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Welcome to the Q3 edition of Global Health & Pharma Magazine 2022, providing you with all of the latest news and features from across the healthcare and pharmaceutical landscape. Q3 2022 Global health and pharmaceuticals is an extremely important part of our world. As we continue to grow and improve, we are quickly advancing scientifically. The only difficulty is that industries need to keep up with these changes. By using the most intricate, pioneering, relevant, and cutting-edge technologies and methods, we are able to focus in on making the world a healthier – and therefore happier – place for all. This issue showcases a selection of businesses that work with clinical trials, AI technology, and much more to provide excellent healthcare services. With the population growing, there is a bigger need to evolve. In this way, it is obvious that these companies are contributing to this new age of scientific development for the greatest outcome in healthcare services. With smart solutions and helpful equipment, anything is possible. We are proud to present these ground-breaking businesses as they win a plethora of enviable awards. All of us at GHP hope you have a tremendous quarter ahead. We look forward to welcoming you back again for Q4 this year. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 4. News 6. Rehasense / Taylor Made Wheelchairs: Rehasense Track Wheel is a Game Changer For Ava 8. Greenphire: Optimizing Clinical Trials – From Start to Finish 10. Mosie Baby: Making Happy Families! 11. Lilli: Best Health Monitoring Technology Specialists 2022 12. REHASENSE: Space LX 13. AURIMOD: Most Innovative Chronic Pain Treatment Product 2022: VIVO 14. Forget About Age Cosmetics: Internationally Renowned Skincare with German Pedigree 16. ARYA BioMed: Allowing Clients to Breathe Freely 18. Overington Care Ltd: Dignity And Respect 19. REHASENSE: Rehacare 2022 20. Premier Veins: The UK’s Leading Clinic in Varicose Vein Treatment 22. John Snow Labs: Healthcare Of The Future 23. Dr Conlon’s Aesthetic Clinic: Advanced Aesthetic Treatments 24. Winners’ Listings

NEWS The healthcare sector continues to fall short of job applicants with recent data showing a 42% decline in people applying for vacancies between June 2022 and July 2022, complicating preparations for a potential Covid-19 surge during the colder months. That’s according to recent research from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo). The data, provided by the world’s largest network of job boards, Broadbean Technology, also shows that yearly applications plunged 51% when comparing July 2022 to the same period in 2021. Healthcare application rates cause concern as winter months approach While part of this decline can be attributed to the 14% month-on-month drop in vacancies, the sheer scale of decline in application numbers is cause for concern for an already skill short sector. A key contributor to this decline in applicants is likely to be the underwhelming pay increases that staff in the sector are experiencing, with year-on-year salaries only rising 3% at a time when inflation rates are expected to reach 13% by the end of the year. The regional picture for 2022 reveals that Greater London has had by far the highest number of job vacancies for medical and nursing roles in 2022 so far, with 10,072 vacancies in the months leading up to July. The capital is followed by the West Midlands (3,614), West Yorkshire (2,214), Greater Manchester (2,180), Surrey (2,142) and Essex (2,081.) Concerningly, when analysing Application per Vacancy (APV) rates, Greater London didn’t even rank in the top 10, with an APV of just 9 applications submitted for every role. Out of the top 10, Surrey had the highest APV, with a moderate 11, followed by Greater London, West Yorkshire (7), West Midlands (7) and Kent (6).

NEWS EMJ, Europe’s leading digital health communications company, is joining forces with the World Telehealth Initiative to support its mission to provide sustainable medical expertise through volunteer physicians to vulnerable communities all over the world. The World Health Organisation (WHO) and World Bank report that half of the world’s population does not have access to essential healthcare services because those services are inaccessible, unavailable, unaffordable or of poor quality. According to WHO the world faces a shortfall of more than 18 million health workers and the migration of health care workers from countries with lowresources an immense need to areas of high resources and greater personal opportunity contributes to the problem. In some regions of the world, there are either very few health care experts or none at all. World Telehealth Initiative is dedicated to expanding access to quality care for under-resourced communities, by focusing on upskilling local clinicians and offering training and support from a network of medical specialists around the world. They have 33 programs globally, serving communities from Malawi to Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nigeria, Ecuador, and more. EMJ produces journals across a range of therapeutic areas from rheumatology to cardiology, with a worldwide readership, and has always offered free and open access to all. With an extensive physician circulation network, EMJ is partnering with World Telehealth Initiative to increase exposure to this philanthropic opportunity for physicians to make a difference in communities throughout the world. Spencer Gore, Founder and Executive Chairman at EMJ said: “It’s hard to believe that some communities are so poorly off for healthcare provision so we are delighted to be playing a small role to increase the availability of good quality medical information to help on the ground.” Sharon Allen, the Co-founder and Executive Director of World Telehealth Initiative said: “We are pleased that EMJ - who is already working in the field of global health education - has joined in partnership with us. Only by collaborating with established leaders in the field, like EMJ, will we maximize our collective impact towards our shared goals.” EMJ ANNOUNCES PARTNERSHIP WITH THE WORLD TELEHEALTH INITIATIVE Ann Swain, CEO of APSCo comments: “The sudden notable drop in healthcare application numbers from June to July 2022 will be a worry for recruiters and employers alike. While it’s abundantly clear that more needs to be done to entice people into the sector, what could be of more concern are the number of people leaving the sector due to burnout or less than satisfactory pay rises. With salary showing just a 3% yearly increase and staff shortages amplified by Brexit, the sector is facing an incredibly tough time. For this reason, the Government may need to re-evaluate and step in to aid recruitment and retention within the sector.”

6 6 year old Ava from Peterborough can now enjoy family days out without worrying about her new wheelchair getting stuck thanks to its Rehasense Track Wheel. Ava, who was born with Cerebral Palsy which mainly affects her legs and core which means she has to use a walker or wheelchair at all times attends a mainstream school and is determined to be as independent as possible. When her parents decided to purchase a new wheelchair they wanted to get one that would help her achieve this as Ava’s mother Lauren explains: “We started fundraising as we knew the type of wheelchair we wanted was going to be quite expensive. We were amazed how generous people were and when we had reached our target, I put a post on Instagram asking for any recommendations for a reliable wheelchair supplier and that is how we discovered Taylor Made Wheelchairs”. Chris from Taylor Made Wheelchairs met with Ava and her parents to conduct an assessment after which it was decided that a Ki Mobility Little Wave Click would be the perfect wheelchair for Ava’s requirements. When they explained how much they enjoyed days out in the forest, on the beach or at the local farm he immediately recommended the addition of a Track Wheel from Rehasense. “The team at Taylor Made Wheelchairs were extremely helpful in advising us on what wheelchair to get and the addition of the Track Wheel is a real game changer. The wheelchair meets all of Ava’s needs and I am always amazed at how easy the Track Wheel is to attach and de-attach from the wheelchair. Whenever we have a day out we always put the Track Wheel in the car as it is so lightweight and easy to use should we need it” continued Lauren. Since getting her new wheelchair and Track Wheel Ava has been able to do things which were previously very challenging or impossible. For example, Ava recently took part in her school sports day, and the family have just returned from a camping trip where Ava was able to get about on the beach. Up until now Ava’s parents have always had to carry Ava across the beach as they physically couldn’t use her old chair on the sand etc so the fact she can now move around independently is fantastic for Ava’s confidence and independence. Ava loves her new wheelchair and Track Wheel “they help me get on the grass when we go to the farm, around the garden at home and I used it lots when we went camping” commented Ava. “I cannot thank the team at Taylor Made Wheelchairs enough for their help and for recommending the Rehasense Track Wheel and I would also like to thank Rehasense for coming up with such a fantastic product in the Track Wheel. In the short space of time we have had both, we have been able to do so much more as a family and that is all we wanted. I would certainly recommend the Track Wheel and Taylor Made Wheelchairs to any family in a similar position to us” concluded Lauren. Taylor Made Wheelchairs has been a Rehasense dealer for over a year. “We love the Rehasense product range and the team are all 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London Breaking Down the Barrier Between East rn and Western Aesthetic Treatments Mar22115 Rehasense Track Wheel is a Game hanger F r Ava

GHP Q3 2022 very helpful and always available to answer any queries we may have and as a dealer this is very important. We mostly sell the Track Wheel and PAWS but since opening our new shop in Pensnett, Brierley Hill, West Midlands we are now stocking the Rehasense rollators and wheelchairs which are also very well made and competitively priced. Hearing what a difference we have been able to make to Ava’s day to day life is incredibly rewarding” commented Emma Taylor, Managing Director, Taylor Made Wheelchairs. The Track Wheel has been designed to transform a standard manual wheelchair into an agile tricycle to enable wheelchair users to experience greater freedom. Whether you are out and about around town or going for more adventurous days out over rougher terrain such as in the forest or on the beach, the Track Wheel is the ideal companion. By attaching the 12” Track Wheel, the wheelchair’s castors are raised which slightly tilts the chair backwards and by noticeably reducing the rolling resistance, the user can enjoy increased speed, manoeuvrability and comfort. Weighing from only 2.6 kg and available in single arm carbon and double arm aluminium or carbon, the Track Wheel adds very little weight to the existing wheelchair. The single arm model has been designed for use with rigid wheelchairs while the double arm model will be for use with foldable wheelchairs featuring fixed integrated footrests. Attaching the Track Wheel to the wheelchair frame requires no tools and the entire process takes a matter of seconds. For more information on the full range of mobility solutions available from Rehasense or to find your nearest Rehasense dealer call 0333 220 0704 email [email protected] or visit www. You can contact Taylor Made Wheelchairs on 01384 438150, email: [email protected] or visit: Ava loves her new wheelchair and Track Wheel “they help me get on the grass when we go to the farm, around the garden at home and I used it lots when we went camping” commented Ava.

8 As an early innovator in clinical research technology, Greenphire set out to transform participant reimbursement processes, and has evolved to offer solutions which streamline the full end-to-end clinical trial financial lifecycle. Greenphire is the industry market leader, rising to the status of Leading Global Clinical Payment & Communication Solutions Provider in 2022. Companies across the globe rely upon Greenphire to strengthen and simplify financial and administrative operations of their global clinical trials, leveraging their solutions to improve transparency, efficiency and accuracy. Further, each of Greenphire’s solutions have been crafted to resolve pain points throughout the clinical trial lifecycle. In essence, Greenphire has contributed to their clients’ success in developing the world’s most important scientific breakthroughs. Optimizing Clinical Trials – From Start to Finish linical trials have grown more complex and demanding of research volunteers over time, and Greenphire’s innovations have been sought by the industry to minimize financial and logistical burden for the last 14 years. By simplifying payment and logistical workflows from sponsors and CROs to sites and patients, Greenphire provides an effective mechanism to improve patient centricity at scale. Its industry leading solutions have optimised clinical trial performances by simplifying payment and logistical workflows from sponsors and CROs to sites and patients. Through their flagship solution, ClinCard, Greenphire offers a proven means for automating payment and reimbursement processes, resulting in improved patient retention. Additionally, through their global concierge travel solution - ConneX, Greenphire has arranged hundreds of thousands of travel itineraries for trial participants internationally, removing travel coordination responsibilities from already busy research staff. The company’s travel services are reliable and globally capable: executing logistical requests across borders, in local languages, and using preferred modes of transportation. Most notably, the company’s adaptability during the COVID-19 pandemic proved to be an asset - offering solutions such as contactless payment and car service to ensure that studies remained on track and keep participants and site staff safe. Henceforth, Greenphire has become the first choice for industry leaders around the world, including nine of the top ten global pharma companies. In addition to the recognized solutions for patient convenience, Greenphire’s solutions for budgeting and site payments have revolutionized study start up and conduct. EnvisiX provides a combination of SaaS-based workflow technology with the most up-to-date fair market value (FMV) data. Used at the beginning of a clinical trial, the implementation of EnvisiX ensures that budget build and negotiation, management and execution can all be carried out seamlessly. eClinicalGPS, the most advanced investigator site payment solution available for clinical trials, is used by many of the top sponsor and CRO organizations across 75 countries to gain financial visibility and streamline payment workflows with research sites. One Canadian site user remarked that they “absolutely would recommend (eClinicalGPS); payments are accurate and on time.” The most recognized global solution, the number of sites paid outside of the US recently jumped more than 30%, where site payments have historically been manual and time-consuming. This growth signals the industry’s increasing prioritization on efficiency, accuracy and site sustainability realized by simplifying and accelerating activity to payment timelines. The efficacy of its solutions ties into Greenphire’s four fundamental values: All In, As a Team, Solving Problems, For a Purpose. Greenphire operates as an extension of its clients, working collaboratively alongside them to innovate and bring value to their clinical trials. The uniquely excellent company culture has spawned a hotbed for ideas and has been recognised by numerous organisations as an excellent place to work. This is because Greenphire seeks out new talents that do not just meet the qualifications but seek out candidates that are driven by a passion for its ethos and mission and align with its culture. Therefore, it has built a workforce that embodies customer service, passion, and kindness, and, ultimately, serves as the driving force behind the company. Greenphire invests back into its employees in ways that manifest a true passion for the company’s work – as a result, Greenphire is growing rapidly. As the only service provider in the industry that focuses on upon optimising financial processes in clinical trials, Greenphire holds a unique position in the market that allows its clients to be patient-centric and site-preferred. Greenphire has established an internationally recognized framework for clinical trial success, but also a great place to work for employees. The company’s clients remain their top priority, and strengthening platform interoperability and participant mobile access are priorities for the company in 2022 and beyond. Contact: Amy Sitnick Company: Greenphire Web Address: C Mar22266

GHP Q3 2022

10 GHP Q3 2022 There’s a stigma that surrounds the field of artificial insemination that is wholly undeserved. Mosie Baby has been designed to revolutionise the way in which people see this important sector of the healthcare industry. In GHP’s Private Healthcare Awards 2022, the team were named Most Innovative In-Home Artificial Insemination Solution 2022. We dig a little deeper to uncover precisely how this has led the company to such incredible success. Making a family is a dream for so many people, but sometimes they can need a little help to make their dreams come true. These methods can come with social stigma, but it’s unjustified and unhelpful in every way. The team at Mosie Baby have had to face many challenges, therefore, in the development of their product. Not only have they had to transform the way in which artificial insemination works, they have had to change society’s perspective on this too. Mosie Baby is not just a product for people who need a little extra help, it’s a tool for empowerment as people try to create a safe and supportive community. The team’s leading product, Mosie, is the first syringe designed specifically for at home intravaginal insemination. It delivers sperm directly at, or near, the cervical opening – a decision which has played an important part in the odds of pregnancy for many people. Mosie is not only safe and easy to use, it’s the only home insemination syringe that has been clinically proven to be as effective as both IUI & intercourse, as well as safe for sperm. Mosie acts as a way of creating a family on your terms, first and foremost. It’s little wonder that 60,000 families have been able to trust in this amazing product to get truly enviable results. At every stage, the team has taken decisions to ensure that Mosie not only functions better than the competition, but is even more comfortable than them in almost every respect. Instead of a standard barrel design, the Mosie barrel has a rounded nub that maximises release, but minimises potential waste. Through the angular opening, the team have been able to learn from the lessons of Mother Nature and develop a longer, angular opening that ensures better flow. Finally, there has been a deliberate decision to avoid harsh lines on Mosie. This level of care for the potential parent reflects the reasons behind the team’s amazing success. Having a baby is not easy, and there’s precious little information available about artificial insemination. The Mosie Baby team have therefore committed to offering specific support to their customers when they have questions. This showcases their commitment to more than simply offering a product for artificial insemination. They’re helping people to move towards the life that they want to live. In such a specialised field, having experts on hand to provide advice and support has been greatly appreciated by many of their customers. Mosie meets an unmet clinical need within the fertility sector, and it does so with ease and grace. For those struggling with fertility issues, the team make it clear that there is no shame in looking for alternatives. Their efforts have created a viable path for those who want to make a family for themselves, and have gone a long way to changing the way in which many see artificial insemination. We cannot wait to see how many more families will be able to benefit from their efforts, and how many babies will be born as a result, in the years to come. Company: Mosie Baby Name: Maureen Brown Email: [email protected] Making Happy Families! Mar22338

11 GHP Q3 2022 Technology is the future of the care industry. Indeed, with the numerous challenges that the industry is facing – largely the increase in demand – it is inevitable that technology will begin to seep into residential homes, residences, and care facilities. Lilli is one of the leading companies working within this area, and its primary mission is to allow people to live in their homes for longer whilst continuing to receive non-invasive care, therefore increasing independence, and bolstering quality of life. Best Health Monitoring Technology Specialists 2022 illi, a company that offers proactive health monitoring technology, has grown exponentially over the past couple of years. Indeed, the company achieved a 50% oversubscription of its Pre-Series A funding round, which raised £4.5 million in March 2021. Lilli also acquired a chief strategy officer, chief commercial officer, chief technology officer, and a chief medical officer, boosting the team from four members in August 2020 to 22 by the end of 2021. A notable achievement during a turbulent time in which everyone was working remotely. The goal behind Lilli is simple – to enable millions of people to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible. As this issue begins to creep further into the public sphere, primarily due to an ageing population and the rising pressure on resources in the health and social care sector, Lilli has decided to take action. Through the use of SaaS technology, the company hopes to revolutionise remote monitoring for home care by moving away from conventional, reactive, alarm-based approaches to a highly accurate, preventive methodology. How does Lilli aim to do this? Largely through utilising behavioural analytics and sensor technology to create a baseline of an individual’s typical behaviour. In essence, the company places sensors within the home that monitor a range of actions – movement, temperature, night-time activity, and eating and drinking habits, for example. When the resident deviates from this routine or demonstrates wildly abnormal behaviour, Lilli’s technology sends alerts to the care circle, providing them with the chance to investigate and make that all-important early intervention. Such technology is beneficial within the homes of the elderly or the vulnerable, namely those with learning disabilities or longterm neurological or mental health conditions. Lilli has cultivated a diverse clientele, working to aid those who have a high degree of independence, and also those that need a little bit of extra help. Either way, Lilli hopes to bolster their independence and allow them to live a full life without any significant intrusions. As such, Lilli gains much of its business through local authorities, housing associations, private care organisations and the NHS, because its technology allows for them to allocate resources to areas where it is needed most. Consequently, Lilli’s technology saves time, money, and resources, with benefits radiating from the organisation to the resident. Subsequently, the company is constantly searching for ways to advance its technology and is constantly innovating and refining its technology in relation to what works in the real world. A significant portion of this conducted through working alongside its clients to understand where their pain-points are and how best to resolve them. Henceforth, Lilli maintains a close relationship with decisionmakers and frontline staff alike in the social care sector, and it uses these insights to inform its product development so that it continues to meet the needs of its clients. Over the past few years, the care industry has been under a great strain due to greater demand and a lack of funding. A Freedom of Information request from The Observer newspaper revealed that across 96 English councils there were 60,664 hours of undelivered home care in December 2021, compared with 15,905 in April. That’s a big increase in shortfall that has a major impact on individuals. As a result, the UK Government plans to invest £150 million on driving greater adoption of technology and digitisation in social care, with the aim of supporting independent living. This is further complimented by Build Back Better policy saw the government pledge to invest £5.4bn in adult social care over the next three years, including £1bn for initiatives such as improvement of digital and technological infrastructure. At the forefront of the industry, Lilli will benefit greatly from these investments, and therefore, it has a bright future ahead. Throughout the upcoming year, for example, Lilli will be entering an execution phase, in which it will be looking to further extend its offering to more housing associations and the wider private care space, such as domiciliary and homecare agencies. In the longterm, the company has plans to extend its operations overseas, with plans to launch in both the United States and Europe. Contact: [email protected] Company: Lilli Web Address: L Jan22162 Indeed, the company achieved a 50% oversubscription of its PreSeries A funding round, which raised £4.5 million in March 2021

12 GHP Q3 2022 - - - M Nov21767 SPACE LX THE LIGHTWEIGHT ROLLATOR Rehasense UK +44 (0) 0333 220 0704 [email protected]

13 GHP Q3 2022 VIVO allows the treatment to be adjusted according to the patient’s individual pain perception, thus promising reduction of pain medication and lasting results. In chronic low back pain aVNS was able to produce in clinical trials a pain reduction of over 80% and a reduction of opioid intake by more than 90% over 6 weeks of therapy. Most impressively, the pain reduction was long-lasting for at least 3 months after therapy. For healthcare providers who are interested in learning more about or implementing VIVO, they can get in touch with AURIMOD by email or visiting the team at an event (go to to find out the events they will be attending). For individuals suffering from chronic pain who think VIVO might be able to help them, please speak to your doctor about the possibility of receiving aVNS therapy. Company: AURIMOD Contact: Stefan Kampusch, CEO Email: [email protected] Website: Founded in 2015, AURIMOD is a spin-off from the Medical University of Vienna and TU Wien which aims to help chronic pain patients to get back to their healthy and self-determined life. This vision motivates the team to do their best every day and to keep finding new, sustainable solutions that change lives for the better. Thus, they have developed VIVO, a smart wearable device that sets a new benchmark in pain management using auricular vagus nerve stimulation (aVNS) – Effective pain relief without medication. One in five people around the world are affected by chronic pain, with back pain being the most common. This pain is often treated using medication – with the risk of severe side effects and possible dependencies. At least 30% of these people living in the US and Europe are not receiving appropriate therapy, which has devastating effects on their quality of life. Auricular vagus nerve stimulation (aVNS) can be used to treat pain with a low side effect profile. AURIMOD’s minimally invasive and personalised chronic pain treatment - VIVO - is a CE marked neuromodulation device that is worn behind the ear and utilises aVNS. Its three small needle electrodes allow non-pharmacological treatment of chronic low back pain and migraines with a clinically proven and sustainable therapeutic effect. By reactivating the body’s own ways of reducing pain, VIVO offers a new alternative to pain management which comes with far fewer side effects and risks. It is the only solution on the market for non-pharmacological, personalized, and sustainable pain treatment for chronic low back pain patients. There are 12 cranial nerves in the human body, with the most important part of the so-called parasympathetic nervous system, a part of the autonomic (involuntary) nervous system, being the vagus nerve. This nerve regulates rest and recovery phases in the body as well as important bodily functions such as the inflammatory reaction, and it transmits information between organs and the brain. It runs from the brainstem to the organs in the abdomen and also to the auricle, where the nerve fibers of the vagus nerve are easily accessible. Chronic pain is often accompanied by (chronic) dysregulation in the autonomic nervous system. This is where aVNS comes in and modulates pain perception and pain processing through electrical impulses. Pain is different for everybody, so aVNS must be too. Most Innovative Chronic Pain Treatment Product 2022: VIVO Jul22140

14 Having been founded in the latter months of 2018, Forget About Age Cosmetics is a German company that has earned accreditation as the ‘Most Innovative Anti-Ageing Cosmetic Brand’ in 2022 for its nation.With top of the range cosmetics, exemplary customer service, and a penchant for building great relationships with clients, it only develops products that are free of parabens, micro plastics, silicones, fragrances, and other inorganic substances. Internationally Renowned Skincare with German Pedigree company that encourages its clients to embrace the ethos denoted by its name, Forget About Age Cosmetics has become a front runner in modern cosmetic product creation and development by upholding the strictest quality standards. Nominally, it promises to always go above and beyond to ensure the best of quality control for its clients, setting itself up as a deeply innovative and ingenuity fuelled cornerstone of the industry that seeks to lead by example. Based in Germany, it has offices in Italy and Austria as well as its home nation, allowing it to grow its European market as it strives to improve the appearance of its clients’ skin and their confidence in their own skin both. Its products, therefore, are holistic and well-researched, all of them working together to bolster the client’s skincare regimen to be the best and most fitting for their skin type. One of the most important elements of skincare, it has found through its years of research, is collagen. By ensuring that a client has good levels of collagen, the client will find it easier to work towards healthier, more youthful, and more elasticated skin that is able to bounce back from the hardships of everyday life, aided by Forget About Age Cosmetics’ food supplement product that has proven to be a direct way to increase collagen levels. Alongside the collagen boost, this supplement also provides a strong anti-oxidative substance called Pycnogenol, as well as Q10, Biotin, and Panthenol – the latter of which has become known as ‘skin perfect’ in cosmetic circles for its ability to replenish a youthful look and feel. Its wrinkle eraser, high SPF skincare, instant hydration serum, and eyecare have each made for an exemplary business relationship between it and its clients, as the products do an excellent job of speaking for themselves when it comes to what they offer clients. Thus, it has become a well-stocked favourite, sold through clinics, aestheticians, cosmetic clinics, and more, aiding the recovery of those who have undergone skincare treatments as well as becoming a cornerstone part of clients’ everyday skincare regime. Instant Teint Love supports the healing and protection of fragile and healing skin, where Instant Hydration Serum helps to replenish the skin’s natural oils, and Instant Wrinkle Eraser works to smooth out those fine lines in order to give skin a dewy, youthful look. Its Instant Eyes Love also aids clients in getting rid of dark circles and fine eye wrinkles, as it knows that this is a stressor for a lot of people who work busy jobs and hectic lives in the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Despite the issues that have come about due to the pandemic – such as higher prices for raw materials, closing cosmetic clinics and other such establishments, and more – it has been able to use the exemplary reputation it has developed in its market segment to remain afloat. After all, its customers’ level of trust in its products ensured that they were keen to remain loyal to the brand, and it has repaid this loyalty in trust and enthusiasm, serving clients with the same level of diligence and tenacity that they came to expect prior to the pandemic as standard. Moreover, it has been working hard to create strong working relationships with its clients as a result, ensuring that it and its professional peers can form a solid network that allows the best service. In essence, its commitment to client and customer base – as well as to its wider industry – has ensured that it can continue to develop a highly positive image for itself within the sector of cosmetic products, utilising the ‘made in Germany’ tag that comes with each of its products to also secure the country in international cosmetic renown. Indeed, Germany as a country tends to be synonymous with a level of attention to detail that is highly sought after in its engineering, and Forget About Age Cosmetics wishes to show that it is just as diligent in other industries, too. Having been appreciated by clients all over the world for years, Forget About Age Cosmetics is excited to be creating bigger and better products as it moves forward towards the future. Critically, in a time where innovation is happening daily in the global cosmetic industry, it hopes to work with tenacity and scientific A Its products, therefore, are holistic and wellresearched, all of them working together to bolster the client’s skincare regimen to be the best and most fitting for their skin type. Jun22355

GHP Q3 2022 rigour in order to secure its place at the head of the pack, leading the way towards skincare solutions that grow and develop with the wider cosmetic world. This is the commitment that Forget About Age Cosmetics has made to its clients with every serum, moisturiser, and eye cream that comes out of its production line. Testing each product for quality and excellence before it is sent out into the world, clients of Forget About Age Cosmetics can expect the most effective and kind-to-skin products that will come highly recommended by their clinicians and technical skincare experts, and the company is excited to announce that this entire production process to Germany in 2023. With this on the horizon, a multitude of conference attendances planned, and a whole new website slated for launch in 2023 alongside its new facilities, it hopes to secure partnerships in areas like Romania, Dubai, Lebanon, and more, continuing to push towards greater expansion in order to bring its exemplary products to more people. Company: Forget About Age Cosmetics Contact: Astrid Tomczak Website:

16 compact form – allowing a client to bring their oxygen with them with ease – as well as an outstanding battery life and virtually silent operation. This is all part of ARYA BioMed’s dedication to discretion and lifestyle improvement. Designed and assembled in the USA, the concentrators weigh up to 5 pounds, have 5 different flow settings, and have a battery life that can last up to 16 hours. Moreover, at a mere ten inches in height, it promises to help give its clients back the freedom and independence that is so often stripped from those struggling with pulmonary diseases, as they find it so much harder to commit to long periods of activity and movement. Therefore, it has dedicated itself to creating something that is useful in any situation. From travel to relaxation, running errands, or partaking in the hobbies that a client loves to do, it negates the need for refilling from cumbersome oxygen tanks, and allows access to medical grade oxygen any time a client needs it. The small, light, and non-invasive design is also FAA approved for use aboard aircrafts, allowing clients to travel across both state and country lines, ensuring they don’t have to miss another vacation, event, or family gathering. Ensuring the utmost comfort in travel by allowing them to bring their concentrators on planes and along for long car rides, it is compact, ergonomic, and comfortable to wear: each of these fits itself nicely around the everyday lives of its customers, allowing them to get back into the activities they miss. Whether a client is old or young, ARYA BioMed will make itself an integral element of their peace of mind. Moreover, to this end, each machine comes with a lifetime warranty that shows the company’s true dedication to its clientele, their happiness, and their health, as it promises to go above and beyond to keep their oxygen concentrator working well. Regarding the concentrator itself, the warranty is truly lifelong, and even the sieve bed has a warranty of 5 years. Both of these things ensure that customers can live their lives with the utmost peace of mind, able to trust in the excellence of the machinery, and the knowledge that should anything go awry, ARYA BioMed will not rest until the issue is resolved. Moreover, with the rest of the industry in the wider scale offering 3 year warranties of concentrators of 1 year warranties on sieve beds, it is easy to see why ARYA BioMed has become the no-brainer solution for so many people. Between the lack of need for refills, the perfect performance during athome use and use on the go, and the incredible level of dedication that its staff display when ensuring that its customers can buy with confidence, it has maintained a reputation for being far superior to every other oxygen delivery device. Indeed, the pulse flow operation that it operates with pairs well with its non-invasive and ergonomic design, making for a non-intrusive oxygenation solution that offers unmatched levels of freedom at every turn, and it is excited to bring this to many more clients in the future as it continues to expand its reach. Company: ARYA BioMed Contact: Andy Flynn Website: Having become well known for the sale of exemplary, innovative, and portable oxygen concentrators, ARYA BioMed has recently received the award for the ‘Best Oxygen Concentrator Manufacturer’ in 2022 for the USA. Available through multiple retailers, one of which – SpryLyfe – is partnered with E-Learning providers, it has been showing its dedication to education and client health at every turn,witheach itemthat it stocksmaking itself a reliable and highly rated element of an end customer’s healthcare routine. Over time, its reputation has been further bolstered by the lightweight and discrete nature of its products, allowing clients to find the best oxygen concentrator for them. Selling portable oxygen concentrators, ARYA BioMed’s products have become well known for their ability to slow the progression of COPD and enhance the client’s overall control over their own healthcare. Its lightweight and portable design is one that its customers have lauded as exemplary since its beginnings, as it has always been driven by the premise of giving a client their livelihood back by ensuring that they need not spend their days tethered to cumbersome machines that need constant refilling and readjustment. Nominally, this care and commitment that is shows at every turn has set it apart from its peers and enhanced its reputation as a truly client-first business. After all, more than just selling an oxygen concentrator, ARYA BioMed is selling an opportunity to regain self-sufficiency. This has been shown time and again through the glowing reviews and positive referrals that its clients leave it, lauding its helpful resources and exemplary product for allowing them to regain some control over the treatment and management of their COPD illness. One client talks of how they have been through many different healthcare options and facilities for their COPD, but that ARYABioMed’s oxygen concentrator has been the first real help they have received in terms of easing the difficulties with breathing. Moreover, it encourages clients to get in touch with its staff, allowing a genuine connection that is fostered over the course of a conversation through phone or email. Each of its staff members have been highly trained both in the art of customer service and in the specifics of its stock, from the newest features of the newest products to the technology that drives every one of them, and the ingenuity behind this. Critically, as the premium manufacturer for portable oxygen concentrators, the elements that have allowed it to secure and maintain this premium position in the market are its lightweight and Allowing Clients to Breathe Freely Apr22389 to Breathe Freely

GHP Q3 2022

18 GHP Q3 2022 A familiar name to readers of GHP, the team at Overington Care are once again celebrating awards success! In our rolling series of Global Excellence Awards, this domiciliary care agency won the title of Best Elderly and Adult Home Care Services Provider, 2022 - SouthWest United Kingdom. We look more closely at the firm to uncover the secrets behind their success. When Nichola Overington founded Overington Care, it was because he knew the challenges of finding expert care for elderly people inside out. For many, dignity simply wasn’t an option because the options for it weren’t there. Having cared for her father, Nichola knew how difficult it could be, but she also knew it was a service that could be provided. So she decided to provide it herself. Since 2013, the team at Overington Care have prioritised the needs of their clients above all else, offering a range of care services that meet people in their own homes on a one-to-one basis. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Overington Care team, people across Seaton in Devon are able to live their lives happily and with considerably more independently than they might otherwise have been able to. Nichola has built the business on the back of her personal experience with her father, alongside over thirty years working in the health and social care sector. Her career has been dedicated to improving the state of the industry. The growth of Overington Care over the last nine years is a credit to Nichola’s drive and tenacity. The team is made of a group of professional, local carers who understand the challenges of their patients, gaining excellent information for the firm and providing a community support yet that can more than hold its own against the competition. Their work doesn’t simply offer social care, but solutions which are bespoke designed to meet the needs of the individuals they have a duty of care for. When people turn to Overington Care, they often have a range of questions on their minds. From the very beginning, what delights most clients is that the team take the time to listen and understand before creating a response. The needs of the individual come first at all times and they are equal partners when it comes to making decisions about the level of care and support being offered. Such is the skill and versatility of what the team offer that a solution can be created within 48 hours if needed. 2020 saw Overington Care move into new territory, opening up “The HUB”, a not-for-profit Charity Community centre in Seaton, focused on combating the issues of loneliness and isolation within the area. This new space has proven to be invaluable as a resource for many, as it offers the opportunity to meet other people through daily activities. The Overington Care team have ensured it has all the resources to meet the needs of their clients, with a therapy room, technology services, support services and refreshments. For some of the most vulnerable in our society, “The HUB” is a lifeline, complementing the good work done by the Overington Care team in other sectors. The future is bright for Overington Care, as the team continue to broaden their horizons and find a most holistic approach to the challenge of social care within the UK. By working with the community as a whole, they have found innovative solutions which will save resources in the long run. We can’t wait to see how this intrepid team lead the way forward for home care services moving forward. Company: Overington Care Ltd Name: Nichola Overington Email: [email protected] Dignity And Respect May22604

19 GHP Q3 2022 - - - L Feb22033 HALL 4, STAND A 51 You are welcome to make an appointment in advance. We look forward to seeing you! Visit us at Rehacare TRACK WHEEL PAWS REHACARE 2022 ICON 60 +44 (0) 333 220 0704 [email protected]

20 Premier Veins, as the ‘Best for Varicose Vein Treatments’ in 2022 for the Midlands, has made a name for itself with its consistently patient-focused and empathic services and solutions. In short, it focuses on ‘bringing your legs back to looking and feeling their best’, allowing patients to step into the future feeling renewed and invigorated, with a new lease of life that will let them get back to focusing on what’s important without having to worry about their varicose veins any more. The UK’s Leading Clinic in Varicose Vein Treatment aricose veins impact about one in three adults in the UK today. Premier Veins is the clinic dedicated to helping them, providing information and treatment advice regarding the condition, as well as cutting edge keyhole treatments for patients who want help. Celebrating their 10-year anniversary in August 2022, the Premier Veins team have treated over 20,000 legs and earned the trust of a market segment that makes full use of its private clinics based in Birmingham and Solihull, serving the entirety of the UK and welcoming in anyone who walks through its doors with open arms and a wealth of information delivered in an empathic and sensitive way. The team’s specialists and consultants work hard to treat their patients in a friendly manner, offering minimally invasive walk-in, walk-out procedures, using state-of-the-art varicose vein and thread vein treatments that are tailored to fit a patient’s needs. Critically, the team knows that no two patients are the same: therefore, it endeavours to create a tailored treatment plan that will suit their individual requirements. For many, varicose veins are painful and inconvenient, as well as causing concern regarding their appearance, and this is what Premier Veins helps to address. The team also give advice and help to clients concerned about possible complications such as DVT and skin ulcers. Of course, when considering such things, it can often be a worrying and upsetting time for a patient, and thus Premier Veins works with the utmost empathy and sensitivity in order to make them feel safe and comforted, letting them know the options at their disposal. Premier Veins promises there will always be a treatment or mitigation strategy that can be put in place to improve pain, discomfort and appearance, based on the clinic’s reputation of providing solutions to a condition that can really hamper confidence. Following a one-stop appointment, where a highly experienced vascular surgeon will evaluate the patient, the most appropriate treatment will be recommended. These non-surgical keyhole treatments, performed under local anaesthesia, on a walk-in, walk-out basis that ensures a minimal recovery time, allow patients to get back to what’s most important in their lives far sooner than any invasive surgery would allow. After an initial consultation, clinical examination and ultrasound scan, patients are offered one or more or a combination of the following procedures: endothermal ablation, foam sclerotherapy or thread vein microsclerotherapy. For each procedure offered, the team explains the aims and each stage of the treatment in detail. This creates and maintains a healthy relationship between the patient and the team from the very first consultation all the way to the aftercare. Follow-up clinic appointments help to ensure treatment success, being on hand to answer any questions, comments or concerns. The choice of appointment times and convenient locations for initial assessment, treatment and follow-up can be particularly helpful for the patient’s own schedule. The Premier Veins 12-month varicose veins guarantee is another way by which patients are given peace of mind. The team are aware that they ask patients to put a great deal of trust in them, and they work hard to put any fears to rest as shown by the numerous positive patient reviews. The 12-month guarantee allows patients to come back for further review and treatment if needed. The team will always go above and beyond to resolve a problem, and patients have consistently mentioned their appreciation of this approach. They also appreciate being able to have a one-stop, patient-focused assessment with a clinical examination and a duplex ultrasound scan of their legs as part of their recommended and most appropriate treatment. Accessible, user-intuitive and comprehensive, the Premier Veins website allows its clients to explore the services it offers before getting in contact. With patients past and present recommending the clinic to friends, peers and family, this free advertising pairs well with its active advertising to bring more patients through its doors. The team’s group of vascular and endovascular surgeons are the only specialists with National UK Accreditation to treat varicose veins. This is an example of the clinic’s keen sense of accountability to the industry and market, with a commitment to always being upfront with its clients at the core. Planning to bring its work to London soon, the clinic is looking forward to seeing how the team and its work can progress. Company: Premier Veins Contact: [email protected] Website: V Jul22129