GHP Q3 2021

8 GHP / Q3 2021 , laser light is coherent, collimated, monochromatic ,visible light, unlike other technologies that fall within this category, allowing Erchonia lasers to optimise the dose of photonic energy delivered to the mitochondria of the cell. The result is a clinic that is transformed into something highly efficient and incredibly advantageous to their patients. Throughout every level of the firm’s operation, quality has remained first and foremost, and there are no shortcuts taken or compromises made. The desire to find new ways of using nonthermal lasers has been a huge part of the team’s success, and this exploratory method is only possible if every step is made towards ultimate quality and patient satisfaction. Despite the global nature of Erchonia, what unites every aspect is the pride contained within every product. The high quality of workmanship from the humblest fitting to the most sophisticated engineering is clear for all to see. The comprehensive approach is made possible through a process that sees each product completed ‘in-house’. The team are over 85% self-reliant in all facets of the company. All products that bear the Erchonia name undergo the same impressive manufacturing and assembly processes, combined with oversight that ensures no part goes awry. With demand being international, these products are produced to FDA, ISO, OSHA and MDSAP standards. The commitment to quality in all areas is the key behind the impressive reputation that Erchonia have been able to garner for themselves. When medical professionals need a product that can stand the test of time, they more often than not turn to Erchonia to see what they can offer. While the team’s products blow the competition away, it’s in the area of research and development that the team thrive most clearly. Erchonia Corporation has a strong history of innovation, for which it has achieved success in GHP, but this has only been possible thanks to an astonishing amount of investment. The team have over $5 million invested in research and development at any one time to make sure they keep pushing the boundaries and defying the dogma. These studies have an impact not just on the company, but on the scientific community as a whole. Through this commitment to higher standards and the exploration of new boundaries, the team at Erchonia has been able to push the limits of the market for the benefit of their clients. Innovation is one of the key tenets of Erchonia, with every aspect of the business built around ensuring that the team can continue to grow in their ways of working. Leadership comes from a cross-functional and diverse senior management team, comprised of business, sales, marketing, compliance, research, and engineering expertise. By combining all of these aspects, the team can enact a full spectrum view of proceedings that can benefit the whole company, as opposed to specific areas. This approach, which embraces novelty and original thinking, is what has seen the company grow over the last two decades. It makes it possible for the leadership to explore a problem or possibility from all sides, in its true height, depth and breadth. It’s little wonder that such strong consideration for the needs of clients has allowed the team to achieve such an incredible degree of success over the years. Those clinics which have taken up the use of an Erchonia laser have found it quickly becoming an indispensable tool in many unique situations, but one of the most rewarding for the Erchonia team is that of pain management and accelerated healing. Chronic pain can be incredibly challenging to treat, but the use of specific treatments such as laser therapies have been known to bring about fast and effective relief. The specifics of this field are not yet fully understood, with scientists still exploring the impact and potential effects of this new area of laser therapy, but it holds within it enormous potential. The use of non-thermal lasers could transform the lives of those with Chronic pain. The lasers can penetrate the skin, as well as soft or hard tissues, and are able to make an enormous difference to a person’s wellbeing with no visible impact. Often, the use of an Erchonia laser can have an immensely positive effect on inflammation, pain and healing. Cells absorb the light energy from the laser and are able to convert it into cell energy, which suppresses pain and reduces