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56 GHP / Q3 2021 GHP / Q3 2021 57 , , Jun21650 Jun21577 Exemplary Periodontal Treatments Al-Faperio Clinic is a leading dental innovations clinic, working hard to bring the newest and best innovations to its client base. This, and the dedication to professionalism that each of its staff embody, has earned it the ‘Leading Specialist Periodontal and Implant Practice’ award for Essex in 2021, and below it talks us throughwhat exactly about it has earned it this accreditation. Al-Faperio Clinic is an exemplary dental clinic that has been providing periodontal disease treatment, laser dentistry, dental implants, and patient help through its bad breath clinic, for over 15 years. With a team of experts at its back that each know their profession inside and out, each staff member at Al-Faperio Clinic is an outstanding mind in their field who is ready to provide patients with the best service and most cutting-edge solutions, all in a friendly, care-centred environment that places the patient at the core of its priorities. It knows how intimidating dental work can be, and so it seeks to reassure clients that they will be well taken care of from the moment they walk through the door, operating in a sensitive, discrete, and empathic manner in order to create a positive experience. Based in Essex, it treats its patients using in-depth treatments and state-of-the-art technology that allows it to stand head and shoulders above its peers. From the very first consultation, a client can expect to receive only the best of the best in terms of standard of care, with the focus being on patients suffering with gum issues that require medical intervention such as periodontal conditions, implant, and bone solutions. Moreover, in doing so, it has become proficient in helping clients who are missing teeth to get the confidence in their smile back. It also aids in everything from infections to bleeding gums, loose teeth, and gummy smiles, anything that effects the soft and hard tissues that support the teeth. Additionally, all of its services are only offered after extensive clinical testing has been conducted to ensure that these solutions are as safe and effective as possible. This has allowed it to become the multi-award-winning practice that it is today, with a team of dedicated and diligent individuals that work hard to serve each of their patients with the development of a clinical plan that is right for them. Amongst all of these innovations are included its laser technologies and surgical microscopes, allowing it a consistently in-depth look into certain conditions and how best to correct them with maximum effectiveness and minimal discomfort. Clients appreciate how exemplary each of its solutions are in taking care of the challenges they face with their dentistry whilst taking away the need to heavily invasive surgery; something that has been made possible by specialist Rana Al-Falaki herself. As the UK’s ambassador and senior trainer for periodontal laser treatment, and champion of the fantastic results it can achieve, she is converting more and more people to this method one happy patient at a time. Rana is also the founder of the GPLUS – global periodontal laser user society – that allows professionals in this budding industry to keep up innovations and oversight, as well as to help periodontal experts to better use their equipment for the benefit of their clientele. Lastly, it is also excited to announce that it is now taking on referrals for implant patients, pleased to be able to bring this service to its local region. Company: Al-Faperio Clinic Contact: Leanne Marriner Website: Helping Spinal Surgeons Help People Every second of every day, someone is suffering fromacute back pain. Should it not go away on its own and require surgery, spinal surgeons need access to the best possible tools so they can ensure safe and effective outcomes. This is where OrtoWay comes in, revolutionising the way spinal surgeries are performed with its OrtoWell®Distractor. As a result, OrtoWay has been recognised by Global Health & Pharmamagazine for its Best Vertebrae Separation and Surgery Technology System2021 award. Join us as we learnmore about the company and its ground-breaking device. The story begins with a team of Stockholm-based spinal surgeons who had too often found it difficult and time-consuming to gently separate and firmly hold apart vertebral bodies to allow for accurate positioning of an implant during a procedure. Thus, the OrtoWell® Distractor was born, the world’s first hydraulically powered distractor which offers an alternative to handheld “lumbar” distractors and clamps. With a robust steel frame and spanners, the Distractor enables smooth, incremental hydraulic compression, which in turn facilitates safer, quicker, less complicated removal of damaged discs, implantation of disc prostheses or ALIF cages and repositioning following initial or revision surgery. With precision engineered and manufactured in Germany, the world-class OrtoWell® Distractor is now in use by leading surgeons in up to 50 surgeries, and is proving safe, smooth and accurate. Designed for use in tandem with a wide range of commercially viable and available prosthetics, the device works in a way that gives more control to the surgeon than ever before. The main and primary component of the OrtoWell® Distractor system is a hydraulic system that attaches to the spine with bone screws. The system then grips the screws with its manoeuvrable pivoted joints, and this connection provides full flexibility, allowing the surgeon using the system to position the screws where they want them. In essence, the system is all about granting the performing surgeon their anatomical preference, giving them total control throughout the duration of the procedure as to where they want the screws, and how easily they can access the degenerated disc tissue. The system also boasts a pair of retractors and sliding expandable frame, which are there to improve access to the spine and reduce the depth of the surgical region. OrtoWell® Distractor puts the power in the surgeon’s hands, and enables them to access the degenerated disc in full, and begin the procedure of removing that degenerated disc. Full access and visibility is achieved for the surgeon, and they are given an unimpeded view of everything happening at the surgical site. Not only does the system remain in place whilst the degenerated disc is removed, but it also empowers the surgeon to see exactly where the new disc prostheses need to go, and how they can go in there. Head of Spine Surgery at Dreifaltigkeits-Krankenhaus Clinic in Cologne, Germany, Dr Biren Desai, who is one of many using the device, said, “Not only did the OrtoWell® Distractor help simplify the procedure, but I was impressed by the very strong, smooth hydraulic action.” Having a strong back is the foundation to having a strong body, and surgeons are mastering the art of delivering spinal surgery, with skills and technology getting better with every passing day. OrtoWell® Distractor is the latest innovation in a long line of medical pioneering devices that is seeking to change the game and put greater power in the trusted hands of surgeons around the world. As medicine and surgery continues to be developed and pioneered every day, OrtoWay stands proudly as a top quality development company working to provide accuracy and success in the field of spinal surgery. Company: OrtoWay Contact: Stan Mikulowski Email: [email protected] Website: