GHP Q3 2023

NEWS • New research by loveholidays found nearly half of frequent long-haul travellers prefer a nutritious, wellbalanced meal onboard their flight • 65% of travellers will spend money at the airport because they are worried about not liking the options on board • Nutritionist reveals the long and shorthaul airlines with the most nutritious menu options With searches for ‘what to eat before a flight’ up by +150% since April, a new survey by online travel agent loveholidays has revealed the pre and inflight food preferences of frequent travellers. The survey, which explored the habits of both long and short haul travellers, revealed 65% of frequent flyers spend additional money on food in the airport in case they won’t like the inflight options, with four in 10 (38%) spending between £11 and £50. Despite pre-flight spending, just under half (47%) of respondents said the overall quality of the food on their last flight was ‘good’ or ‘excellent’, while 48% of those with Travel and health: The airlines with the most nutritious foods revealed a dietary requirement also agreed the food on offer for them was ‘good’ or ‘excellent.’ Nearly half (48%) of frequent long-haul travellers said they would prefer to eat a nutritious, well-balanced meal on a flight, with a quarter (27%) saying their ideal meal would consist of a protein such as meat, alongside salad or a vegetable, a hot drink and a dessert. Four in five (82%) frequent flyers admit to drinking caffeine before a flight, with the average long haul traveller consuming at least four caffeinated drinks before and during their flight. Despite spending less time in transit, short haul travellers manage to consume, on average, two and a half caffeinated beverages before and during their flights. The top five long and short-haul airlines for nutritious inflight meals, according to a Nutrition Coach Armed with the results of the study, loveholidays, which sells both long and short-haul holidays, worked with Alice Williams, Nutrition Coach at Origym, to analyse the inflight menus of different airlines. Below, Alice has developed a ranking and reveals the top five long and short-haul airlines offering the most nutritional selection of inflight meals. The top five long-haul airlines with the most nutritious selection of inflight food options: 1. Emirates 2. KLM 3. Cathay Pacific 4. SWISS 5. Qatar Airways Alice explains: “Emirates has a great range of nutritional choices on its longhaul menu. For example, for lunch it offers grilled chicken with bean and corn salsa, sweet potato mash and broccoli. This is a perfectly balanced meal of protein, carbohydrates and fibre, as well as packing in some of your five-a-day. This is especially good since many other airlines don’t offer much at all in the way of fibre or real fruit and vegetables! “KLM is also one of the best airlines for veggies. Their vegetarian meal includes a beetroot and goats cheese salad (vegetables and protein), vegetable