GHP Q3 2023

19 GHP Q3 2023 Aerolase offers aesthetic laser solutions for medicinal use within the fields of dermatology, plastic surgery, and other skin care professional settings. It has recently been named as the Best Laser Skin Health Company 2023 - New York in the Global Excellence Awards. Following on from this decoration, we have taken the chance to examine the company further. Innovative Solutions With Elite Energy-Based Devices erolase has dedicated 20 years of research to developing and engineering a new category of lasers aimed specifically at the world of aesthetic medicine. By reinventing the power systems and optical components of lasers it has discovered an enterprising new and more efficient way to transmit energy to skin. It has a comprehensive understanding of aesthetic laser medicine, which it recognises as being at the very core of its business ideals. Aerolase comprehends the importance of lasers to dermatology, plastic surgery, and the worldwide network of skin health professionals it services. Recent changes to lasers have really only been focused on features and appearance of the equipment, which overlooks the laser’s primary function in aesthetic health as a skin treatment delivery method. However, the optical changes and system overhaul Aerolase has introduced actually enables a more efficient way to deliver energy to skin, and as such the new developments have allowed Aerolase’s devices to open up new and improved applications. This translates into better experiences for clients, and improved results for both skin health professional practitioners and their patients. Aerolase’s client base includes healthcare professionals, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons who focus on skin concerns, aesthetics, and dermatological conditions. It is vitally important to such skincare professionals that they maintain access to their valued patients, and potential new clients as well. But it is a fallacy to assume traditional methods of serving patients are going to continue satisfying business needs ad infinitum. Losing access to patients, can mean losing everything to professionals in the skincare business. That is why it is essential to stay abreast of new technology that encourages continued custom. Aerolase’s devices help skin health professionals keep their customers, grow their patient-base, and be profitable. Aerolase improves what’s working for you, fixes what isn’t, and even gives you the ability to address concerns you may not currently be treating. The outcome is a modern patientprovider experience that is more personalized and more enjoyable with incomparable results. The people who work at Aerolase are a talented and creative bunch, who possess the skills to develop meaningful relations with clients, helping to fuel company growth. The firm values its ability as a fully integrated medical device developer to ensure a seamless service from the second a client decides to purchase one if its devices. It very much sees this as a core company competency. As it continues to evolve and grow, the primary quality it looks for when recruiting new talent to the team is an unbridled desire to fully commit and take personal ownership of the position they’ve been selected to fulfil at Aerolase. The internal culture Aerolase encourages is one built through a unified desire to improve customers’ experiences and extend their medical capabilities. This reaches further to encompass the patients that are the customers of Aerolase’s own medical professional clientele, and who are of course the recipients of the laser devices’ properties. As a team, the collective goal at Aerolase is to improve such experiences. Its very purpose is to continue along the development path with its technology, services, and processes, and be able to achieve this goal. Aesthetic medical devices have been marketed heavily, with much money expended, but often with a distinct lack of clinically-based evidence. This is a major reason why the market is wary about manufacturers claims, regardless of FDA approval. In direct contrast, Aerolase strongly believes in continuous investment into clinical research, which it uses to firmly back up the marketing of its own devices. This means it operates from a position of trust, right from the start, and can deliver excellent results, comparable to or better than its competitors in the aesthetic space. Aerolase’s future plans, for the rest of 2023 and beyond, are to refine its strategy and continue focusing on improving what it does the best. It has intentions to further develop its clinical claims and protocols, and bolster its position as a leading developer of must-have devices for dermatological uses. Contact Details Company: Aerolase Web Address: Contact Name: Samantha Lowney A Jun23592