GHP Q3 2022

10 GHP Q3 2022 There’s a stigma that surrounds the field of artificial insemination that is wholly undeserved. Mosie Baby has been designed to revolutionise the way in which people see this important sector of the healthcare industry. In GHP’s Private Healthcare Awards 2022, the team were named Most Innovative In-Home Artificial Insemination Solution 2022. We dig a little deeper to uncover precisely how this has led the company to such incredible success. Making a family is a dream for so many people, but sometimes they can need a little help to make their dreams come true. These methods can come with social stigma, but it’s unjustified and unhelpful in every way. The team at Mosie Baby have had to face many challenges, therefore, in the development of their product. Not only have they had to transform the way in which artificial insemination works, they have had to change society’s perspective on this too. Mosie Baby is not just a product for people who need a little extra help, it’s a tool for empowerment as people try to create a safe and supportive community. The team’s leading product, Mosie, is the first syringe designed specifically for at home intravaginal insemination. It delivers sperm directly at, or near, the cervical opening – a decision which has played an important part in the odds of pregnancy for many people. Mosie is not only safe and easy to use, it’s the only home insemination syringe that has been clinically proven to be as effective as both IUI & intercourse, as well as safe for sperm. Mosie acts as a way of creating a family on your terms, first and foremost. It’s little wonder that 60,000 families have been able to trust in this amazing product to get truly enviable results. At every stage, the team has taken decisions to ensure that Mosie not only functions better than the competition, but is even more comfortable than them in almost every respect. Instead of a standard barrel design, the Mosie barrel has a rounded nub that maximises release, but minimises potential waste. Through the angular opening, the team have been able to learn from the lessons of Mother Nature and develop a longer, angular opening that ensures better flow. Finally, there has been a deliberate decision to avoid harsh lines on Mosie. This level of care for the potential parent reflects the reasons behind the team’s amazing success. Having a baby is not easy, and there’s precious little information available about artificial insemination. The Mosie Baby team have therefore committed to offering specific support to their customers when they have questions. This showcases their commitment to more than simply offering a product for artificial insemination. They’re helping people to move towards the life that they want to live. In such a specialised field, having experts on hand to provide advice and support has been greatly appreciated by many of their customers. Mosie meets an unmet clinical need within the fertility sector, and it does so with ease and grace. For those struggling with fertility issues, the team make it clear that there is no shame in looking for alternatives. Their efforts have created a viable path for those who want to make a family for themselves, and have gone a long way to changing the way in which many see artificial insemination. We cannot wait to see how many more families will be able to benefit from their efforts, and how many babies will be born as a result, in the years to come. Company: Mosie Baby Name: Maureen Brown Email: [email protected] Making Happy Families! Mar22338