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Welcome to the Q3 2023 edition of Global Health & Pharma magazine, providing you with all the latest news and features from across the healthcare and pharmaceutical landscape. Q3 2023 So far, 2023 has been an incredibly prosperous year for the health and pharma industry. As always, we’re delighted to be showcasing some the extraordinary organisations who are making this the case, with our award winners including the best of the best. Take a look through these pages to explore the most innovative and dedicated companies, whether they specialise in Point of Care Testing, clinical trial solutions, pharmaceutical clinical research, laser skin health, infection prevention solutions, and more. On our front cover we feature ICROM, our Best Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Manufacturer 2023 – Italy, led by CEO, Pierfrancesco Morosini. We gain an exciting insight into the company’s chemicalpharmaceutical manufacturing services and its devotion to providing only the highest of standards for its customers and their patients. ICROM boasts five decades of experience, with a team whose extensive know-how enables them to build high-tech solutions to create complex molecules. I hope you enjoy perusing this issue and find each of our award-winning business’ stories to be inspirational and insightful. All of us at GHP wish you a wonderful quarter ahead and look forward to welcoming you back again in Q4. Rebecca Scotland, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 4. News 6. ICROM srl: Your partner in Active Ingredients contract development and manufacturing 7. Herspiegel: Herspiegel: The Experts to Propel Your Commercial Success 8. Ink Illusions: Healing – More than Just an Illusion 10. PremaLabs Diagnostics Ltd: Affordable Rapid Testing for a Healthier Future 12. Choice Aesthetics: Sujatha Tadiparthi: Multi-Award- Winning Female Plastic Surgeon 13. e-clinic: The Smart Choice for Clinic Management 14. MD Consents Limited: MD Consents: Transforming Informed Consent 15. Engelhard Lodge Care Home: ‘Our Family Caring for Yours’ 16. Imperial Clinical Research Services: Imperial Has Its Finger on the Pulse for Patients. 17. Ellab: Global Knowledge With a Local Reach 18. MMS Holdings: MMS Holdings: The Difference is in the Data 19. Aerolase: Innovative Solutions With Elite Energy-Based Devices 20. Vernacare International Ltd: Protecting Patients and Professionals 21. Pharma Biotech System Components LLC: Pioneering Excellence in Cleanroom Solutions 22. Ailesbury Clinic: Award-Winning Aesthetics 23. Essex Sanctuary: Head to the Essex Sanctuary for a Confidence Boosting Skin Treatment 24. Procavea Biotech: Engineering the Future

NEWS • New research by loveholidays found nearly half of frequent long-haul travellers prefer a nutritious, wellbalanced meal onboard their flight • 65% of travellers will spend money at the airport because they are worried about not liking the options on board • Nutritionist reveals the long and shorthaul airlines with the most nutritious menu options With searches for ‘what to eat before a flight’ up by +150% since April, a new survey by online travel agent loveholidays has revealed the pre and inflight food preferences of frequent travellers. The survey, which explored the habits of both long and short haul travellers, revealed 65% of frequent flyers spend additional money on food in the airport in case they won’t like the inflight options, with four in 10 (38%) spending between £11 and £50. Despite pre-flight spending, just under half (47%) of respondents said the overall quality of the food on their last flight was ‘good’ or ‘excellent’, while 48% of those with Travel and health: The airlines with the most nutritious foods revealed a dietary requirement also agreed the food on offer for them was ‘good’ or ‘excellent.’ Nearly half (48%) of frequent long-haul travellers said they would prefer to eat a nutritious, well-balanced meal on a flight, with a quarter (27%) saying their ideal meal would consist of a protein such as meat, alongside salad or a vegetable, a hot drink and a dessert. Four in five (82%) frequent flyers admit to drinking caffeine before a flight, with the average long haul traveller consuming at least four caffeinated drinks before and during their flight. Despite spending less time in transit, short haul travellers manage to consume, on average, two and a half caffeinated beverages before and during their flights. The top five long and short-haul airlines for nutritious inflight meals, according to a Nutrition Coach Armed with the results of the study, loveholidays, which sells both long and short-haul holidays, worked with Alice Williams, Nutrition Coach at Origym, to analyse the inflight menus of different airlines. Below, Alice has developed a ranking and reveals the top five long and short-haul airlines offering the most nutritional selection of inflight meals. The top five long-haul airlines with the most nutritious selection of inflight food options: 1. Emirates 2. KLM 3. Cathay Pacific 4. SWISS 5. Qatar Airways Alice explains: “Emirates has a great range of nutritional choices on its longhaul menu. For example, for lunch it offers grilled chicken with bean and corn salsa, sweet potato mash and broccoli. This is a perfectly balanced meal of protein, carbohydrates and fibre, as well as packing in some of your five-a-day. This is especially good since many other airlines don’t offer much at all in the way of fibre or real fruit and vegetables! “KLM is also one of the best airlines for veggies. Their vegetarian meal includes a beetroot and goats cheese salad (vegetables and protein), vegetable

NEWS Dengue fever, a potentially severe viral illness transmitted by mosquitoes, has experienced a significant upsurge in recent periods and expanded its geographic presence. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that around half of the global population is at risk of dengue and warns of the potential for a record level of cases worldwide. International SOS, the world’s leading health and security services company, has seen an almost 15% increase in dengue-related requests for information and assistance in the first half of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. Organisations are advised to be proactive in safeguarding their workforce from dengue. While dengue is increasing globally, the Americas is of particular concern, where almost three million people have been infected in the first seven months of this year. Brazil and Peru are experiencing one of the largest dengue outbreaks in their history. Bangladesh is also witnessing a surge in dengue cases linked to a longer transmission season from prolonged periods of rain and flooding. Moreover, as climate change continues to create hotter temperatures in Europe, dengue is spreading to new areas within the region. Dr Irene Lai, Group Medical Director at International SOS said, “Prevention and awareness are key in minimising the impact of dengue on individuals. Although many people will have no or only mild symptoms, some people can be severely ill requiring hospitalisation and fatalities do occur. The risk of severe dengue is higher in people who have had past dengue infections. Dengue is primarily prevented by avoiding mosquito bites. Vaccines against dengue are available and may be recommended particularly for people who have had dengue in the past if they have to live in an area with high dengue activity. For organisations, best practice is to undertake risk assessments of their locations of operation as well as the locations their employees travel to. Mitigation measures include education and awareness campaigns, keeping premises free of potential mosquito-breeding areas, providing access to mosquito-bite prevention supplies and ensuring that their travelling workforce undergo pre-deployment health assessments.” International SOS provides the top five guidelines for organisations to protect their employees from dengue fever: 1. Pre-Travel Planning: Prior to travel, employees should receive comprehensive pre-travel health advice, including information about dengue fever risks, preventive measures and how to access essential healthcare at their destination. 2. Mosquito Bite Prevention: Encourage employees to use insect repellent, wear protective clothing and stay in “mosquito-proof” accommodation with air conditioning and insect screens. 3. Environmental Control: Organisations operating in high-risk areas should implement mosquito control measures, such as eliminating breeding sites and conducting regular inspections of work sites. 4. Employee Education: Provide training and resources to increase employee awareness about dengue fever, its symptoms and preventive strategies. 5. Provide Medical Support: Ensure employees have access to timely medical attention and resources to manage dengue fever effectively and prevent its progression to severe forms. Top Strategies to Prevent Dengue in the Workplace and for Travelers biryani with grilled vegetables, tahini and extra virgin olive oil (carbs, vegetables and healthy fats) and a kombucha, which is a fermented tea drink with amazing benefits for gut health. This is a perfectly balanced vegetarian meal that covers all food groups, whilst also being interesting and full of flavour!” The top five short-haul airlines with the most nutritious selection of inflight food: 1. British Airways 2. Vueling 3. Air Malta 4. Jet2 5. Easyjet Alice explains: “These five airlines have the most varied menus, providing a range of different snacks and meal choices for their passengers. For example, British Airways provides options for snacks such as protein bars, couscous, dried fruits and olives. Drink choices include drinks such as ginger shots and apple cider vinegar. As it’s less common to have meals on a short-haul flight, a range of snacks, suitable for all diets, is important and this is why British Airways ranks highly.”

6 GHP Q3 2023 Located in Lombardy, Italy’s best region for business, logistics, and transportation, ICROM srl is the partner of choice for chemical-pharmaceutical manufacturing services.With the end patient at the heart of everything it does, the company supports clients in pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors to drive their pipelines from R&D to market. As a result of its excellent work, ICROM has been named Best Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Manufacturer in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. Part of the Proxis Développement Group, a multinational chemical group with headquarters in Paris, ICROM is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) that specialises in the development and GMP manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). With over 50 years of experience in its field, ICROM is a great choice for pharmaceutical outsourcing, delivering a range of tailored services related to the custom development and custom manufacturing of NCEs, generic APIs, and molecules for complex formulations. Over the last 10 years, ICROM has grown significantly in terms of production capabilities and technologies. The firm is proud that it can now approach almost any type of chemistry and class of API, including highly potent compounds. Today, its manufacturing activities cover a very diversified production scale under GMP regulations, from grams to metric tonnes. Furthermore, any services that ICROM cannot perform in house are offered to clients through its consolidated partners in the fields of med-chem, biology, pathology, toxicology, and solid-state services. Since its establishment in 1969, ICROM has operated based on genuine passion and strong commitment to its mission. Its goal is to facilitate the efficient development of new and known molecules with safe and sustainable processes, under the strictest quality regulations. To this end, it supports clients throughout the development process including the CMC sections and beyond the commercial launch, following with a very responsive and responsible attitude the entire Drug’s life cycle. ICROM believes in an ethical meaning of efficiency that can only be obtained alongside quality and affordability. Internally, it is crucial that staff understand and share this belief. In addition, they should not only value their involvement in the company’s mission to make new and affordable cures available to patients but also appreciate its environmentally and socially sustainable approach to achieving it. Furthermore, the management team at ICROM are inspired by the idea that the customer is only happy when the employee is happy. For this reason, the managers support staff satisfaction by properly recognising their contribution towards the company’s success. In recent years, the worldwide pipeline of drugs in clinical trials has been shifted from the hands of big pharmaceutical companies to often smaller biotechnology companies. ICROM is very sensitive to the importance of those that are working to make drugs available to patients with unmet needs. It also recognises the challenges they face throughout this process. This means that, for smaller companies in the field, communication with lean organisations like ICROM is much easier than with larger API CDMOs. Often, they share the same mindset, attitudes, sense of urgency, and values. ICROM believes that this is what makes it stand out from the crowd. It serves as a partner to its clients to meet their CMC needs, and, despite its growth, it continues to take the approach of a small business, treating clients’ projects as its own. Recently, ICROM has been involved in building a new medium scale production unit, which will be mostly dedicated to APIs under clinical development. In addition ICROM management has outlined an investment plan of 25 Millions € in the next five years that has recently been approved by its holding company, Proxis Développement. By this means, the company plans to continue the journey it has embarked on over the last decade in order to master all the most important chemical technologies. At the same time, an acquisition and partnership plan has been put into place to enable the company to become as integrated as possible into the pharmaceutical sector. As a result of the excellent standard of service it delivers to clients, ICROM srl has been awarded Best Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Manufacturer, Italy, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. We congratulate the company on this outstanding achievement and wish it the very best of luck in the years to come. Contact: Pierfrancesco Morosini Company: ICROM srl Web Address: ICROM srl, your partner in Active Ingredients contract development and manufacturing Aug23232 Pierfrancesco Morosini, CEO Icrom srl

n 2007, Herspiegel was created to fill the need for an adaptive product launch model to help companies navigate the path from drug development to brand success. When it was first established, it primarily offered launch planning and management services. In order to launch a successful new therapy, a company must be able to create strategies and demonstrate execution excellence across their medical, marketing, and market access teams. With this difficult task at hand, it is no surprise that many clients began requesting Herspiegel’s continued services throughout the brand lifecycle. As a result of this, the firm has expanded its practice areas. Today, Herspiegel offers not only launch planning and management services but also contract commercial services, marketing excellence, medical communications, market access, and patient services design. With experienced leaders who are proven to align commercial strategy and optimise both brand and portfolio success, Herspiegel is proud of its ability to build the operational infrastructure that companies need to launch or manage a successful commercial operation. Its extensive medical and scientific expertise enables it to provide clients with deep insights and tailored strategies, enhance the patient experience, and demonstrate value. Herspiegel has helped with the launch of over 125 products in the last 15 years. It has also played a significant role in building enduring brands and portfolios for some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. As a result, the firm has grown to become a trusted partner to many of these businesses, helping to align their cross functional teams with strategy whilst ensuring their operational excellence and brand success. Herspiegel sets itself apart from its competitors through its exceptional ability to deliver actionable insights, incisive strategy, and expert execution across functional areas to optimise brand success. As well as this, the firm is equipped with a diverse team of experienced experts, enabling it to provide clients with deep functional expertise across a wide range of therapeutic areas. “Our clients receive not only executive-level engagement but also a unified team that harnesses our cross-functional acumen, simplifying complexity without multiplying vendors,” says Beth Schurman, COO at Herspiegel. The Herspiegel team are exceptionally unique because of their passion for what they do. They are committed to driving 7 GHP Q2 2023 Herspiegel provides commercialization services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, helping them navigate the path to brand success. As a result of its exceptional services, the firm has been awarded the 2023 Leading Professional Services Firm, Biotech & Pharmaceutical Industry, USA, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. Herspiegel: The Experts to Propel Your Commercial Success the success of their clients and ensuring the highest level of satisfaction. The business was built on client relationships, many of which it has maintained to this day. Despite the success of the company, the leadership team at Herspiegel have made the conscious decision to remain a midsized boutique firm. This has enabled it to continue providing clients with the attention they deserve, acting as their valued partner rather than just a service provider. The company is committed to not losing sight of this customer-centric ethos. As a result of its continued innovation and excellence, Herspiegel has been awarded the title of Leading Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry Professional Services Firm, USA, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. We extend our sincere congratulations to the firm and its team and wish them the best of luck in the years to come. Contact: Sue Fee Company: Herspiegel Web Address: I Jul23706

8 Nov22096 Confidence is key. This is a phrase that most of us have heard time and time again, and for good reason - the difference that confidence can make to someone’s psyche is simply irrefutable. However, it’s also a sad truth that individuals with skin inconsistencies, such as scarring, stretch marks, and vitiligo, tend to find themselves trapped in their own insecurities. As such, Ink Illusions, winner of the London’s Best Cosmetic Tattooing Clinic 2023 award, came to be. We investigate how, through the art of tattooing, Ink Illusions manages to restore confidence within its beautiful clients. Created to support those in need of some assistance in regaining their sense of self, as well as to spread awareness of how revolutionary tattoo treatments have the potential to change the medical industry in incredible ways, Ink Illusions provides medical tattooing for a wide variety of purposes. From assisting in repairing / covering scarring, be it acne, self-harm, or surgery scars, to restoring scalp hair follicle pigmentation for men and women alike, Ink Illusions marks a shift in what can be done with the art of tattooing. And with a selection of both inkless and inked approaches, Ink Illusions manages to present a wealth of opportunities to help in reversing a client’s skinrelated insecurities. Backed by a consistent history of results, Ink Illusions has mastered the art of delivering life-changing services that have the mental wellbeing of the client in mind at all times. This, combined with its commitment to integrity, confidentiality, and exceptional service, has established it as a caring clinic that is wholly concerned with garnering the best results possible. As such, it’s continuously striving to discover new methods of reducing skin inconsistencies, all to equip itself with the best chances of reinventing the way that its clients view their bodies. Most would believe that, in order to cover scarring via tattooing, one must simply utilise skin pigments and inks to camouflage said imperfections. Whilst this is one service that Ink Illusions provides as a direct result of its mastery over colour matching and tattooing typically difficult areas of skin, another approach that it offers is its inkless tattooing service. It may seem as though this is concept is somewhat contradictory, and yet Ink Illusions has devised a means to implement this industrychanging method in order to herald proven results again and again. As the only clinic that has combined the knowledge and experience from a multitude of countries, Ink Illusions is a truly unique entity that presents clients with choices that are a product of some of the industry’s greatest minds. As a result of uniting techniques from the USA, UK, and Brazil, Ink Illusions has accumulated the safest, most effective treatments possible for each individual client, guaranteeing the best chance of results above all else. Not only is it the first clinic to offer scar and stretch mark camouflage within the UK through using permanent inorganic inks, but it’s also come to release an online Skin Tone Colour Theory training course. As such, camouflage specialists now have a means to enhance their understanding of how to easily match client skin tones, and students are able to gather the skills to mix any skin tone using any brand of ink or pigment. In addition to its plethora of world’s-first achievements, Ink Illusions has further pioneered change throughout the industry with its new, game-changing serum. Used within its MCA Inkless Needling treatment, Ink Illusions manages to explore the possibility of, not just covering scarring and stretch marks, but healing them altogether. The ingredients within the serum, which has been carefully cultivated over the span of just under a year, manage to tackle the focal points of scarring, all in the hopes of boosting skin rejuvenation and awakening the regenerative properties of our skin. For the past 5 years, Ink Illusions has been consistently raising the bar when it comes to its tattoo treatments. It has long since Jul23099 Healing – More than Just an Illusion

GHP Q3 2023 understood the necessity of its work, and has gone above and beyond to develop services that encompass everything any individual could need to eliminate their insecurities once and for all. Though everyone is beautiful, whether scarred or otherwise, sometimes such a notion is difficult to believe for the one bearing the imperfections. That’s why Ink Illusions is such an important clinic – it sees the beauty in its clients, and hopes that, through its treatments, they can learn to love themselves again. From scalp micropigmentation, tattoo removal, skin pigmentation removal, scar camouflage, and stretch mark tattoo cover-ups, to areola reconstruction for those who have bested breast cancer, Ink Illusions devotes itself to delivering the best, and safest, results possible. Its team is comprised of highly skilled technicians, each equipped with the in-depth knowledge required to deliver the perfect outcome for every client. No matter the request, or the nature of the inconsistency in need of correcting, Ink Illusions is committed to doing everything it can to reestablish a sense of self within its clients. Traumatic life events can sometimes live on the skin for a lifetime, but, thanks to Ink Illusions, there’s finally a way for individuals to recover both mentally and physically. The work that Ink Illusions does for a wide range of people is simply invaluable. Its dedication to greatness and its love for its clients shines, not only through its services, but through the vast array of treatments that it’s culminated over the years. Now able to guide individuals to the version of themselves that they may miss dreadfully, Ink Illusions stands as a testament to what can be accomplished with enough passion and industry prowess. It applied itself in the hopes of becoming more than just a medical tattoo clinic – it’s concerned with healing in every aspect imaginable. It’s for this reason that it has come to be known as London’s Best Cosmetic Tattooing Clinic 2023. We’re beyond proud to present Ink Illusions with this title, and we’re excited to see how it brings its ambitious plans for the future to fruition in the coming years. Company: Ink Illusions Web Address:

10 GHP Q3 2023 PremaLabs Diagnostics offers tests that cover conditions related to cardiovascular health, diabetes, women’s and men’s health, inflammatory conditions, anaemia, and bone metabolism. By shifting the emphasis to screening and monitoring, the company aims to reduce the number of conditions becoming acute. It also hopes to encourage self-care. This will not only benefit patients but also the healthcare system, enabling earlier diagnosis, faster clinical decisionmaking, quicker hospital discharge, and reduced unnecessary hospital visits or admissions. This way, healthcare providers can focus on effectively treating urgent patients. To understand the extent of the impact that PremaLabs Diagnostics is making with its tests and devices, one must look no further than its client testimonials. For example, feedback from Reshma Malde, Superintendent Pharmacist at John Bell & Croyden, states, “The PremaLabs capillary blood tests that we provide offer quick, efficient results. We can arm our patients with real numbers that we can discuss with them, recommend actions that they can do themselves, support them within the pharmacy by way of appropriate products and services, recommend specialist clinicians, or refer directly for more urgent clinical care.” For its continued innovation, PremaLabs Diagnostics Ltd has been awarded the title of Most Innovative Point Of Care Testing Solutions Provider, UK, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. We congratulate the company on this achievement and look forward to seeing what it will go on to accomplish in the years to come. Contact: Wendy Thompson Company: PremaLabs Diagnostics Ltd Web Address: Based in London, PremaLabs Diagnostics Ltd is a small, newly formed company that provides innovative Point of Care Testing (POCT) solutions to the UK market, aiming to make a difference to the health and wellbeing of its communities. As a result of its outstanding products, the company has been named Most Innovative Point Of Care Testing Solutions Provider, UK, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. Today, the majority of health tests are still analysed at central laboratories, taking days or even weeks for results to come back. Point of Care Testing (POCT) remains a relatively new area of diagnostics, involving medical testing at the time and place of patient care. Usually, only one or two tests are compatible with a single POCT analyser device. However, PremaLabs Diagnostics has launched a total of 37 CE and UKCA marked health tests that can be delivered using one of its three analyser devices: PL Maxi, PL Medi, and PL Mini. Unlike the Covid-19 antigen lateral flow test, which provides a simple positive or negative result, PremaLabs Diagnostics uses innovative Time Resolved Fluorescence Immunoassay (TRFIA) technology to deliver quantitative laboratory-grade results, all in under 15 minutes. Furthermore, while most tests typically use whole-blood, plasma, or serum specimens, PremaLabs Diagnostics offers 16 tests that only require capillary (finger prick) blood specimens, making it quick and easy to collect a sample. We ask Adam Martin, CEO of PremaLabs Diagnostics, to tell us more about the technology used by his products. “The PremaLabs Diagnostics test cassette device uses TRFIA technology and resembles a standard LFD, rapidly finding analytes within a small sample using specific antibodies and a fluorescent signal that is detected by a dedicated analyser,” he explains. “Analytes in the sample that are picked up with the specific fluorescent antibody flow through the LFD cassette until reaching the test line. The amount of analyte in the sample is then detected by the fluorescent signal, so rather than a yes/no answer, a quantity of analyte in the sample is provided as a quantitative result.” The three PremaLabs Diagnostics devices are convenient due to their portable nature. Its tests are affordable, accurate, quick, costeffective, and easy-to use, bringing testing within reach of a much wider scope of healthcare providers. The company’s tests not only empower clinicians, but also enable individuals to understand their own health. This encourages them to take appropriate preventative measures and engage with health practitioners at the right time. Affordable Rapid Testing for a Healthier Future Jun23253

Awarded Best Varicose Veins Treatment Clinic 2023- UK Expert Treatment of Varicose Veins & related Vein conditions based on Award Winning research All of our consultants are members of the College of Phlebology Venous Registry. This means that all of our patients can be assured, that the outcomes of all of our treatments are monitored • All treatments are walk-in walk out and performed under local anaesthetic. • We have the lowest possible rate of recurrence in varicose veins that is possible to achieve. • We’re recognised as the leading international centre for the treatment of pelvic vein reflux

12 GHP Q3 2023 Prioritising quality and safety above all, Choice Aesthetics is a company that provides plastic surgery procedures to clients at various locations across central and south London. Here, we speak to the company’s principal surgeon, Miss Sujatha Tadiparthi, who has been named GHP’s Most Trusted Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon, South East England, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. In 2002, Miss Sujatha Tadiparthi graduated from Cardiff University with a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery. By 2008, she had completed her basic surgical training and undertaken additional surgical research. Following this, she went on to complete specialist plastic surgery training, then gained further training in breast surgery, breast and limb reconstruction, and microsurgery. Throughout her career, Miss Tadiparthi has worked with some of London’s most well-known plastic surgeons and gained a wide breadth of training in aesthetic surgery. She is proud to have played an active role in research and published extensively on the various plastic surgical techniques. At Choice Aesthetics, a multi-award-winning company, Miss Tadiparthi aims to utilise her wealth of knowledge and experience to provide clients with high-quality cosmetic surgery procedures. The company works primarily with clients who are female, either young ladies who are unhappy with their bodies or mums whose bodies have changed due to pregnancy or childbirth. It also works with clients who have lost a considerable amount of weight and have excess skin or tissue that affects their daily activities and quality of life. Operating in the competitive industry of aesthetics and beauty, where some clinics offer free consultations, it can be difficult for Choice Aesthetics to compete. However, Miss Tadiparthi sets herself apart from other surgeons through her warm and friendly nature. She works to allow her patients to feel at ease in her presence, making an often-nerve-wracking experience significantly less stressful. In addition to this, Miss Tadiparthi is inherently distinct from her competitors because she is one of very few female plastic surgeons located in London. With many of the company’s clients being female, this is beneficial because it may be easier for them to share intimate concerns with another woman. She adds, “Our female clients, if offered a preference, would prefer a woman to operate on them, especially when doing intimate procedures such as labiaplasty and breast procedures.” Furthermore, Choice Aesthetics offers consultations both online and at a variety of locations across London, which is convenient for patients who cannot or do not wish to travel far. Miss Tadiparthi comments, “Our focus is on great customer service and safety, so we only offer surgery at well-established hospitals with good facilities.” At Choice Aesthetics, Miss Tadiparthi leads a team who deal with clients in an honest and communicative manner and work hard to create a superb customer experience. She explains, “I look for staff that are empathic, have good communication skills, are efficient in their work, reliable, and loyal.” Committed to delivering the highest standard of service, the team at Choice Aesthetics have won several business awards. For example, in the last two years, it has been named ‘Best Plastic Surgery Clinic’ in London and the South East by the Prestige Awards. In addition, it won the 2023 Enterprise Award for ‘Best Cosmetic Surgery Clinic’ in South East England. Further evidence of Choice Aesthetics’ continued excellence can be found in its reviews on sites like Google, Trust Pilot, iwantgreatcare, and Top Doctors. On Google, the company has amassed an impressive five-star rating, with numerous positive reviews that praise the standard of service delivered by Miss Tadiparthi and her team. For example, one glowing review states, “I am very happy that I chose Miss Tadiparthi to perform my breast reduction surgery and I am delighted with the result. She explained the procedure very clearly to me and was very patient to answer any questions or concerns I had both pre and post op. She has a very caring and down to earth manner that put me at ease, and I felt very safe and cared for in her hands. She did an excellent neat job and I have healed perfectly with no issues. I highly recommend Miss Tadiparthi.” As a result of her exceptional skills as a surgeon and her effective leadership of an award-winning company, Miss Sujatha Tadiparthi has been awarded the title of Most Trusted Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon, South East England, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. In the coming years, Choice Aesthetics looks towards a bright future as it plans to expand its social media presence by providing more informative videos and interactive live sessions to its followers. We are delighted to congratulate Miss Tadiparthi on her success in this awards programme and look forward to seeing what she goes on to accomplish. Contact: Sujatha Tadiparthi Company: Choice Aesthetics Web Address: Sujatha Tadiparthi: Multi-AwardWinning Female Plastic Surgeon May23548

13 GHP Q3 2023 e-clinic offers modern healthcare businesses and professionals software that enables them to grow. It operates as part of the ClearCourse UK-based technology group, to pursue ways of integrating software and payment platforms. It has recently been awarded the title Best Private Healthcare Clinic Management Software Developer 2023 – England, and so we thought it was time we took a closer look. The Smart Choice for Clinic Management he software solutions that e-clinic provides are designed to make life easier for healthcare professionals to use, with intuitive software that streamlines administrative tasks and saves businesses time. The offerings of its parent company, ClearCourse, are aimed at SMEs, ranging from start-ups to national retail businesses, charities, and well-known brands. As part of this umbrella company, e-clinic has plenty of opportunities to scale and grow its own business, and improve its software for customers. This is just one of the benefits being part of a larger group affords both e-clinic and its customers. The market leading software e-clinic provides is used by all manner of healthcare professionals, from nutritionists to osteopaths. Individual consultants can also benefit from e-clinic, as can multiclinic chains. Whatever your individual business needs, e-clinic can be quickly and seamlessly employed to improve productivity, increase profits, and help your business to thrive. Patients also report increased levels satisfaction when interacting with the intuitive e-clinic system. From a business perspective, e-clinic’s powerful integrations with market leading software and apps such as accounting service Xero, patient review app Doctify, and marketing campaign email host Mailchimp are particularly helpful. They expand the flexibility and functionality for customers, and can be further used to dig deep into data using reporting tools such as Tableau. Perhaps the most important feature of all is e-clinics own payment iteration e-clinicPay. This is a fast and reliable payment application that makes it easy for patients to settle up whether in person at the reception desk, or off site. e-clinic comes with e-clinicPay built in for all of its customers payment needs including payments in advance and remote. The system makes it easier to accept payments quickly and smoothly online, reduces errors using integrated card machines, and syncs up with patient records for easy reconciliation. The integrated features at e-clinic also include online bookings conducted by BookmyClinic, and an online pharmacy application serviced by CloudRX enabling speedy delivery of prescriptions direct to patients. Potential customers are invited to discover the potential of e-clinic, and the difference it can make with a 30-minute demonstration offering a chance to see the software in action. This demo will explain how e-clinic can help improve productivity, increase patient satisfaction, improve profitability, and grow your business. Ongoing support comes as standard, along with free upgrades, and what’s more e-clinic has a UK-based support team who are there to help whenever you need them. The technical expertise and practical help offered by e-clinic’s personable and professional team means that customers can be supremely confident in their software. Tailored training is offered as an integral part of the e-clinic package, with a range of options totally dependent on customers’ needs and budget. It wants everyone to be able to make the most out of their investment in the e-clinic solution, so realises that training is an essential aspect. The team at e-clinic who take care of this are experts, and not just at teaching the foundations of e-clinic but as hugely experienced healthcare industry professionals. It is even possible to book an on-site (in person) training session especially designed for larger clinics, which can help to minimise staff disruption. Another alternative would be to arrange a training day for a specific team member (or members) to attend at the e-clinic classroom, which is located in Leeds city centre, right next to the train station. The solutions offered by e-clinic are suitable for consultants, single practitioners, single or multi-site clinics or groups, and private hospitals. It is also a winning plan for a multitude of specialisms, such as cosmetic surgery, chiropractors, acupuncturists, dermatologists, speech therapists, and podiatrists to name but a few. Users are resoundingly positive about the difference e-clinic has made for them, such as Crown Clinic who comment, “e-clinic has helped us to organise our patient database - manage the patient file with letters, emails, appointments, finance and so on. At a glance you can easily view the patient record.” With its affordable pricing plans, and ongoing support, surely now is the perfect time to switch your clinical practice to e-clinic’s incredible market leading software. Company: e-clinic Web Address: Contact Name: Caleb Adoh T Jul23709

14 GHP Q3 2023 London based, MD Consents, provides online informed consent platforms to healthcare organisations in both the private and public sectors. The Company recognises that its platforms are in use 24/7, so it prioritises customer service, system availability, and data security. As a result of its continued excellence, MD Consents has been awarded the title of Best e-Consent Solutions Provider, UK, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. MD Consents: Transforming Informed Consent MD Consents is the primary provider of e-consent solutions for the UK’s fertility sector; with an overarching mission to transform the informed consent process in healthcare more broadly. All healthcare professionals are aware of the importance of informed consent, for themselves and for their patients. The process of giving and obtaining informed consent should be easy-to-follow, convenient and robust. However, the traditional paper-based systems often fall short of this aim. When clinics implement MD Consents’ platform, they report that their patients are better informed and benefit from a more convenient, easy to understand, and robust process. MD Consents’ platforms use tailored content and learning technologies to ensure that patients receive the medical and legal information they require to give their informed consent. This information is presented in a consistent, clear, and understandable format. Additionally, MD Consents’ platforms ensures that clinics have a comprehensive audit trail of all the activities performed by patients and clinic staff during the consent process. This helps to ensure compliance with clinic policies and procedures, removes significant administrative burden from staff, and allows clinic staff to spend their time more productively with patients. Patients can access their consent portal from their own home, taking the time they need to review the information presented to them, before progressing to electronically complete and sign their consent forms. Because patients do not have to visit their clinic to complete forms, they find that online consenting reduces some of the stress and anxiety associated with their treatment. Moreover, completing consent material at home, often allows patients to involve their family or friends; and benefit form that extended support without feeling pressured to sign forms immediately. The customer is at the heart of everything MD Consents does. For this reason, it actively listens to their needs, provides customers with exceptional support, and continuously strives to exceed their expectations. To this end, it frequently seeks feedback form its users, including, doctors, nurses, administration staff, and scientist. In its last quarterly survey, MD Consents polled over 300 users, and a 94.7% satisfaction rate was found. Equally, MD Consents aims to demonstrate honesty, transparency, and ethics in all its interactions. This means that trust and integrity are central to its relationships with clients, patients, partners, and team members. Internally, MD Consents operates within a culture of collaboration; where all diverse perspectives are nurtured and valued. It believes that teamwork and shared knowledge are the basis of producing the best results and delivering the best standard of service. The company is also committed to the personal and professional growth of its staff, by encouraging learning, experimentation, and the continuous pursuit of excellence in its team members. Positioned as a leading e-consent solutions provider for the UK fertility market, one of the most highly regulated sectors in the UK, MD Consents plans to grow internationally. It already has clients in Europe and Australia and is currently seeking strategic partnerships to accelerate this growth. Furthermore, the company’s platform can easily be adapted for use in other healthcare sectors. For example, it is currently working to deliver solutions for the gynaecology, ophthalmology, and cosmetic surgery sectors. As a result of its continued excellence, MD Consents Limited has been named Best e-Consent Solutions Provider, UK, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. The company is looking forward to a bright future and we are excited to see how its plans will unfold. Contact: Tony Marven Company: MD Consents Limited Web Address: A Jul23393

15 GHP Q3 2023 or friends, any who have interacted with this humble care home have been able to attest to the brilliance that’s constantly on display. At its core, Engelhard Lodge is a care home that’s truly concerned with making the lives of the elderly as pleasant and enjoyable as possible, all whilst maintaining an independent nature that allows for increased attention to detail. It’s due to all of these united factors that Engelhard Lodge has managed to take its place among the greats within the local area, despite its relatively young age. Thanks to its commitment to integrity and dignity, each individual resident is given the voice that they deserve. Following a rising trend of care homes treating its residents poorly, it’s a welcome breath of fresh air to witness a family-run care home giving its all to ensure that such conditions never manifest under its roof. It’s able to keep a tight focus on the important things, which ultimately leads to Engelhard Lodge’s stellar reputation. With the population of elderly people forecast to rise exponentially in the coming years, there’s never been more of a need for a shift in the quality that care homes adhere to. Engelhard Lodge has set the standard for what a care home should be, and its brilliance clearly shows no sights of relenting. There’s a drive and passion behind this family-run business that makes it a truly trustworthy care home, with an irrefutable reliability that’s bound to stand the test of time. It seems that, in the care home sector, there’s never a moment to pause for breath. Be that as it may, Engelhard Lodge is using this notion to its advantage as a means to consistently adapt, develop, and imbue its practises with an unwavering sense of love and care. We believe Engelhard Lodge puts it best when it expresses how it’s ‘… Our family caring for yours…’. If it’s a trustworthy care home that you’re searching for, Engelhard Lodge will guarantee the best care possible for your elderly relative, and we’re sure that it’ll only continue to flourish as the years progress. Contact: Elisa Damaliti Company: Engelhard Lodge Care Home Web Address: When selecting the perfect care home for your beloved relative, you want to make sure that they’ll be among people who treat them with the respect and dignity that they deserve. Engelhard Lodge, proud owner of the title of Most Trusted Family-Run Care Home 2023 – Norwich, strives to be exactly that. We venture into how this family-run care home offers a safe haven to the elderly that’s filled with love, acceptance, and authenticity. Specialising in respite care, dementia care, and end-of-life care, multi award winning care home, Engelhard Lodge, is a family-run home that prides itself on what it’s managed to accomplish across only 18 months of opening its doors. Within those months, it’s garnered a fantastic reputation among the local communities of Norwich, and it’s all a product of the family’s unwavering dedication to the individuals that are entrusted into its care. Engelhard Lodge represents a fresh care home environment – one that has earned its place as a reputable independent care home. Since its inception, Engelhard Lodge has come leaps and bounds in its journey towards proving that it’s more than deserving of the high praise that it’s been receiving. As a result of this steadfast dedication, it has already been recognised, not once, but twice by Care Homes UK for offering excellent care in the East of England. Partner this with the fact that it was among the top 10 out of 50 care homes, and you’ve got a family-run, self-funded care home that truly shines as its own inspiring entity. In addition, Engelhard Lodge has received a multitude of wonderful testimonials over the past 18 months. Be it from residents, families, ‘Our Family Caring for Yours’ Jul23267

16 GHP Q3 2023 important to ensure participants know they are appreciated, and is confident that such acknowledgement fosters retention. The culture at Imperial encourages positivity, which is something its leadership team is very passionate about. It focuses on the reasons they do what they do, which in effect, all comes down to one simple phrase, “To Positively Impact Lives.” Imperial believes it is important to remember how fortunate it is to be part of such an industry, with work that impacts customers, patients, suppliers, team members, and communities. Furthermore, Imperial is always dedicated to sustainability, sourcing all paper used via suppliers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Looking ahead, there have been long term industry plans focused on decentralising trials. This means clinical trial participants won’t have to attend a research site for their medical tests, but can participate from a more convenient setting, including their own home. On the surface this sounds great, but Imperial has found through talking and listening to participants that it is not necessarily something they all personally desire. That’s why Imperial always focuses on what is realistic and in the best interest of participants. Of course, this is always done without compromising scientific data. Imperial is truly a clinical research partner to be trusted. Company: Imperial Clinical Research Services Web Address: Contact Names: Dan McDonald, Vice President, Business Development; Vaughn X. Anthony, Director, Creative Services and Marketing Imperial Clinical Research Services supports the clinical research industry. It offers a unique model that bridges other companies’ gaps in planning and execution of trials with a patient-centric focus. Following its win of the Most Innovative Clinical Trial Solutions Provider 2023 - Midwest USA, we looked forward to learning more about the company. Imperial Supports the Clinical Trial Industry with a Focus on Patients. mperial Clinical Research Services (Imperial) is an integral partner for many contract research organisations (CROs) and biopharmaceutical companies (sponsors), who turn to it for expert assistance in the planning and execution of trials. It creates customised strategies that drive efficiency and overcome the challenges faced by its client companies. Imperial creates custom materials specifically to foster study awareness, as well as study support materials and site tools. It offers writing, design, print and digital production, ancillary trial supplies, equipment management, translation services (translation services’ quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2015 by Intertek) and helps to build patient engagement. With the clinical trial industry growing at a rapid pace, it is important to stay in the know when it comes to new technologies. In an increasingly global industry, Imperial realises that it is essential to keep the patient focus very much at the centre of every study. It does this by ensuring it remains true to its core values at all times. These values encompass exceeding expectations, pursuing growth and learning, believing in teamwork (Imperial has what it calls a One Team Teamwork culture), and always doing the right thing. The company’s passion and determination is another value at the core of its operations, as is its desire to serve. These values keep Imperial focused throughout production, procurement, and the distribution of necessary supplies enabling clinical trials to run effectively and on schedule. It includes supplying research sites in different countries inclusive of all the complex supply chain issues that accompany clinical research studies. Imperial is able to offer a full service or a boutique experience to clients, which includes 20+ global large sponsors and CROs. It can be trusted to offer a level of detail and attention that other firms can fail to deliver. Imperial collaborates closely with biopharmaceutical companies and CROs working toward enrolling a diverse mix of participants in studies, including different ages, races and ethnicities, and underrepresented groups. It also ensures the materials are appropriate for the health literacy level of participants, which considering the complex scientific information often involved, can be difficult. Additionally, Imperial works closely with trusted patient advocacy groups and health associations to raise awareness of active and upcoming trials that are relevant to the stakeholders of such groups. Patient retention has always been challenging, with a 30% dropout rate across trials. The knock-on effects are obviously costly to trials and to drug development overall, including strategies and tools designed to keep patients engaged. This might be as simple as a thank you card and other support items sent to participants involved to make sure they feel appreciated. Imperial believes it is I Aug23042