GHP Q3 2023

14 GHP Q3 2023 London based, MD Consents, provides online informed consent platforms to healthcare organisations in both the private and public sectors. The Company recognises that its platforms are in use 24/7, so it prioritises customer service, system availability, and data security. As a result of its continued excellence, MD Consents has been awarded the title of Best e-Consent Solutions Provider, UK, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. MD Consents: Transforming Informed Consent MD Consents is the primary provider of e-consent solutions for the UK’s fertility sector; with an overarching mission to transform the informed consent process in healthcare more broadly. All healthcare professionals are aware of the importance of informed consent, for themselves and for their patients. The process of giving and obtaining informed consent should be easy-to-follow, convenient and robust. However, the traditional paper-based systems often fall short of this aim. When clinics implement MD Consents’ platform, they report that their patients are better informed and benefit from a more convenient, easy to understand, and robust process. MD Consents’ platforms use tailored content and learning technologies to ensure that patients receive the medical and legal information they require to give their informed consent. This information is presented in a consistent, clear, and understandable format. Additionally, MD Consents’ platforms ensures that clinics have a comprehensive audit trail of all the activities performed by patients and clinic staff during the consent process. This helps to ensure compliance with clinic policies and procedures, removes significant administrative burden from staff, and allows clinic staff to spend their time more productively with patients. Patients can access their consent portal from their own home, taking the time they need to review the information presented to them, before progressing to electronically complete and sign their consent forms. Because patients do not have to visit their clinic to complete forms, they find that online consenting reduces some of the stress and anxiety associated with their treatment. Moreover, completing consent material at home, often allows patients to involve their family or friends; and benefit form that extended support without feeling pressured to sign forms immediately. The customer is at the heart of everything MD Consents does. For this reason, it actively listens to their needs, provides customers with exceptional support, and continuously strives to exceed their expectations. To this end, it frequently seeks feedback form its users, including, doctors, nurses, administration staff, and scientist. In its last quarterly survey, MD Consents polled over 300 users, and a 94.7% satisfaction rate was found. Equally, MD Consents aims to demonstrate honesty, transparency, and ethics in all its interactions. This means that trust and integrity are central to its relationships with clients, patients, partners, and team members. Internally, MD Consents operates within a culture of collaboration; where all diverse perspectives are nurtured and valued. It believes that teamwork and shared knowledge are the basis of producing the best results and delivering the best standard of service. The company is also committed to the personal and professional growth of its staff, by encouraging learning, experimentation, and the continuous pursuit of excellence in its team members. Positioned as a leading e-consent solutions provider for the UK fertility market, one of the most highly regulated sectors in the UK, MD Consents plans to grow internationally. It already has clients in Europe and Australia and is currently seeking strategic partnerships to accelerate this growth. Furthermore, the company’s platform can easily be adapted for use in other healthcare sectors. For example, it is currently working to deliver solutions for the gynaecology, ophthalmology, and cosmetic surgery sectors. As a result of its continued excellence, MD Consents Limited has been named Best e-Consent Solutions Provider, UK, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. The company is looking forward to a bright future and we are excited to see how its plans will unfold. Contact: Tony Marven Company: MD Consents Limited Web Address: A Jul23393