GHP Q3 2023

17 GHP Q2 2023 ValSuite tool, bringing data integrity to the very highest of levels. Ellab is confident that the new and improved setup will continue to help Pfizer continue running their processes smoothly, ensuring their medicines, vaccines, and other healthcare products remain in the utmost safety. The ValSuite® Validation software used by Pfizer boasts a plethora of features and report options that make it the ideal solution for large pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer. It enables live data and rapid reporting that can significantly cut the post-validation process, allowing the company to quickly and accurately assess whether additional validations are required. Pfizer also used Ellab’s E-Val™Pro Thermocouple System, which is a modern solution for cable-based validation. This system displays a user-friendly interface, and graphical display screen with intuitive features that make it easy to acquaint oneself with the controls. This makes it an ideal choice for busy, modern companies like Pfizer. Perhaps most importantly of all to Pfizer, and indeed any of Ellab’s current or future users, was the comprehensive support. Ellab offers pharmaceutical companies, or any of its valued customers, a 2-week demo with 2 or 3 Ellab employees there to assist alongside in the beginning. This provides the companies with enough time to properly test the equipment’s full capabilities, ask any questions, and steadily ease into their new system. Do you have a similar problem in your pharmaceutical, medical, or food and beverage company? Contact Ellab today, it will be only too pleased to help. Company: Ellab Web Address: Contact Name: Cecilie Roth Ellab serves various companies within the life science and food industries with its innovative array of products such as smart sensors and data loggers. Its recent award as Best Biopharmaceutical Validation & Monitoring Technology Partner 2023 has offered us an opportunity to take a closer look at the work it does. Ellab supports the world’s leading life science and food manufacturing companies by providing top quality validation, system monitoring, and calibration solutions alongside GMP consulting services. GMP consultants consider technical and strategic matters relating to business, and search out solutions to problems. As such, Ellab can advise on products and devices in biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industries, and boasts knowledge of cutting-edge scientific findings. It sees its overriding purpose as being to build confidence, together with client businesses, in consumer safety. Ellab is a provider of world-class validation, monitoring, and calibration solutions to life science and food manufacturing companies worldwide. It supplies a comprehensive range of products such as wireless data loggers, thermocouple systems, wireless environmental monitoring systems, calibration equipment, software solutions, and accessories. Its solutions are inclusive of a formidable programme of customer support that takes into account technical needs, field and factory calibrations, field services, and much more. It has solutions to offer companies both small and large in scale, for applications such as sterilisation, freeze drying, environmental chamber testing, depyrogenation, warehouse mapping, pasteurisation, and many more. Considering the biotech, pharma, cell and gene environments, Ellab offers cold storage and freezers, cold chain, cleanrooms, incubators, stability chambers, steam sterilization, warehouses, washer disinfector, depyrogenation environmental test chambers, EtO sterilization, H2O2 sterilization, laboratories, lyophilisation, and ovens. In addition to those services already mentioned, healthcare products that can be supplied also include, CTUs and TCUs, EtO sterilization, stability chambers, and steam sterilisation. Food manufacturing is further served (in addition to the aforementioned) by provision of cooker coolers, hydrostatic retorts, pasteurization tunnels, retort sterilisation, smoke houses, and UHT/HTST pasteurization. Ellab has successfully worked with many companies. For instance, research-based global biopharmaceutical company Pfizer were very satisfied with the flexibility and support they received from Ellab. Stijn Verherstraeten commented that, “we were blown away by the possibilities”, which he put down to the quick reporting Pfizer was able to achieve thanks to the ValSuite® Pro software, which enabled him to submit all information necessary in less than half an hour. This was a huge improvement on the previous way Pfizer operated by inputting data manually over the course of several hours. The level of protection was also increased with use of the Global Knowledge With a Local Reach May23549 31 - - B Apr23683 Subscribe to GHP -Subscribe here