GHP Q3 2023

15 GHP Q3 2023 or friends, any who have interacted with this humble care home have been able to attest to the brilliance that’s constantly on display. At its core, Engelhard Lodge is a care home that’s truly concerned with making the lives of the elderly as pleasant and enjoyable as possible, all whilst maintaining an independent nature that allows for increased attention to detail. It’s due to all of these united factors that Engelhard Lodge has managed to take its place among the greats within the local area, despite its relatively young age. Thanks to its commitment to integrity and dignity, each individual resident is given the voice that they deserve. Following a rising trend of care homes treating its residents poorly, it’s a welcome breath of fresh air to witness a family-run care home giving its all to ensure that such conditions never manifest under its roof. It’s able to keep a tight focus on the important things, which ultimately leads to Engelhard Lodge’s stellar reputation. With the population of elderly people forecast to rise exponentially in the coming years, there’s never been more of a need for a shift in the quality that care homes adhere to. Engelhard Lodge has set the standard for what a care home should be, and its brilliance clearly shows no sights of relenting. There’s a drive and passion behind this family-run business that makes it a truly trustworthy care home, with an irrefutable reliability that’s bound to stand the test of time. It seems that, in the care home sector, there’s never a moment to pause for breath. Be that as it may, Engelhard Lodge is using this notion to its advantage as a means to consistently adapt, develop, and imbue its practises with an unwavering sense of love and care. We believe Engelhard Lodge puts it best when it expresses how it’s ‘… Our family caring for yours…’. If it’s a trustworthy care home that you’re searching for, Engelhard Lodge will guarantee the best care possible for your elderly relative, and we’re sure that it’ll only continue to flourish as the years progress. Contact: Elisa Damaliti Company: Engelhard Lodge Care Home Web Address: When selecting the perfect care home for your beloved relative, you want to make sure that they’ll be among people who treat them with the respect and dignity that they deserve. Engelhard Lodge, proud owner of the title of Most Trusted Family-Run Care Home 2023 – Norwich, strives to be exactly that. We venture into how this family-run care home offers a safe haven to the elderly that’s filled with love, acceptance, and authenticity. Specialising in respite care, dementia care, and end-of-life care, multi award winning care home, Engelhard Lodge, is a family-run home that prides itself on what it’s managed to accomplish across only 18 months of opening its doors. Within those months, it’s garnered a fantastic reputation among the local communities of Norwich, and it’s all a product of the family’s unwavering dedication to the individuals that are entrusted into its care. Engelhard Lodge represents a fresh care home environment – one that has earned its place as a reputable independent care home. Since its inception, Engelhard Lodge has come leaps and bounds in its journey towards proving that it’s more than deserving of the high praise that it’s been receiving. As a result of this steadfast dedication, it has already been recognised, not once, but twice by Care Homes UK for offering excellent care in the East of England. Partner this with the fact that it was among the top 10 out of 50 care homes, and you’ve got a family-run, self-funded care home that truly shines as its own inspiring entity. In addition, Engelhard Lodge has received a multitude of wonderful testimonials over the past 18 months. Be it from residents, families, ‘Our Family Caring for Yours’ Jul23267