GHP Q3 2023

16 GHP Q3 2023 important to ensure participants know they are appreciated, and is confident that such acknowledgement fosters retention. The culture at Imperial encourages positivity, which is something its leadership team is very passionate about. It focuses on the reasons they do what they do, which in effect, all comes down to one simple phrase, “To Positively Impact Lives.” Imperial believes it is important to remember how fortunate it is to be part of such an industry, with work that impacts customers, patients, suppliers, team members, and communities. Furthermore, Imperial is always dedicated to sustainability, sourcing all paper used via suppliers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Looking ahead, there have been long term industry plans focused on decentralising trials. This means clinical trial participants won’t have to attend a research site for their medical tests, but can participate from a more convenient setting, including their own home. On the surface this sounds great, but Imperial has found through talking and listening to participants that it is not necessarily something they all personally desire. That’s why Imperial always focuses on what is realistic and in the best interest of participants. Of course, this is always done without compromising scientific data. Imperial is truly a clinical research partner to be trusted. Company: Imperial Clinical Research Services Web Address: Contact Names: Dan McDonald, Vice President, Business Development; Vaughn X. Anthony, Director, Creative Services and Marketing Imperial Clinical Research Services supports the clinical research industry. It offers a unique model that bridges other companies’ gaps in planning and execution of trials with a patient-centric focus. Following its win of the Most Innovative Clinical Trial Solutions Provider 2023 - Midwest USA, we looked forward to learning more about the company. Imperial Supports the Clinical Trial Industry with a Focus on Patients. mperial Clinical Research Services (Imperial) is an integral partner for many contract research organisations (CROs) and biopharmaceutical companies (sponsors), who turn to it for expert assistance in the planning and execution of trials. It creates customised strategies that drive efficiency and overcome the challenges faced by its client companies. Imperial creates custom materials specifically to foster study awareness, as well as study support materials and site tools. It offers writing, design, print and digital production, ancillary trial supplies, equipment management, translation services (translation services’ quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2015 by Intertek) and helps to build patient engagement. With the clinical trial industry growing at a rapid pace, it is important to stay in the know when it comes to new technologies. In an increasingly global industry, Imperial realises that it is essential to keep the patient focus very much at the centre of every study. It does this by ensuring it remains true to its core values at all times. These values encompass exceeding expectations, pursuing growth and learning, believing in teamwork (Imperial has what it calls a One Team Teamwork culture), and always doing the right thing. The company’s passion and determination is another value at the core of its operations, as is its desire to serve. These values keep Imperial focused throughout production, procurement, and the distribution of necessary supplies enabling clinical trials to run effectively and on schedule. It includes supplying research sites in different countries inclusive of all the complex supply chain issues that accompany clinical research studies. Imperial is able to offer a full service or a boutique experience to clients, which includes 20+ global large sponsors and CROs. It can be trusted to offer a level of detail and attention that other firms can fail to deliver. Imperial collaborates closely with biopharmaceutical companies and CROs working toward enrolling a diverse mix of participants in studies, including different ages, races and ethnicities, and underrepresented groups. It also ensures the materials are appropriate for the health literacy level of participants, which considering the complex scientific information often involved, can be difficult. Additionally, Imperial works closely with trusted patient advocacy groups and health associations to raise awareness of active and upcoming trials that are relevant to the stakeholders of such groups. Patient retention has always been challenging, with a 30% dropout rate across trials. The knock-on effects are obviously costly to trials and to drug development overall, including strategies and tools designed to keep patients engaged. This might be as simple as a thank you card and other support items sent to participants involved to make sure they feel appreciated. Imperial believes it is I Aug23042