GHP Q3 2021

GHP / Q3 2021 55 , Jul21452 African Wellness Products with Global Prestige Afroganiks Nutrition Limited is a Nigerian company producing wellness products for sale and distribution, having won itself an award for being the ‘Best Natural Wellness Products Manufacturer’ in 2021 for its region. With each product having been produced under GMP standards and with rigorous procedural oversight, its goal is to improve the wellness of people all over the African continent. A leading manufacturer of the best quality wellness products across the continent of Africa, Afroganiks Nutrition Limited has helped millions of African people achieve their wellness goals. Fundamentally, each of its products has been created with the use of all-natural ingredients, resulting in organic and healthy products that boost the wellbeing of their users, and have been getting better and better since Afroganiks Nutrition’s launch in 2011. It has come a long way since these humble beginnings, and throughout its lifespan, it has built up trust with its clients and market segment by proving the excellence of its products on happy customer at a time. Family run, family organized, and community, minded, Afroganiks Nutrition is happy to tailor its products to suit its customers. Everyone is different, and so everyone’s health and wellbeing needs will be different, and it recognizes this, working with a customer in order to find and develop the product that will best answer their individual needs and requirements. Additionally, it is preparing for a bright future, and is excited to bring its clients with it into a new paradigm with wellness enhancing products such as Feloklear herbal capsules, FreeFlow capsules for men, and FreeFlow capsules for women, inviting people to find – or even become – distributors in their area. With the ambitious goal of ‘helping you achieve good health every day’, it is edging ever closer to its end goal of becoming Africa’s number one natural wellness product manufacturer, bringing more and more people on board by the day. Moreover, this passion for wellness and for spreading good health attitudes has set it apart from the competition in its industry, ensuring it can stand out from the crowd and continue to gain notoriety; in essence, its products speak for themselves, and its customers spread the word from there. Trusted by professionals and friends locally and globally, its current stance puts it in a great position for reaching greater heights of success. It will be using this as a springboard going forward, hoping to become the world’s most well-known afrowellbeing company for quality natural wellness aids that will supplement a good diet, regular exercise, and medical advice from a client’s GP. Furthermore, its innovations are helping it to promote the importance of continually pushing for better in the industries of health and wellness, as this is a company that refuses to rest on its laurels. Customer health, safety, and wellness is Afroganiks Nutrition’s utmost priority. This is further bolstered by the standards and principles that flow through every element of its business operations; with excellent working conditions, maintaining quality whilst keeping the cost affordable, and promising an 100% quality and 100% all-natural ingredients experience, all of its products contain green herbs and nutrients. Being from Nigeria, it is excited to have amassed such a wide-reaching contact network. It is this that will allow it to keep pushing for further global reach, and is confident that with every product it sells, this goalpost comes more into view by the day. Company: Afroganiks Nutrition Limited Contact: Jeph Akaehie Website: