GHP Q3 2022

6 6 year old Ava from Peterborough can now enjoy family days out without worrying about her new wheelchair getting stuck thanks to its Rehasense Track Wheel. Ava, who was born with Cerebral Palsy which mainly affects her legs and core which means she has to use a walker or wheelchair at all times attends a mainstream school and is determined to be as independent as possible. When her parents decided to purchase a new wheelchair they wanted to get one that would help her achieve this as Ava’s mother Lauren explains: “We started fundraising as we knew the type of wheelchair we wanted was going to be quite expensive. We were amazed how generous people were and when we had reached our target, I put a post on Instagram asking for any recommendations for a reliable wheelchair supplier and that is how we discovered Taylor Made Wheelchairs”. Chris from Taylor Made Wheelchairs met with Ava and her parents to conduct an assessment after which it was decided that a Ki Mobility Little Wave Click would be the perfect wheelchair for Ava’s requirements. When they explained how much they enjoyed days out in the forest, on the beach or at the local farm he immediately recommended the addition of a Track Wheel from Rehasense. “The team at Taylor Made Wheelchairs were extremely helpful in advising us on what wheelchair to get and the addition of the Track Wheel is a real game changer. The wheelchair meets all of Ava’s needs and I am always amazed at how easy the Track Wheel is to attach and de-attach from the wheelchair. Whenever we have a day out we always put the Track Wheel in the car as it is so lightweight and easy to use should we need it” continued Lauren. Since getting her new wheelchair and Track Wheel Ava has been able to do things which were previously very challenging or impossible. For example, Ava recently took part in her school sports day, and the family have just returned from a camping trip where Ava was able to get about on the beach. Up until now Ava’s parents have always had to carry Ava across the beach as they physically couldn’t use her old chair on the sand etc so the fact she can now move around independently is fantastic for Ava’s confidence and independence. Ava loves her new wheelchair and Track Wheel “they help me get on the grass when we go to the farm, around the garden at home and I used it lots when we went camping” commented Ava. “I cannot thank the team at Taylor Made Wheelchairs enough for their help and for recommending the Rehasense Track Wheel and I would also like to thank Rehasense for coming up with such a fantastic product in the Track Wheel. In the short space of time we have had both, we have been able to do so much more as a family and that is all we wanted. I would certainly recommend the Track Wheel and Taylor Made Wheelchairs to any family in a similar position to us” concluded Lauren. Taylor Made Wheelchairs has been a Rehasense dealer for over a year. “We love the Rehasense product range and the team are all 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London Breaking Down the Barrier Between East rn and Western Aesthetic Treatments Mar22115 Rehasense Track Wheel is a Game hanger F r Ava