GHP Q3 2023

8 Nov22096 Confidence is key. This is a phrase that most of us have heard time and time again, and for good reason - the difference that confidence can make to someone’s psyche is simply irrefutable. However, it’s also a sad truth that individuals with skin inconsistencies, such as scarring, stretch marks, and vitiligo, tend to find themselves trapped in their own insecurities. As such, Ink Illusions, winner of the London’s Best Cosmetic Tattooing Clinic 2023 award, came to be. We investigate how, through the art of tattooing, Ink Illusions manages to restore confidence within its beautiful clients. Created to support those in need of some assistance in regaining their sense of self, as well as to spread awareness of how revolutionary tattoo treatments have the potential to change the medical industry in incredible ways, Ink Illusions provides medical tattooing for a wide variety of purposes. From assisting in repairing / covering scarring, be it acne, self-harm, or surgery scars, to restoring scalp hair follicle pigmentation for men and women alike, Ink Illusions marks a shift in what can be done with the art of tattooing. And with a selection of both inkless and inked approaches, Ink Illusions manages to present a wealth of opportunities to help in reversing a client’s skinrelated insecurities. Backed by a consistent history of results, Ink Illusions has mastered the art of delivering life-changing services that have the mental wellbeing of the client in mind at all times. This, combined with its commitment to integrity, confidentiality, and exceptional service, has established it as a caring clinic that is wholly concerned with garnering the best results possible. As such, it’s continuously striving to discover new methods of reducing skin inconsistencies, all to equip itself with the best chances of reinventing the way that its clients view their bodies. Most would believe that, in order to cover scarring via tattooing, one must simply utilise skin pigments and inks to camouflage said imperfections. Whilst this is one service that Ink Illusions provides as a direct result of its mastery over colour matching and tattooing typically difficult areas of skin, another approach that it offers is its inkless tattooing service. It may seem as though this is concept is somewhat contradictory, and yet Ink Illusions has devised a means to implement this industrychanging method in order to herald proven results again and again. As the only clinic that has combined the knowledge and experience from a multitude of countries, Ink Illusions is a truly unique entity that presents clients with choices that are a product of some of the industry’s greatest minds. As a result of uniting techniques from the USA, UK, and Brazil, Ink Illusions has accumulated the safest, most effective treatments possible for each individual client, guaranteeing the best chance of results above all else. Not only is it the first clinic to offer scar and stretch mark camouflage within the UK through using permanent inorganic inks, but it’s also come to release an online Skin Tone Colour Theory training course. As such, camouflage specialists now have a means to enhance their understanding of how to easily match client skin tones, and students are able to gather the skills to mix any skin tone using any brand of ink or pigment. In addition to its plethora of world’s-first achievements, Ink Illusions has further pioneered change throughout the industry with its new, game-changing serum. Used within its MCA Inkless Needling treatment, Ink Illusions manages to explore the possibility of, not just covering scarring and stretch marks, but healing them altogether. The ingredients within the serum, which has been carefully cultivated over the span of just under a year, manage to tackle the focal points of scarring, all in the hopes of boosting skin rejuvenation and awakening the regenerative properties of our skin. For the past 5 years, Ink Illusions has been consistently raising the bar when it comes to its tattoo treatments. It has long since Jul23099 Healing – More than Just an Illusion