GHP Q3 2023

10 GHP Q3 2023 PremaLabs Diagnostics offers tests that cover conditions related to cardiovascular health, diabetes, women’s and men’s health, inflammatory conditions, anaemia, and bone metabolism. By shifting the emphasis to screening and monitoring, the company aims to reduce the number of conditions becoming acute. It also hopes to encourage self-care. This will not only benefit patients but also the healthcare system, enabling earlier diagnosis, faster clinical decisionmaking, quicker hospital discharge, and reduced unnecessary hospital visits or admissions. This way, healthcare providers can focus on effectively treating urgent patients. To understand the extent of the impact that PremaLabs Diagnostics is making with its tests and devices, one must look no further than its client testimonials. For example, feedback from Reshma Malde, Superintendent Pharmacist at John Bell & Croyden, states, “The PremaLabs capillary blood tests that we provide offer quick, efficient results. We can arm our patients with real numbers that we can discuss with them, recommend actions that they can do themselves, support them within the pharmacy by way of appropriate products and services, recommend specialist clinicians, or refer directly for more urgent clinical care.” For its continued innovation, PremaLabs Diagnostics Ltd has been awarded the title of Most Innovative Point Of Care Testing Solutions Provider, UK, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. We congratulate the company on this achievement and look forward to seeing what it will go on to accomplish in the years to come. Contact: Wendy Thompson Company: PremaLabs Diagnostics Ltd Web Address: Based in London, PremaLabs Diagnostics Ltd is a small, newly formed company that provides innovative Point of Care Testing (POCT) solutions to the UK market, aiming to make a difference to the health and wellbeing of its communities. As a result of its outstanding products, the company has been named Most Innovative Point Of Care Testing Solutions Provider, UK, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. Today, the majority of health tests are still analysed at central laboratories, taking days or even weeks for results to come back. Point of Care Testing (POCT) remains a relatively new area of diagnostics, involving medical testing at the time and place of patient care. Usually, only one or two tests are compatible with a single POCT analyser device. However, PremaLabs Diagnostics has launched a total of 37 CE and UKCA marked health tests that can be delivered using one of its three analyser devices: PL Maxi, PL Medi, and PL Mini. Unlike the Covid-19 antigen lateral flow test, which provides a simple positive or negative result, PremaLabs Diagnostics uses innovative Time Resolved Fluorescence Immunoassay (TRFIA) technology to deliver quantitative laboratory-grade results, all in under 15 minutes. Furthermore, while most tests typically use whole-blood, plasma, or serum specimens, PremaLabs Diagnostics offers 16 tests that only require capillary (finger prick) blood specimens, making it quick and easy to collect a sample. We ask Adam Martin, CEO of PremaLabs Diagnostics, to tell us more about the technology used by his products. “The PremaLabs Diagnostics test cassette device uses TRFIA technology and resembles a standard LFD, rapidly finding analytes within a small sample using specific antibodies and a fluorescent signal that is detected by a dedicated analyser,” he explains. “Analytes in the sample that are picked up with the specific fluorescent antibody flow through the LFD cassette until reaching the test line. The amount of analyte in the sample is then detected by the fluorescent signal, so rather than a yes/no answer, a quantity of analyte in the sample is provided as a quantitative result.” The three PremaLabs Diagnostics devices are convenient due to their portable nature. Its tests are affordable, accurate, quick, costeffective, and easy-to use, bringing testing within reach of a much wider scope of healthcare providers. The company’s tests not only empower clinicians, but also enable individuals to understand their own health. This encourages them to take appropriate preventative measures and engage with health practitioners at the right time. Affordable Rapid Testing for a Healthier Future Jun23253