GHP Q3 2022

8 As an early innovator in clinical research technology, Greenphire set out to transform participant reimbursement processes, and has evolved to offer solutions which streamline the full end-to-end clinical trial financial lifecycle. Greenphire is the industry market leader, rising to the status of Leading Global Clinical Payment & Communication Solutions Provider in 2022. Companies across the globe rely upon Greenphire to strengthen and simplify financial and administrative operations of their global clinical trials, leveraging their solutions to improve transparency, efficiency and accuracy. Further, each of Greenphire’s solutions have been crafted to resolve pain points throughout the clinical trial lifecycle. In essence, Greenphire has contributed to their clients’ success in developing the world’s most important scientific breakthroughs. Optimizing Clinical Trials – From Start to Finish linical trials have grown more complex and demanding of research volunteers over time, and Greenphire’s innovations have been sought by the industry to minimize financial and logistical burden for the last 14 years. By simplifying payment and logistical workflows from sponsors and CROs to sites and patients, Greenphire provides an effective mechanism to improve patient centricity at scale. Its industry leading solutions have optimised clinical trial performances by simplifying payment and logistical workflows from sponsors and CROs to sites and patients. Through their flagship solution, ClinCard, Greenphire offers a proven means for automating payment and reimbursement processes, resulting in improved patient retention. Additionally, through their global concierge travel solution - ConneX, Greenphire has arranged hundreds of thousands of travel itineraries for trial participants internationally, removing travel coordination responsibilities from already busy research staff. The company’s travel services are reliable and globally capable: executing logistical requests across borders, in local languages, and using preferred modes of transportation. Most notably, the company’s adaptability during the COVID-19 pandemic proved to be an asset - offering solutions such as contactless payment and car service to ensure that studies remained on track and keep participants and site staff safe. Henceforth, Greenphire has become the first choice for industry leaders around the world, including nine of the top ten global pharma companies. In addition to the recognized solutions for patient convenience, Greenphire’s solutions for budgeting and site payments have revolutionized study start up and conduct. EnvisiX provides a combination of SaaS-based workflow technology with the most up-to-date fair market value (FMV) data. Used at the beginning of a clinical trial, the implementation of EnvisiX ensures that budget build and negotiation, management and execution can all be carried out seamlessly. eClinicalGPS, the most advanced investigator site payment solution available for clinical trials, is used by many of the top sponsor and CRO organizations across 75 countries to gain financial visibility and streamline payment workflows with research sites. One Canadian site user remarked that they “absolutely would recommend (eClinicalGPS); payments are accurate and on time.” The most recognized global solution, the number of sites paid outside of the US recently jumped more than 30%, where site payments have historically been manual and time-consuming. This growth signals the industry’s increasing prioritization on efficiency, accuracy and site sustainability realized by simplifying and accelerating activity to payment timelines. The efficacy of its solutions ties into Greenphire’s four fundamental values: All In, As a Team, Solving Problems, For a Purpose. Greenphire operates as an extension of its clients, working collaboratively alongside them to innovate and bring value to their clinical trials. The uniquely excellent company culture has spawned a hotbed for ideas and has been recognised by numerous organisations as an excellent place to work. This is because Greenphire seeks out new talents that do not just meet the qualifications but seek out candidates that are driven by a passion for its ethos and mission and align with its culture. Therefore, it has built a workforce that embodies customer service, passion, and kindness, and, ultimately, serves as the driving force behind the company. Greenphire invests back into its employees in ways that manifest a true passion for the company’s work – as a result, Greenphire is growing rapidly. As the only service provider in the industry that focuses on upon optimising financial processes in clinical trials, Greenphire holds a unique position in the market that allows its clients to be patient-centric and site-preferred. Greenphire has established an internationally recognized framework for clinical trial success, but also a great place to work for employees. The company’s clients remain their top priority, and strengthening platform interoperability and participant mobile access are priorities for the company in 2022 and beyond. Contact: Amy Sitnick Company: Greenphire Web Address: C Mar22266