GHP Q4 2019

16 GHP / Success Stories 2019 , Closing The Lid On Plastic Bottle Waste and sToPollution ® As the global fight against the dreaded single-use plastics continues, and their effect on the environments around the world, one man is tackling the problemwith an admirable degree of innovation. DrWilliam Johnson is responsible for the creation of the ToPo ® , a screw-top closure that doubles as a collectible toy. Following the award-winning success of the ToPo ® in 2019, we endeavoured to discover more about it and its game-changing inventor. The devastating effects of the global plastisphere cannot be ignored any longer and must be ad- dressed immediately if the Earth’s environments are to remain as beautiful as they currently do. According to a Guardian report from 2017, annual consumption of single use bottles is set to top two trillion by 2021, with most of it ending up in the Earth’s oceans or landfill sites. Not content to sit back and wait for it to happen, British inventor Dr William John- son is single-handedly taking the fight to plastics with his latest invention; ToPo ® . A reusable and recyclable screw- top closure, ToPo ® is an ingen- ious solution to reusing plastic bottle-tops and saving waste. At a time when plastic waste has become such a universal problem and the plastic industry’s Achilles heel, the industry is scrambling to find a solution. Dr Johnson’s invention is just the ticket. Acting as a normal bottle top, it also doubles as a collectable toy for children to play and learn with. Recognised across the plastics industry as a viable and increas- ingly-necessary solution to the growing threat of environmental damage, ToPo ® has secured no less than five awards in 2019 for its innovation at the hands of Dr Johnson. Most notably, the ingenious bottle top solution was celebrated at The Plastic Industry Awards, where it was announced as the Consumer Product Design of the Year, whilst inventor Dr Johnson was awarded the title of UK’s Gamechanger of the Year by the ACQ Global Awards. Where other plastic bottles and their tops might be discarded after use, Dr Johnson’s offering instead earns itself a second life, doubling as a collectable toy that has been designed for use by families and small children. Akin to Lego in design and colour, the ToPo ® has the potential to rede- fine bottle tops into a continu- al-use, collectable, and educa- tional construction toy alongside their original purpose. Immensely play-worthy, children can use it to build structure or write messages - with the toy proving to be both educational and fun. “ToPo ® . turns into a toy - fun for every girl and boy. It teaches but with pleasure and is a toy of joy forever.” Every single bottle cap made by ToPo ® is either square or circular in shape and feature two sets of male and female connectors. The two sets of connectors can fit together, linking to create two-di- mensional models. For the more architecturally ambitious children, the tops can also snap togeth- er to create three-dimensional models for children to experiment with. More than just a plaything, slightly older children can begin to learn about the damage that plastics are currently doing to the planet, and how by using ToPo ® , they are helping to save the Earth. For any company making use of plastic bottles who are in search of an innovative alternative for their closure needs or those wishing to distinguish a revamp or launch of a new product, then they need look no further than the ToPo ® . Incredibly inventive and outstand- ingly ingenious in every sense of the words, Dr Johnson has created what could certainly be the much-needed answer to the world’s plastic Achilles heel and help, crucially, to sToPollution ® Thus ToPo ® , with a simple twist, converts a previously, wastefully discarded closure, into a much loved, collected and used toy, most importantly increasing the sales of one of the biggest con- sumer products to be found on our shelves, sitting on the Bottle’s Head like a distinctive and promi- nent Crown! Company: The ToPo ® Company Contact: Willy Johnson Website: Oct19351