GHP Q3 2021

GHP / Q3 2021 49 , Jun21381 Not an Agency, but a Partner Elevate HealthcareMarketing has been named ‘Pennsylvania’s Most Innovative Healthcare Marketing Company’ for 2021 for its tenacity, dedication, and constant commitment to bettering itself. Since its inception in 2015, it has built a teamaround it of industry professionals who constantly impress its clients, and become the go-to solution for pharmaceutical, biotechnological, andmedical device companies looking to change up their operations in order to streamline and grow. A strategic communications agency, Elevate Healthcare Marketing is a specialist in turning product objectives into sales and strategies for its clients. Focusing on creating strategies that are actionable, profitable, and sustainable, Elevate Healthcare Marketing guarantees that a client will find it drives only the best commercial results after working with it. It serves the industries of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical devices with pride in order to identify what about a client’s operations could have the fat cut from it, making their operations leaner and more conducive to further development going forward; a mission that it has held to since its earliest days. Therefore, its lean and experienced team of strategists have earned Elevate Healthcare Marketing renown over time. They work to translate, transform, and elevate a client’s businesses, allowing healthcare challenger brands to respond to the ever-changing dynamics of the industry with sophistication, allowing those same challenges to become opportunities. This business’s work allows client, in essence, to become vessels of positive market disruption. This was made possible by the co-founders Frank X Powers and Lorna Weir, two professionals who understood the importance of sticking to a mission – and the importance of driving change, not just responding to it – which led them to create an answer to healthcare’s need for building brands, and helping clients adapt to modern markets. Elevate Healthcare Marketing, in this manner, became the champion guiding biopharma and medical device companies through the minefield that is trying to set yourself up in the modern industry. From overcoming powerful competitors to market limitations and internal obstacles, it will not rest until a client is satisfied that they have achieved what they set out to. The past year also put Elevate Healthcare Marketing’s strategy and model to the test. Like any industry, the pandemic rattled those who work within it, and it worked with its usual elegance and tenacity in order to not just weather the storm, but to help its clients do the same. Having been named the best place to work in PA, a big part of what allowed this was of course its exemplary team; having a ‘not an agency’ model, it isn’t bound by the need to constantly push its talent into burnout by demanding they meet loftier and loftier goals. It recruits to upskill, build relationships, and create a truly exemplary team, one which was tested by the trials of Covid-19 and proved itself highly capable time and time again. All in all, the team has benefitted from the lessons it taught Elevate Healthcare Marketing as it made them better communicators, something it is excited to bring to its clients as it moves forward towards the future. Moreover, the lessons it has learned since its inception from the adaptations to remote work to how to lead and cultivate a healthy staff, will empower it to keep looking for assignments where there is a good fit between itself and the potential client, where the philosophies and goals align in order to create exemplary working partnerships. As it moves forward, it will be working to welcome in the new era that has been ushered in, promising to keep applying itself and bettering itself whilst striving to shape the future of the biopharmaceutical and medical device world. Company: Elevate Healthcare Marketing Contact: Frank Powers Website: