GHP Q3 2021

GHP / Q3 2021 9 Emerald - The future of fat loss technologies the inflammatory pathways. The results speak for themselves, with short, regular treatments offering patients much needed reprieve from pain over the longer term. The use of laser treatments can take the strain from other options which some would consider riskier. Naturally, most medical professions try to avoid the use of surgical options if at all possible. While the use of various medications seemed the natural solution to this, they bring their own problems. Medicines like acetaminophen or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories often bring their own unique and undesirable side effects at best or do little to help at worst. The use of opioids has its own risks, this time by way of misuse and abuse by the patient. As non-thermal laser treatment has no recovery time or reported side effects, while being painless and safe to use, it has become the recommended choice for many. The most exciting aspect, however, is the way in which companies like Erchonia have been able to open the market up so that clinics can use this treatment easily and effectively. Historically, it was incredibly difficult to access such resources, but now many clinics have them as standard to work alongside their own skillset. That is the result of what Erchonia have done, both in North America, Europe and beyond. It’s clear that the medical industry is one which is constantly innovating, but one of the biggest innovations is the work that has been championed by the team at Erchonia. Their high-quality products have opened the door to new treatments that have transformed the industry at large. It’s an incredible achievement! Thanks to this organisation, more patients can access better healthcare that relieves their pain quickly and effectively, and also reduce their body fat whilst preserving the endocrine function of the cell which can be discussed in more depth at a later date. Innovation is at the centre of what Erchonia do! Name: Kate Murray Email: [email protected]