GHP Q3 2021

GHP / Q3 2021 51 , May21575 Intelligence, Quality, Empathy iQ Biosciences is a global provider of focused research to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and diagnostic industries in the formof intelligent research services and quality biospecimens. Taking reliability to the next level, iQ Biosciences excels at being a trusted partner in the biomedical community to help cure disease. Global Health & Pharmamagazine has recognised this with its award for Best Biospecimens Provider and Research Services Company 2021 – USA. iQ Biosciences believes that it is an urgent matter to help the biomedical research community deliver on therapeutic promises, and that all researchers should have access to the highest standards of testing services and investigative approaches for qualitatively assessing or quantitively measuring their test compound’s bioactivity at practical prices. The company has three core values – intelligence, quality, and empathy – which represent how it wants to behave, as individuals and as an organisation. ‘Intelligence’ is about valuing comprehensive communication, strategic planning, and thoughtful problem solving; ‘quality’ means it strives for its work to reflect the quintessence of integrity, consistency, and efficiency; and ‘empathy’ highlights its knowledge that research is important and how it is grateful to be part of a team that is advancing research and helping develop therapies for many devastating diseases. iQ Biosciences’ offering includes research testing, drug discovery, and preclinical studies which can help determine a product’s safety and mechanism of action. These services include testing, in-vitro based safety assays, and functional characterisation using in-vitro assays or in-vivo pharmacology models. Primary cells, such as peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), splenocytes, and bone marrow cells are frequently used as a valuable research tools for in-vitro work. iQ Biosciences obtains human and non-human source tissues from well-respected institutions and isolates the relevant cell types through careful processing. It offers high-quality samples from a diverse group of animal species that are pertinent for many different applications in drug development or academic research. Just a few of these applications include characterising mechanism of action, determining cross-reactivity, and safety assessment. When developing an antibody therapeutic, it is critical to know its potential for inducing a cellmediated immune defence such as ADCC or ADCP. Primary cells including NK cells and monocytes are useful for in-vitro studies to characterise mechanism of action of the therapeutic. For some therapeutic modalities, it’s important to characterise cross-reactivity across species. It’s also common practice for safety, effectiveness, and binding studies. In-vivo animal studies are expensive, so in-vitro validation with animal primary cells is a wise and costconscious approach. Toxicity assessment is a requirement prior to proceeding to clinical trials with the therapeutic. Cryopreserved PBMCs are frequently used for in-vitro safety studies such as the cytokine release assay, where the PBMCs are thawed and stimulated with the molecule prior to cytokine measurement. iQ Biosciences is committed to operating under the highest ethical and legal standards in the acquisition of human and animal tissues used for the isolation of primary cells and other biological materials. It also treats its cells with tremendous care and abides by strict cryopreservation protocol, so clients have the confidence that cell viability won’t be an issue upon proper thaw. What the client needs from the raw source material is skilfully extracted and what they don’t need is left out, so what they receive is a cellular product that’s been proficiently isolated to specifications best suited for their study. Additionally, iQ Biosciences understands that its cellular products can be used in a variety of applications, so it provides relevant donor data for each product, which may be vital to the client’s experimental needs. This includes HLA genotyping, immunophenotyping, and functional data to name a few, all available on the Certificate of Analysis that ships with each product. Ultimately, iQ Biosciences is passionate about the quality of its products, but more importantly, it cares intensely about supporting its clients. Its clients can rest assured that if they ever encounter a problem with one of iQ Biosciences’ products, they can provide the details and it will investigate with its utmost ability. Company: iQ Biosciences Contact: Chris Ng Email: [email protected] Website: