GHP Q3 2023

13 GHP Q3 2023 e-clinic offers modern healthcare businesses and professionals software that enables them to grow. It operates as part of the ClearCourse UK-based technology group, to pursue ways of integrating software and payment platforms. It has recently been awarded the title Best Private Healthcare Clinic Management Software Developer 2023 – England, and so we thought it was time we took a closer look. The Smart Choice for Clinic Management he software solutions that e-clinic provides are designed to make life easier for healthcare professionals to use, with intuitive software that streamlines administrative tasks and saves businesses time. The offerings of its parent company, ClearCourse, are aimed at SMEs, ranging from start-ups to national retail businesses, charities, and well-known brands. As part of this umbrella company, e-clinic has plenty of opportunities to scale and grow its own business, and improve its software for customers. This is just one of the benefits being part of a larger group affords both e-clinic and its customers. The market leading software e-clinic provides is used by all manner of healthcare professionals, from nutritionists to osteopaths. Individual consultants can also benefit from e-clinic, as can multiclinic chains. Whatever your individual business needs, e-clinic can be quickly and seamlessly employed to improve productivity, increase profits, and help your business to thrive. Patients also report increased levels satisfaction when interacting with the intuitive e-clinic system. From a business perspective, e-clinic’s powerful integrations with market leading software and apps such as accounting service Xero, patient review app Doctify, and marketing campaign email host Mailchimp are particularly helpful. They expand the flexibility and functionality for customers, and can be further used to dig deep into data using reporting tools such as Tableau. Perhaps the most important feature of all is e-clinics own payment iteration e-clinicPay. This is a fast and reliable payment application that makes it easy for patients to settle up whether in person at the reception desk, or off site. e-clinic comes with e-clinicPay built in for all of its customers payment needs including payments in advance and remote. The system makes it easier to accept payments quickly and smoothly online, reduces errors using integrated card machines, and syncs up with patient records for easy reconciliation. The integrated features at e-clinic also include online bookings conducted by BookmyClinic, and an online pharmacy application serviced by CloudRX enabling speedy delivery of prescriptions direct to patients. Potential customers are invited to discover the potential of e-clinic, and the difference it can make with a 30-minute demonstration offering a chance to see the software in action. This demo will explain how e-clinic can help improve productivity, increase patient satisfaction, improve profitability, and grow your business. Ongoing support comes as standard, along with free upgrades, and what’s more e-clinic has a UK-based support team who are there to help whenever you need them. The technical expertise and practical help offered by e-clinic’s personable and professional team means that customers can be supremely confident in their software. Tailored training is offered as an integral part of the e-clinic package, with a range of options totally dependent on customers’ needs and budget. It wants everyone to be able to make the most out of their investment in the e-clinic solution, so realises that training is an essential aspect. The team at e-clinic who take care of this are experts, and not just at teaching the foundations of e-clinic but as hugely experienced healthcare industry professionals. It is even possible to book an on-site (in person) training session especially designed for larger clinics, which can help to minimise staff disruption. Another alternative would be to arrange a training day for a specific team member (or members) to attend at the e-clinic classroom, which is located in Leeds city centre, right next to the train station. The solutions offered by e-clinic are suitable for consultants, single practitioners, single or multi-site clinics or groups, and private hospitals. It is also a winning plan for a multitude of specialisms, such as cosmetic surgery, chiropractors, acupuncturists, dermatologists, speech therapists, and podiatrists to name but a few. Users are resoundingly positive about the difference e-clinic has made for them, such as Crown Clinic who comment, “e-clinic has helped us to organise our patient database - manage the patient file with letters, emails, appointments, finance and so on. At a glance you can easily view the patient record.” With its affordable pricing plans, and ongoing support, surely now is the perfect time to switch your clinical practice to e-clinic’s incredible market leading software. Company: e-clinic Web Address: Contact Name: Caleb Adoh T Jul23709