GHP Q3 2023

18 GHP Q3 2023 MMS Holdings is an award-winning, globally recognised Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) that supports companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device sectors by taking a proven, scientific approach to their complex trial data and regulatory submission challenges. Having established itself as a pioneer and leader in its field, the company has been named Best Data-Focused Pharmaceutical Clinical Research Organisation, USA, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. As a data-focused CRO, MMS Holdings supports clients with services that include data management and biostatistics, regulatory and medical writing, drug safety and pharmacovigilance, quality and compliance, and transparency. It addresses the most challenging trial data and regulatory submission issues by combining strong scientific methodology, deep industry knowledge, and proprietary technology to deliver unparalleled accuracy. The company ensures that clients’ submissions consistently meet the rigorous standards set by regulatory authorities. Since its establishment in 2006, MMS Holdings has worked to provide clients with unmatched, high-quality services that leverage cuttingedge technologies. Each solution it provides is firmly grounded in scientific research and backed by decades of regulatory expertise. Through this, it supports clients as they develop and bring to market ground-breaking therapies that have the potential to enhance countless lives across the world. In just the last 5 years, MMS Holdings has successfully managed more than 50 drug approval submissions alongside esteemed organisations like the FDA and other global health authorities. Over the years, MMS Holdings has evolved into a flexible, responsive organisation that is always ready to adapt to the ever-changing needs of its clients. For example, it is constantly monitoring and adapting to global regulations in real-time and integrating novel technologies into its proprietary tools. This demonstrates the company’s dedication to reliability and customer centricity, which is reflected in its impressive 97% customer satisfaction rate. This longstanding commitment to its clients has driven the consistent annual growth of MMS Holdings each year. Today, the company is equipped with a team of more than 900 dedicated professionals, located across four continents, who work hard to support clients around the clock. Each staff member embodies the enduring spirit of MMS Holdings, which is defined by impactful work, continuous innovation, and a relentless passion for improving the lives of patients worldwide. In 2023, MMS Holdings reached a significant milestone, having experienced both substantial revenue growth and made some strategic additions to its team. As it looks towards the future, the company understands that technology will be pivotal in its next stage of growth. For this reason, it plans to venture further into the use of AI, especially in capturing, analysing, and disseminating data and documents that are important for clinical trials, compliance, and patient engagement. On top of this, it hopes to harness the use of AI for analytics and signal detection within pharmacovigilance and safety reporting. Committed to remaining at the forefront of innovation, MMS Holdings has recently partnered with TrialAssure, a leading SaaS solution provider that is known for promoting transparency in clinical trial disclosures and data sharing. Through this collaboration, MMS Holdings aims to leverage AI to revolutionise medical writing in drug development, using it to craft quality AI-generated or AI-assisted “plain language summary” (PLS) and other key documents. This will not only improve compliance but also enhance the efficiency and quality of documents. As well as this, PLS documents can help patients, families, and the public to better understand complex clinical findings, which is key to improving patient engagement. In light of its growth, accomplishments, and continued innovation, MMS Holdings has been awarded Best Data-Focused Pharmaceutical Clinical Research Organisation, USA, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. On this achievement, Uma Sharma, PhD, CEO of MMS Holdings, comments, “Being recognized is more than an accolade for us. It’s an opportunity to present our expertise to pharmaceutical companies globally that are in search of a dependable, data-focused CRO. While GHP’s acknowledgment is heartening, we remain focused on the bigger picture: to consistently lead, innovate, and redefine industry standards. We aim not just to excel, but to redefine what excellence means.” Contact: Prasad Babu Company: MMS Holdings Web Address: MMS Holdings: The Difference is in the Data Jul23108