics (the IHE) is a non-profit research organisation that was founded in 1995 on the belief that the best solutions to healthcare problems are the result of a collaborative approach, with all stakeholders at the table sharing insights and information. Global Health & Pharmamagazine has recognised the IHE as theMost Trusted Health and Economics Institute 2021, so we take a closer look. The IHE vision is to be “widely recognised as a leader in supporting decision-makers and industry innovators to get the most value from the health system and to wisely prepare for the future.” (ref IHE 2021-24 Strategic Plan). The IHE actively seeks clients from the public and private sector but with core foundational funding through multi-year grants from the public sector. Senior public servants and representatives from academia and executive health system management sit on the IHE Board of Directors. They define themselves as being ‘critical friends’ and ‘honest brokers’ to health system decision-makers. ‘Evidence’, ‘Economics’ and ‘Engagement’ are the three Es which drive their programmes. While directly serving its own health system, the IHE has deep international connections and serves as the secretariat for the International Network for Health Technology Assessment Agencies. The IHE is creating a hub of economic talent, starting with its own organisation and also leading the Network of Alberta Health Economists (NOAHE) ( It is universityaffiliated but not a university research centre, and not a for-profit consulting company which combines the best of both: academic rigour and ability to deliver bespoke policy products and research in a responsive manner. However, the IHE, along with all public and private sector organisations, is facing the challenges brought about from the current global pandemic. It is a time of unprecedented opportunity and urgency. Although, with these challenges also come opportunities as there has been acceleration in the need for better value for money from health system investments and supporting the health sector in contributing to economic growth. Public sector core funding has been foundational to the IHE stability but there are plans for ongoing diversification of funding. The IHE feels this addresses potential risks in financial stability but also diverse funding can support independence and ability to provide objective advice. With efforts to expand diversity in funding, the IHE is acutely aware of the need for clear and transparent management between public and private sector interests and where they need to be separated and where they may overlap. Some exciting programmes include the Health Technology Innovation Programme (www.ihe. ca/research-programs/innovation/ htip) which is a collaboration with key industry partners and public payors to develop new approaches for assessment and reimbursement of innovation. The IHE wants to find way to say yes to valuable innovation and to jointly develop ways to reduce uncertainty and manage risk across partners. It needs innovation in technologies but also ongoing innovation in policy to assess and pay for technologies. Another leadership area of interest for the IHE is pandemic preparedness and collaborations across disciplines to serve decision-makers. The IHE is leading the One Society Network (www.onesocietynetwork. ca/about) which is bringing economics and modellers from all sectors of society to collectively assess the impact of policies in one sector across others (education, transportation, health, economic development, etc). Ultimately, independence is a major IHE asset that has been identified by its stakeholders and they consider this foundational to the organisation’s impact and success. The IHE is committed to continue to produce products and programmes which can withstand critical appraisal and be supportive of balance and evidence-informed analysis and advice. Company: Institute of Health Economics Contact: Dr Christopher McCabe, CEO Email: [email protected] Website: