GHP Q4 2019

14 GHP / Q4 2019 , Customizable Pharma-Grade Lactose From Armor Pharma Incorporated in 2014 following completion of a state-of-the-art manufacturing site, Armor Pharma creates andmarkets three ranges of pharmaceutical-grade lactose. By asking the question “Howwould you like your lactose?”, the firm creates and delivers solutions for all client application needs. Discover the precision and purity of the firm’s work, as we endeavour to take a closer look at their offerings. Operating as part of the Savencia Group, a world- leading specialty cheese company, Armor Pharma are based at a state-of-the-art pharma-lactose plant in Brittany, France. Armor Pharma was set-up in 2014 after completion of a brand new, purpose-built manufacturing site for pharma-grade lactose. The new pharma-lactose plant is based on more than 40 years of manufacturing experience serving the infant formula market with high quality lactose. As a family-owned international company, the values of sustainability, longevity and quality are central to Armor Pharma. Despite housing almost twenty thousand members of staff, the firm prides itself on maintaining a family business philosophy of putting the clients and employees interests first. All products are available across the world. The firm is supported by a network of specialist distributors that can provide local knowledge. Whether it be free-flowing and highly compressible powders or coarse crystals, lactose can come in many forms and be used for a wide variety of needs Sep19163 and applications. From particles design to day-to-day business, Armor Pharma are committed to supporting their customers’ development, whatever the requirements may be. The three ranges of pharmaceutical-grade lactose that the firm produces are Lactose Monohydrate, EXCIPRESS™, and EXCIPURE™. Lactose Monohydrate consist of free-flowing sieved powders for capsules and sachets applications and compressible milled powders for wet and dry granulation manufacturing. The EXCIPRESS™ range products are granulated and spray-dried types of lactose combining very good compressibility and flowability ideal for Direct Compression. EXCIPURE™ offers a range of lactose grades from coarse sieved to fine and broad milled powders for Dry Powder Inhalers. Lactose is one of the most widely-used excipients in the pharmaceutical industry today, with it being present in a variety of different solid dosage forms. Despite its application versatility, all forms of lactose require the utmost care in ensuring precision and purity. Armor Pharma’s facility in Brittany has the most recent technology available, designed to deliver the exact purity and precision requirements necessary to create the perfect dosage for each of the three ranges in pharmaceuticals today. On top of all the hardware that guarantees pharmacopoeia standards are met, Good Manufacturing Practices are followed according to IPEC guidelines, with regular audits to ensure they continue to be met. Users of Armor Pharma products can count on support by a highly motivated and capable team of technical specialists available at all times, and by the availability of any supporting documents required for use or for registration. Armor Pharma is committed to delivering the very best products for their customers all over the world. Capitalising on the latest technology, wealth of experience, and determination to put the customer needs first, this French firm is undoubtedly taking the utmost care in creating high- quality custom lactose. Website: Contact: [email protected] Follow Armor Pharma on Linkedin